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    The Original Memory Man

    Where might I get this repaired?
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    Acoustic Duo Lighting

    Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive (under $50) portable, adjustable intensity stage light for two acoustic guitars. Plug-in or battery/solar. It can sit on the ground or attach to a mic stand. We have a regular outdoor gig that goes 7-10p. By 9:00p the sun is down and the venue...
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    An Original EHX MM?

    Original EHX MM by ogradyboy posted Nov 21, 2016 at 3:54 PM Found this while cleaning some family estate boxes. Wonder if it works? And what it sounds like? And what it's worth?
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    Shout Out to Lava Cable

    The email exchange went something like this: Me: Hey Mark, one of my Lava Cables may have developed a short after nearly 10 years of regular use. Can I ship it back to you for repair at my cost? Mark: Your free replacement is on its way. Here is the tracking info. It arrived 3 days later...
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    HD500x in the heat

    Played a 1pm gig yesterday in the 85-90F weather. The HD500x LCD display was all but useless. Even when shading can be helpful at lower temps to see the screen, the images are nearly completely gone at the higher temps. The images return when back at room temps. And, of course, on/off stomp...
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    Voodoo Labs PP2+ and OneSpot?

    I have too many pedals on the pedalboard (>8) that's needs a power source (PP2+ limits to 8). Does anyone know if a pedal cable for OneSpot (piggybacks 5 with one barrel connector) can be used to power multiple pedals using a single PP2+ input? I am not talking about using the accessory outlet...
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    Using a powered mixer without speakers?

    Our band is using a Bose L1 S for the PA. Can a Mackie 408S powered mixer be used for only sending the mic, guitar, etc signals out via the unpowered monitor out directly into the Bose analog input without damaging the Mackie because there will not be a speaker load from the Mackie to the Main...
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    Truefire Sale this weekend

    Corey, Jeff, Chris, Dave and the folks at Truefire having a sale this weekend. Worth the look (no affiliation).
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    What model is this 2001 McCarty 10 Top?

    Image by ogradyboy posted Feb 3, 2016 at 11:10 PM What model is this McCarty 10 top?
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    Help with replacement pickup for Taylor acoustic

    My gearpage experience has been limited to electric guitar related questions so I'm novice to newer experiences with live acoustic work and would welcome some input. I've got a 2003 Taylor 710-CE with a 1st Gen Expression System (original owner) that needs pickup replacement and I'm hoping to...
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    Aging Cables

    Do/can quality guitar cables degrade over time and affect sound quality?
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    Live Amp Miking in Challenging Room?

    Hello. I'm looking for recommendations from those with experience miking an amp in a bar (poorly designed for live music). Yup, I know, a bar and good design for live music are not always synonymous anyway. Our 3-piece (One Acoustic/One Electric/One Cajon/2 vocals - all miked) sets up in...
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    Saddle bevels

    Why do the saddles of some acoustic guitars have the bevel direction over the B string opposite from the remaining strings? Not a builder here, just a curious player. Thanks.
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    Whats this SG WORTH? PICS ADDED

    An acquaintance showed me a Gibson SG owned by his now deceased dad who played it for every bit of 50 years, with all original parts, very worn with a warping pick guard and diffuse cracks in the finish. Neck is true and lots of corrosion on the metal hardware. Feels great,, low action, very old...
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    FREE Metronome Today Only for iPhone

    For those of you that use an iPhone, the program Metronome Plus is free today, Labor Day, only. Get it at the App Store. It has some decent features. If you don't like it get rid of it. Did I say it was free?
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    Maybe the coolest guitar gadget ever...
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    Amp recommendations for an ES-175

    My friend plays a Gibson ES-175 and is thinking about getting an amp to work with his new band. They play pop, country, blues and are venturing into more rock by adding me as the lead guitar. He is playing predominantly rhythm guitar. There is also a drummer and keyboardist (also doing double...
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    Using a Volume Pedal Live

    I apologize in advance if this question has been asked (probably) but I couldn't find it on the board (probably didn't look hard enough). Other than strictly listening, is there some other way to adjust the percentage of signal (minimum/maximum) from the volume pedal so as not to be either too...
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    Axe-FX: Use Live, Studio, Both

    How many folks use the Axe-Fx for live work only, recording only or both?
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    How many useful pickup positions do you use live?

    With all the different pickup configurations and kinds available, how many do you typically use when playing live - with a single guitar.
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    Is humidity control important in storing electric guitars?

    As my friend finishes building his music room (temperature controlled above the garage) he is considering hanging his electric guitars on the walls for display. I've read that acoustic guitars fare better over the years if the room temperature and humidity are kept fairly constant. Does...
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    Please help me estimate the age of this guitar!

    I was just handed an acoustic Gibson Tobacco Sunburst guitar. The current owner is an 80 year-old woman whose late husband bought it in a Baltimore pawn shop over 58 years ago (before her daughter was born, so that much info is valid as she knows her daughters' age). There is no serial #...
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    From Musician to Multi-Millionaire

    3 years ago Andrew Mason played piano in a Billy Joel tribute band. Today he is worth millions and turned down SIX BILLION DOLLARS from Google who wanted to acquire his Groupon business. Good for him.
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    How do you adjust your live rig tone to accomodate multiple guitars?

    I can create a tone that I like with a guitar, some pedals and and amp for a live gig. But if I change guitars the tone obviously changes. How do you make that work without lots of on-the-fly tweaking when switching back and forth between guitars?
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    Triple Wreck vs. Modded MT-2

    I've seen several comparisons between some popular distortion pedals but never this one. Has anyone compared the Wampler Triple Wreck vs the Allums or Fromel or Diezel-modded Boss MT-2. If yes, do you notice an appreciable sonic difference? In a gigging band setting, in your opinion, is the...