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    Crate V18 $200

    I can buy a minty V18 for $200. Thinking it may be a neat lil grab and go for jams and smaller shows. Any comments from users, please chime in. I have never played one but do a gritty rock n blues show with Tele and Les Paul. Cheers
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    EVM-12L Series 2

    Score $70.00 minty, Kijiji now to install it.
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    HK Puretone, who owns or has used this amp?

    I like the simplicity of this amps layout and at 25 watts the power is were I like as well. I am currently gigging the Tubemeister 18 with 2, 1 ,12 cabs and couldn't be a lot happier. Any feedback on the Puretone head please I cannot find info on powersoak wattage for this amp also. Not on...
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    Altec 417-C, Find

    A girl, friend who was moving asked me if I wanted an old powered monitor laying around from her DJ dayz. I said why not and took home an old but good condition Garnet X100DM MONITOR, the logo pn front says PRO100. I opened it up and Score, a beautiful Altec 417-C, 12 inch alnico speaker ...
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    tube schooling required

    Can I safely and easily substitute the 6l6 tubes in a Bassman reissue with 6v6 tubes. Your thoughts?
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    Vox ACI5 2 12 Greenback Combo

    I saw this amp today, no chance to play it. I have been thinkin about it all day. Any one have one or tried it in the 2 12 cab. Comments please.
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    have you ever/ Mesa .50 Calibre Combo

    I found a .50 Calibre 4 EL84 Boogie combo with original Electrovoice at a pawn shop. I have always liked these little combos for, overall tone, relieabilaty, and grab and go factor. Years ago I had Studio 22+ and DC5 amps from Mesa with overall good experiences. The .50 blows the external fuse...
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    combining Deluxe Reverb Channels

    Recently got my first Deluxe .I love to tweak and experiment with tonal options. Can the channels of a Deluxe be safely combined and if so what are some tricks or settings ,especially to acheive more gain?
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    old tubes, gurus chime in please

    I pulled some old tubes out off some old radios and I am not familir with them. Some look like 12ax7 pre tubes but are GE 12BE6, Westinghouse 12b36 AND 12BA6, RCA 12AT6. Others look like EL84 power tubes but are RCA 35W4 and RCA 50B5. Are any of these suitable for guitat amps, thanks
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    Gretsch amps

    Anybody ever play or research these amps on the Gretsch website?. I think they look kool and all are non mv and ptp wired. 6l6, el84 and 6v6 selection in a small lineup seems kool too. Anyone?
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    whats a Les Paul Deluxe worth?

    Hey i saw a LP dELUXE IN A PAWN SHOP AND THEY STARTED AT 3K,i haggeled only a little and it was 2.2k. I have allways thought of the Deluxe as my fave LP guitares and own an H176 Heritage/pd $1000. used. i LOVE THE MINI,S IN MY ES-325 Anyway I know this shop must have major room to move, but i...
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    Gretsch Rocjet 72

    New score $300. 72 Rocjet great shape powertron pickups ebony neck red all origanal and hsc .Iam loving it thru my Badcat Cub. There is an issue with the pickup selector switch. I am thinking it is a cold solder joint as it is intermitant. Any one have experience with this guitar?
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    Whats Your Fave ?

    Boss OD-3,Boss SD-1 OR Bad Monkey ? All tried and true but if you only could have 1 , which would it be?
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    Pawn shop SCORE

    OH YEAH mij, Boss DM2 $45. finally a real pawnshop deal. I be a happy man
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    OD-3 mod/ worth the hype?

    I use my OD-3 primarily as a boost, for clean and to turn od tone into lead tone. Basically I am happy with the pedal for the $. You guys that have had mods done, is it a night and day differance? Would you do it again/recommend a mod?
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    So pretend this is your rig

    OK, this is your rig and you want a couple tweeks. You play out a lot and play a rocknblues style with a sick saxman who does most of the pretties. You have a coupleTeles a Les Paul and Maz18 2x10,BadCat Cub or both depending on the room size. Your pedalboard is the only thing you would change...
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    Bad Cat Cub, blows fuses

    Gigged last weekend no problems. Plugged it in to warm it up on standby this weekend. Never played a note, she blew a fuse after 2 minutes idle. Played my backup no problem. Plugged a new fuse in today at home and watched while on standby, fuse blew after 1 minute. Any suggestions or should I...
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    Which SD for Tele tone

    I only have local access to SD pickups so will get those for now. I ant a clear higher output,wider freq, girthy toned ,top end breakup, sqeaky clean type TELE tones. I thought an Antiquty set or something with a JD.I play rockn bues music. Any thing about SDs in a Tele would help
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    Bye Bye Strat, Hello Explorer!

    i REally tried to bond with that Strat ,my first. A 2000 American Standard Tabacco Sunburst. My amps are/were, Bad Cat Cub 11, DR Z Maz 18 and recently departed Mesa DC-5. I allways love that Strat tone, yet in my hands it was not too be. Was it me or my amps? I will blame them. I have traded...
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    Bigsby Tele

    In Your! not so humble opinion, Do you consider a Bigsby Tele. and I am talking a good one,not a hack job, an 1. Abomination. 2. An adventure in tone 3. Just not right 4.other I love my Tele but I miss my Bigsbied guitars
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    Who plays one regularly, What model? Are they more than a flash in the pan or would you recommend one? I have seen a few used pieces at good prices and would like some feedback ,I know guitars are personal but give me your thoughts. They seem loaded for the money to me but the wood seems heavy...
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    Classic 30 blows phase inverter tube

    My Classic 30 blows the phase inverter tube and takex out the 1 amp fuse with it. This has happened twice now. I am not a tech at all. I this problem at all common or does it ring a bell to anyone as being symptomatic of a common problem. I replace the tube and fuse, crank it up, it sounds...