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  1. iama

    Buffer question:

    Hi, here's a question. I'm thinking of getting a stand alone buffer for my pedal board. I don't even know if I need one but the arguments are pretty compelling. If I have a buffered pedal, ala Boss, would that cover the buffer issue? Would I need more than that? Am I just looking to spend $...
  2. iama

    Winner! The Suhr Riot Mini

    After wanting one but not looking to spend that much, I'd been using the Rowin Morpher, a supposed Riot clone. Doesn't sound bad at all. I still had the itch for the Riot. Bought a used one on EBay, but there was something wrong with it. Returned, but now I really wanted the Riot. Went to...
  3. iama

    Smarvo - what'the intel?

    My guitar tech just came back from NAMM, telling me about these cheap amp clones. Are they any good? Where can you buy one?
  4. iama

    Flashback problem: the Toneprint stopped working...

    Has this happened to other Flashback users? Everything was working great transferring Toneprints to the pedal via phone to pickup. Suddenly it stopped working. The pedal doesn't flash as I try to transfer and it doesn't flash green. Am I doing something wrong? There isn't a lot of steps to...
  5. iama

    Disappointments - Ever buy a pedal and immediately flip it?

    I bought the Boss Deluxe Reverb pedal. Found one on Craig's; I was excited to get it home. I plugged it in, played a couple notes and promptly put it on Ebay. Yuck. I guess I thought it would sound like a Deluxe Reverb. :omg What pedal let YOU down?