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    Anyone using a BC Unleash with a Laney L5T

    I have the Lionheart L5T (5 watt). Great amp. Plenty loud for home and jams. Was thinking... if I was to get an Unleash to bump up the watts, I could probably sell all the others and still be happy. The L5T comes with a G12H 30 watt speaker, so it should get plenty loud, if I want.
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    Gibson LP coil splitting

    I picked up a slightly used '14 LP Studio VG (vintage gloss) this summer. It has the Carmelburst finish, with Classic 57 pups & maple '60's neck. I really like everything about the guitar, except for the tone of the pups in the "split" coil position. I find the tone very dark, middy and lacking...
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    Buddy Whittington

    Saw him last night on a small outdoor stage in Grapevine, TX (annual Grapefest). Three piece power trio. Buddy did a few originals, then a few standard blues tunes. They did a tune that was basically a medley of classic rock guitar riffs and solos (ex: Whole Lotta Love). It absolutely killed...
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    NAD. Closet classic

    Found a super clean 1965 vibrochamp on CL the other day. Totally stock in every way. It was found in a church closet a few years ago, but the fellow I got it from said they never used it, as it was too small. RCA & Mullard tubes. Speaker looks like new. No oxidation on the trannies or...
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    Bias help, please.

    I picked up a '77 Princeton Reverb this past weekend. After playing it a little, I thought I'd pull the chassis and have a look. Everything appears original, except the bias circuit cap. Looks like someone decided to put an 80uf/450v in there. It's the size of a filter cap one would find in a...
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    Silvertone 1483 replacement speaker

    I'm picking up an extra clean 1483 next week and was thinking about replacement speaker for the stock Jensen c15p, in case I decide to pull it (store). Any suggestions?
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    dumb Boss BR600 question...

    I just got one of these the other day. I'm a newbee to home recording. Seems like a really neat unit for the price. I read through the entire instruction book (some parts multiple times) & am getting familiar with navigating around the program. Here's my problem... How do I get the drum...