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  1. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    I actually still have your switcher here but you never replied back about it. I never gave an estimate on it up front. Since it was out of warranty, and would have taken as much to fix it as a new one, I offered for you to buy a new one and I would fix the old one for free. I had to look at it...
  2. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    Folks, I am very terribly sorry for any inconveniences I have caused anyone. It has been a terrible year (2019) in my personal life that I am trying to dig out of. Issues I won’t go in to but caught me off guard. I am working and functioning though. If I left anyone out of anything, please...
  3. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    I am so sorry for the delay folks. I sent notices out while back that I had been in the hospital and it has slowed me down but maybe some of you didn't get it. I am working night and day to get caught up.
  4. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    I don't blame you guys a bit for going somewhere else. And I do apologize again for the delays. It's a brutal and overwhelming business at times. If I can be of any help, or if anyone has an issue please, email me:
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    15 Looper on the way to John Mayer!

  6. Loop-Master

    15 Looper on the way to John Mayer!

    I will try and get a rig rundown of his or a pic of his current board if I can for you guys and post it here. 15 Looper for John Mayer: (2-22-19)
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    gigging with a 4x12 cab

    I too use a 4X12 even at small venues. It's not about length, it's about girth. ;)
  8. Loop-Master

    Best Fender amp under 1000$?

    Deluxe Reverb Reissues takes pedals great. Great all-around amp.
  9. Loop-Master

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2018 Edition

    Glad you like it. So sorry it took so long!
  10. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    Yessir I have, it has been tough. If I have let anyone down, I am so terribly sorry. I am slowly turning things around for the better. If I can make anything right with anyone, please let me know.
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    Loop-master Pedal wait time

    I would be happy to help! Please by all means, email me with your order # so I can look into this.
  12. Loop-Master

    Your top 3 best amps you’ve played/own

    '68 Fender Twin Reverb '71 Marshall 50 Watt MKII '73 Marshall 50 Watt MKII
  13. Loop-Master

    "Takes Pedals Well" = Useless Phrase

    As soon as you connect ANY effect to any amp, you're adding to the amp's circuit which changes the amp's circuit. So yes, some take them better than other's.
  14. Loop-Master

    Age old conundrum: How do make the set stretch a little longer??

    "we did these few songs earlier tonight but we had a request to do them again"
  15. Loop-Master

    Does your wife know your gear?

    My wife helped me move an empty 4x12 cab the other day. She asked when I was going to put speakers in it. That's at least something lol
  16. Loop-Master

    Your first boutique pedal was?

    Klon Centaur. Bought new in 1998. Still in use.
  17. Loop-Master

    What guitarist is the hardest to imitate?

    I said earlier Allan Holdsworth. But what about this guy?