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    5E3 attenuator recommendations

    A 5e3 has a built in attenuator, it's the volume knob on the unused channel.
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    Which amp for Allman Bros/Southern Rock tones?

    I have a Germino Club 40, no MV. I mostly play it mostly through an old Epiphone 1/12 cab with a WGS ET-65. Sounds great! Pretty manageable with the 1/12.
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    Show off your medium sized amps!

    No photos but I have a dripedge Bassman, a Germino Club 40, and a Valve Tech Hayseed 30. Covers the 3 basic food groups.
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    1x12s can be finicky ... finding the right speaker for the right cab.

    I have an old Epiphone 1/12 semi-closed back with a 4 ohm WGS ET-65. I use it with 3 different heads. A drip-edge Bassman, a Germino Club 40 (50 watt Marshall), and a Hayseed 30 (AC30). I use an attenuator to match the ohms. This is a good versatile speaker for me, really shines with the Vox and...
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    Kirn and Whitfill players - convince me on which one to buy!

    I've never played a Whitfill. I had a killer 67 Tele that I regretted selling for years but I think my Kirn is as good as any Tele I've ever played.
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    I'm finished with combos!

    Yep! I like to use a a 2X12 but sometimes a 1X12 can tame them down a bit. But, to be clear, my combos aren't going anywhere either.
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    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    A Gold Top Les Paul that was sitting in a pawn shop window. Still never had a Lester.
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    Cool cheap amp heads

    Crates sound good and they're cheap as dirt.
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    One Package - Best of Tweed & Blackface

    Funny thing about my old Bassman. Plug it into a 2X12 with greenbacks and it's pretty dang tweedy, especially if you jump the channels. Plug it into my 1X12 with a WGS ET65 and it's sweet blackface goodness. Plug it into my 2X15 and it's a bass amp.
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    Vintage SG Question

    I think I've heard that the '64's have a bigger neck? I could be wrong. I know it's true with 335's. SG's are popular right now! Getting pricey.
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    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    Probably my '59 Bassman that I had back in the 70's. I was too dumb to use it back then. Traded it for a Deluxe Reverb that was more user friendly to me at the time. Wish I had it back.
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    Turn Down the Gain!!!

    I don't buy amps with gain knobs.
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    Used vs. New Guitar Amp

    I'd pass.
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    ES-335 style guitars....

    Mine's a sunburst. Wish it was red.
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    Best 5w amps?

    Love my Victoria 5112
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    The purge: I'm amp-less. Now what?

    I run mine through a 2X12 with Greenbacks but I also have a 1/12 with a WGS ET65 that it sounds great through.
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    The purge: I'm amp-less. Now what?

    I'm voting for the Deluxe Reverb.
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    Which amp(s) were you most excited to try in person but let down by when you played them?

    I've tried all kinds of cool amps in the music store, but nothing really works for me until I get it home where I can mess around using my own guitars
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    Non Fender Telecasters

    My Kirn
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    So I got my first 5e3 amp, but it must have been modded...

    I have a Germino 5E3 and I have quite a bit of interaction between the channels without jumping channels. I don't get the hiss either . The second channel on a 5E3 is the only attenuator I've ever found that works worth a flip.
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    Recommend me a good Tweed amp

    I have a Victoria 5112 that I love.
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    A little Olympic White action from 1964

    My favorite look for a Strat right there.