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    Is this a genuine Gibson?

    Became suspicious 9 seconds in:
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    Wilkinson WLS130 Saddle Show and Tell

    This is not a review, just a show and tell, and a couple of things maybe useful/interesting to know before buying them. (My review is they're well made and they do what they say on the tin. Thumbs up!) Spacing - 10.8mm or 10.5mm - they will fit on either, obviously slight gap between saddles...
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    Red Dwarf Guitars - Dave Lister's Motley Collection

    Maybe a 1980 Ibanez DT-50FR Destroyer? But what's the tailpiece? (From Thanks for the Memory, S02E03.)
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    Turd Polishing - Zinc Block Bridge Repair and Arm Mod

    Renovating old guitar: '80s Korean Strat copy - one task was bridge repair - the block from factory (I'm first owner) looked like this: One block screw attachment thread is non-existent. The arm hole also completely stripped. M4 Helicoil to the rescue: Three functional block...
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    Dave Murray's '57 Strat

    Any old magazines etc. with more info on this guitar? I've found only a little, and some of it conflicting. '57 Strat ex Kossoff - maybe a Fender partscaster (body and neck not together from factory)? 3 way selector with black tip, volume re-positioned to clear chrome humbucker ring...
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    Luthier on Luthier: Ken Parker

    Luthier on Luthier: Ken Parker Luthier on Luthier always an interesting listen for me, this no exception. I had existing pre-conceptions based on the Parker Fly (neither good nor bad, just vague ideas), some now blown away, fascinating to hear his approach and developments based on certain...
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    BOSS ME-70 (50) Pot Calibration? Service Notes available?

    Anyone got service notes for an ME-70? ME-50 Owners Manual ME-70 Owners Manual ME-50 Service Notes I've an ME-70 which may have lost calibration on a couple of pots. The ME-70 interface consists almost entirely of pots, even the "switches" are pots with mechanical detents. All the pots are...
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    Remove machine head bushings from a stepped hole?

    I wish to replace a broken Kluson style machine head with a new machine head. The new machine head looks the same and matches the headstock screw holes, but it has a 6mm shaft instead of a 1/4" shaft, it's a wee bit sloppy. I am considering replacing the bushing as well, but have stumbled...
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    63/64 Strat Lead Dress?

    Never seen a vintage strat, are these representative? The entire scratchplate is aluminium shielded (early to mid sixties?), and wires are untwisted (but tidy). I attempted to raise an eyebrow at the PRS SS gutshot below...
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    Identify Yamaha whammy logo?

    Hello, This bridge is on a early 90's Yamaha - whose logo is this? A stylised PW or WP? Thanks!
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    Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass neck pocket width?

    As above, I'm thinking about buying one of these bodies online for a neck I have, but I can't seem to find the neck pocket width anywhere. (seller hasn't replied to this question - perhaps not a good start.) Anyone know what the nominal width at the pocket is supposed to be? They're made in...
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    Tunomatic Style with greater intonation range?

    Hi, I've got a cheap guitar which doesn't have quite enough adjustment range on a couple of the strings to properly intonate. (I've compared with another Gibson scale guitar, and it looks like the bridge is not quite in the right place.) If possible I'd like to just swap out the bridge for...
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    Mighty Mite MM2902FCR maple neck Floyd Rose cut doesn't fit?

    I just received a Mighty Mite MM2902FCR maple neck. It was supposed to have a 42mm (1" 5/8) wide nut, it doesn't, it's 40mm (1" 9/16). So I think it's going back. But I'm wondering whether to get the correct width instead, or just a refund, because of the way the nut shelf is made. MAIN...
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    School me on Gotoh Floyd Roses

    Hi, I'm building a parts-o-caster, and I'm looking at trying a Gotoh Floyd. I have read in threads here that the GE1996T model is pretty good, arguably better than the OFR. I used an OFR last time, and I liked that, just curious to try something slightly different this time. Are there other...