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    WTB VHT 2150 Power Amp

    Anything out there?
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    WTB Mesa MK IIc+ (maybe III)

    Looking for as good a condition head as I can find! preferably, DRG but HRG might work for me too. thanks!
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    Fryette PS2 vs PS-100

    @support or anyone else that might know... are the loads the same between the PS-2 and the PS-100 and the only difference is the power amp in each device?
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    Sold Suhr Hedgehog

    Mint condition head purchased in June 2020. Never been outside my home or used more than a couple hours, total. Will ship with original accessories and packaging to anywhere in the U.S. Please no trades. $old
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    Sold Suhr Aura (Brand New)

    This is a completely Brand New condition Suhr Aura. I am the original buyer/owner of the guitar and have never played it other than to confirm the electronics were working. This is an extremely limited run of only 100 that has been sold out for some time. I will ship and fully insure the...
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    Bogner 101b Discontinued?

    Has anyone heard about this? One of their dealers indicated this to me and I had not heard of this happening before - i know availability is low but i just chalked it up to the pandemic.
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    Bogner 50w Helios vs 100w Helios vs Eclipse

    I had a 100w Helios a few years ago - it’s hot rodded tones were awesome but I ended up moving it on because it wasn’t as bouncy and chewy as some other modded-plexi style amps. I liked that it had some of that plexi upper mid range still in it - and all this Helios talk has me rethinking...
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    Anyone Try A Red Snapper And TSV808

    I ‘think’ both of these have a TS type circuit at their hearts but are both able to not cut so much low end as a typical TS? Curious if anyone happens to have experience with both and could speak to similarities/differences?
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    Mesa Cali Tweed vs Fender Tweed Deluxe

    I have heard a lot of varying reports on the gain level possible on the Cali Tweed... can it get to Tweed Deluxe levels of swirling raunch?
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    Zendrive 2 vs New Zendrive

    Hoping to hear from people that may have tried both the older Zendrive 2 pedal and the new Lovepedal version of the Zendrive. I originally had a Zendrive and just purchased a Zendrive 2. One thing that stuck out was how the Zendrive 2 had much lower output than the new Zendrive (like the...
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    Sold Mesa JP-2C Limited Edition Head (Mint!) - Price Drop!!!

    As newly received Mesa JP-2C 100 watt head with 3 channels, 2 assignable graphic EQ, MIDI. Comes with the Private Reserve flamed maple front. Never been out of my home since newly purchased by me a couple months ago. Will ship with original packaging/accessories. $old
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    Sold Suhr Pt-100 (Price Drop!)

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    Sold Germino Fillmore 100 (ALL NOS Tubes! - Updated Pics)

    Putting up my Germino Fillmore 100 - Late 60's style Super Bass direct from Greg Germino (arguably one of the best in the Plexi business). The pre-amp and power amp tubes are from KCA NOS Tubes. They were tested and sent to Greg when the amp was being built. Greg further checked out the tubes...
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    Would This Annoy You On A New Amp?

    I just received a new in the box amp from a retailer and found an indentation on the headshell (like you would get from stacking another head on top) and snag on the cover...obviously, not a huge deal but I find it annoying on what should be a new condition amp. would you ask for an exchange?
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    Anyone Played a Suhr Hedgehog AND Mesa Fillmore

    thoughts on clean and gain tones? feel? anything else that might compare/contrast the two?
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    Slaving/Reamping Power Amps

    With all the great things going on with reactive loads and reamping at very low home volumes I am doing a lot of experimenting with various loads and power amps...i have some questions about the power amp setup in this use case (ie loading an amp head down and then feeding that line level signal...
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    Helix Floor Expression Pedal Question

    can you use the helix pedal to control external pedals via midi, even if the external pedals are not otherwise connected to the Helix (i.e. not in the Helix loops)? does the onboard helix pedal behave just like any other expression pedal in this way?
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    Helix As A Midi Controller

    Im looking into trying midi for the first time - for controlling my amp, as well as a couple additional digital units I am interested in using along with a Helix Rack or Floor. It seems that Floor or the Helix Rack Controller can be used to send midi commands to other midi devices (like my amp...
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    Preamps and Power Amps

    I’ve been doing some searches on optimizing a lower volume setup for home. I dont really have any experience with separates but wondering if something like a rack preamp and tube power amp is worth investigating for playing at low volume? do power amps still need to be opened up fairly loud to...
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    Vintage Marshall 4x12 Value?

    Anyone have thoughts what a '69/'70 vintage 4x12 (all original, except logo) would go for these days? tolex, cloth, casters, handles, speakers (g12h30 55hz) - all original. Cab is in overall excellent shape. When i was looking at cabs, maybe 4-5 years ago, i thought something like this might...
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    Anyone Using Axe/Helix in Home Studios or Mostly Live?

    In reading a lot of different perspectives on modelers like Axe and/or Helix I see the live convenience often cited - almost like a its ‘good enough’ live for the ease/convenience tradeoffs. I am wonder how each fares in a potentially hyper-critical studio environment and if a lot of folks are...
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    Soldano SLO Tube Layout

    Im getting quite a bit of static from my SLO. does anyone happen to know the preamp tube layout? The static does not occur when on the clean channel but it starts when I go to the Crunch mode and continues when i go to the Lead channel. I am hoping there is a particular preamp tube that is...
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    Running Digital Effects With Axe/Helix

    I have too much time on my hands and was wondering about trying to use an Axe or Helix as a ‘hub’ for routing and preset purposes with other digital effects and/or even potentially with each other. my main question is whether you can connect multiple devices digitally, or if you necessarily...
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    Sold Komet Silver Cloud

    Single owner Komet Silver Cloud for sale. I unpacked the amp, plugged in tubes, confirmed the amp worked, unplugged the tubes, and repacked the amp. Will ship with original packaging/boxes, as received from Komet. $old. No trades - thanks for looking.