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    fralin big single in a h/s/s?

    anyone tried a big single in a h/s/s? in theory it is exactly what i'm looking for, but without ever playing a guitar with that pickup i'm not sure.
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    since the relic thing seems to be the hot topic today......

    what happens if you play a relic guitar thru helix/axe/kemper modelling a 60's marshall?
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    Anybody build PRS style necks?

    Anyone know of any companies that build necks with a PRS type heel for the CE's? I'd love to swap out the wide-thin on my old 91 CE for something fuller.
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    Humbucker screw coil replacement screws?

    I've pulled the screw coil polepieces out of a pickup that I was trying to get more clarity from on the wound strings. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, it gave me more of a single clarity on the wound strings, but also kept a fullness. I dont like having the open holes in the pickup...
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    anybody here modify pickgaurds?

    i'm looking for someone that can do a mod on a standard strat pickgaurd. i've tried to cut and sand, but i can't get a bevel on it since i don't have any equipment
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    Getting a little more "give" with helix?

    I've had a helix for a couple of months, and like tone I'm getting, but it seems rather hard when backing off the volume knob on the guitar. The models I have used are the shiva, plexi, and dr z. The firmware is 1.6 I believe. I plan on updating tonight and that may change the feel of it some...
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    jtv alt tunings latency?

    i just got a jtv and was wondering, are you guys having problem with latency on the alt tunings? i have no idea if this guitar has been updated, although i'm pretty sure it is current. it seems to be fine for drop d, and open g, but it gets a little funky on other settings. the baritone is...
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    bench time for partscasters

    i am contemplating buying one of the gfs xgp finished bodies, but i am in no way mechanical. i would have to send it out to someone, as i have no techs in my area. how much bench time/cost should i expect to have it drilled for a 6 screw trem, strap buttons, and output jack & p/g screw holes...
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    template for drilling screw holes for vintage kluson/gotoh tuners?

    does anyone make a template for drilling out the screw holes for vintage tuners? i've seen the ones on stewmac for doing the pin holes for sperzel and schallers. i've wondered about the 6 on a plate vintage type tuners, and maybe using that to get the outside holes good and straight, but im...
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    so how much trouble is it widening a neck pocket?

    so i've got a usacg neck that i had built for a charvel body. it's not quite 2 1/4, but it's larger than 2 3/16. i'm thinking i'd really like to use it on a t-style build now, and was hoping to find a prefinished body in order to save money. how much trouble is opening up the neck pocket, and...
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    supervee bladerunner question

    is the supervee bladerunner 2 screw & 4 screw the same minus 2 holes? in other words could the 2 screw model be used on a guitar drilled for a 6 screw vintage type?
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    charvel model series neck screws

    anybody know what size are the neck screws for the charvel model series from the mid-late 80's?
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    telemaster/jazzcaster bodies

    what should a body weigh to keep the guitar under 8 lbs? seems like everytime i look at these on warmoths site, they're up around 5 + lbs just for the body
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    cost of deepening a neck pocket?

    a couple of months ago, i bought a couple of import charvel bodies off of ebay with the intent of putting together some guitars. the bridges used on these were the old kahler fulcrum trems, and i'm planning to use vintage-type trems. the one thing i didn't think about was depth of the neck...
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    wilkinson wv2?

    can the wv2 be setup with the posts flush against the body then float the bridge like you do with a 6 screw, or does it have to be set up flat and then raise it to float?
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    who can make a custom/hybrid pickguard?

    i'm wanting a pickguard cut for an strat-type that is like a 72 tele thinline, but the lower left side/control section from a strat. what would be the best place to find this?
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    strat setup question

    i have an ongoing love/hate relationship with strats (and teles also) that goes back as long i've been playing. they feel good as far as how they hang on me, and how they play in the lower registers. my problem seems to lie more in the midsection of the fretboard. it seems that the action is...
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    Axeline/Kempline FBV converter

    anybody know anything about these, if they are available, and if they would work with an 11rack? thanks
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    anybody make prs-styled bodies?

    anyone know of a place that cuts prs bodies. kinda had an idea to take a ce 22 neck and maybe have a thicker body cut for it.
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    jtm45 pedals?

    i've been using a box of rock for the past 5-6 years now, and really very pleased with it. i haven't paid any attention at all to the new pedals that have come out since then. what new stuff is out that i should check out?
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    anybody got a usacg dinky s body?

    thinkin about suhr/tom anderson-type partscaster, has anyone built with a dinky s body from usacg? if so please post pics
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    anyone make a 2 1/16" string spacing tele bridge?

    i'm wanting to put together a jazzcaster and was wondering if anybody knew of a full tele bridge that has a 2 1/16" string spacing
  23. J

    fender am std hardtail bridge?

    does anyone know what the actual string spacing is on the am std strat hardtail bridge is? i've seen 2 1/16" & 2 3/16" on different sites/pages
  24. J

    2 1/16" string spacing bridges...what's available?

    after years of not having a clue why fender guitars were uncomfortable to me, i have finally broke the code. i like a narrow string spacing, a soft-v neck with tall frets. i have a hwy 1 trem on my parts strat and it is more comfortable to me than any s-type has ever been, including a tyler...
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    Anybody used this trem? I was wondering what the string spacing is on it, and if it is half way decent. Thanks