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    Eternity Voicing but Higher Gain - Stack?

    Does Lovepedal make a pedal with the voicing of the Eternity but with higher gain? Or, this may be best accomplished by stacking pedals? Thanks for the help.
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    Trifecta Is Great with Pedal Steel

    The Trifecta works great with pedal steel. Smooth, punchy, or gritty depending on how the strings are attacked. The pedal can be set to eliminate that "sizzly" high-end that fuzz pedals typically produce with steel. Tone and sludge controls are voiced well. Setting for pedal steel: Voulme...
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    Trifecta Sounds Good But Slightly Woofy

    My Barber Trifecta sounds good but the low strings sound a little "woofy". The sound is not "boomy" but rather the lows lack a little "crunch". Are there any adjustments that may take care of this? Thanks.
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    Clapton - Cream Sound Into Clean Amp

    Using a clean amp, what pedal (non wah) would best sound like Clapton during the Cream era?
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    Fireburst vs Crunchbox vs SD Blackstar vs DragonFly

    As far as what appear to be "high gain" distortion pedals, what are the pros and cons of the Diamond Fireburst vs MI Crunchbox vs SubDecay Blackstar vs ToneFreak DragonFly? General tone? Smooth? Crunchy? Ability to "clean up" with guitar volume rolled back? Ability to "tweak" tone...
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    Smooth High Gain Distortion / Fuzz that Cleans Up

    What are options for smooth high gain distortion / fuzz that cleans up well when the volume on the guitar is rolled back plus the unit includes a tone control (to shape tone if needed).