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    Ann. Bogner Shiva

    I waited a while before posting a review. Bare in mind I own a JCM800, Soldano Avenger and Surh PT100, so I'm no stranger to tone. I play LP Standards, Custom, tele, strat. Fender and Gibson. The Bogner is an absolute amazement. It can do open rock tone; it can get a dirty as need be. The...
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    BBQ or WCR

    I'm gonna need to replace some dreadfull 500T and 490 in a lp classic premium pluss. I've narrowed my search to Rio Grande BBQ or WCR Fillmores with whatever jim recomends for the neck darkburst probably. I'm taking recomendations.
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    Fender NOS69 Strat

    Does anyone have any feedback on this model. I'd love to have one, but I also love the AV 70s. Who has a preference between rosewood and maple board.
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    bogner cabs

    Does Mojo make Bogner cabs.
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    new lovepedal site up and...

    ...those pedals still rock. That guy is a genious. He has at least three new ones I want. How is the purple plexi different that the PP800? Is the E6 the new white one like the old orange one with more low end and gain? How about that Kanji Distortion and the new K9. I'll take one of each...
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    fender AV52 re tele?

    OK first off who doesn't love these things. I like the 62 bound body and rosewood boards beter, but if you have 7-10 guitars you beter have one of these in your collection. When I got it the metal tone nob came right off. It has a very small flat head screw which I guess simply goes through...
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    lovepedal provalve, kanji distortion or K9

    Of these Lovepedals is the provalve the most distorted? Is it the dirtiest one besides the purple plexi? How gainy can the Kanji black 9 get? That pedal looks like a keeper. Lasttly, has anyone heard the Kanji distortion yet. It sounds like a cool tone to have but maybe not a leave on all...
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    Lovepedal Kanji and E6

    Has anyone heard the new E6 with more gain? How about the Kanji classic distortion or the black one with the two toggles allowing for 9 different voicings? These all look cool.
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    Has anyone tried the new lovepedal E6 with more gain. How about the new Kanji series classic fuzz I believe it is.
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    Paul Reed Smith Sewell Original

    These amps Rock. I tried a couple at Fat Sound in NC today. They have tons of gain simply by overdriving the pre amp-------one volume and one master V. Fantastic. They are not cheap though.
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    paul reed smith amps

    How are the sewell PRS amps?
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    Splawn quickrod

    Who has owned or still owns this amp. I'm considering getting this amp. Ihave an 800, an Avenger and a PT100. How does this amp compare? It seems like from listening people either love it or don't care for it at all.
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    Amp teck guys----help!!!

    Andy Fuchs emailed me and told me that the Viper amp I just got has a Train Transformer and well as the standard Viper power transformer. The amp's first channel gets nowhere near the gain of other amps I"ve heard. The other channel if very dark. What is up the the Train Transformer. That...
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    Fuchs problem

    Fist of all let me say that I've long believed that Andy Fuchs and John Suhr make the best two amps being made today. I've recently purchased the Viper 50 watt model. I did this based on some killer clips and youtube videos I've been looking at of the amp. One was with Paul of Guitarworld who...
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    Storm 33

    Just got this amp. It is about what I expected. I'm not bonding with it because I'm used to 100 watt heads. I have a JCM800 2203x. Please give me some advice about dialing this baby in.
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    Gibson 339

    How does everybody like the 339 compared to the 335. Tell me about the 339. thanks
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    Fuchs Viper

    Anyone got one? How are they.
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    SG 61 Satin Walnut GOTW #35

    Does anyone have this guitar. It is a 61 SG reissue with Satin Walnut finish. It was part of Gibson's guitar of the week #35. It looks cool. The two differences I can see are finish and classic 57+ in the bridge.
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    Fuchs Viper

    I've played through a Frost 100 single channel one time. I've listened to clip of mostly the 100 wat Viper. Has anyone here tried the 50 watter Viper. I think all the Viper Heads are two channel right. How are they? Clips, feedback, prices....... thanks a bunch.
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    Katy Perry

    I saw her in Myrtle Beach SC last night. Man, what a show. I love that girl. I became a fan after she was on the cover of Restless Style magazine. Her guitar player used Swart amps as did she. The other guitar player has what looked like a Matchless. They played SG,335, tele etc. Katy...
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    ENGL Invader

    I do not need all the midi stuff, but I'd love to have this amp. I tried one once and liked it. Does anyone have one of these amps. They are priced high due to all the stuff they have. Are they worth it?
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    ENGL Invader

    All the clips of this amp I find on youtube are chuga chuga stuff. How well does it do straight up rock tones. I don't need all the midi stuff. For me it is just more stuff to go wrong. The amp seems like a great amp albeit priced very high. Thanks.
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    Feedback on KK JCM800, Cornford MK, VHT D60 & Fuchs Frost please

    Whoever has owned of still does own one or more of these amps please give me some feedback. I may sell a couple of my amps and try to get one of these. I have a Soldano Avenger and a JCM800 2203x along with a PT100----the latter of which is probably not going anywhere. Most Deliverance owners...
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    Suhr PT100 settings.

    How do you all dial your amps in? I got mine. It sounds like my JCM800 with my great pedals like a Tim and an OCD. It is more Marshally than the other OD100 amps I've heard. I've pretty much needed to play with the boost on as I'm not using pedals with this amp yet. I'm gonna get all the...
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    Looking for Suhr goldtop T

    Who posted a pic of a Suhr goldtop contoured style tele body with binding much like a les paul gold top accept it is a tele body. I can't find the pic and would love to see it and mayge get one like it.