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    Avatar Hellatone 25 / 50 Ceramic: Experiences?

    I'm looking at these to maybe put on the top of my ModeFour 4x12 with v30s on bottom. Anyone try these speakers?
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    Egnater 50w Boutikit Schematics Anyone?

    I have a 2016 Boutikit Seminar head that I bought off of Reverb in early 2017 and I want to do some mods to it via a friend of mine that can do them. But we need the schematics. Anyone know where I can get those? I have the 2013/14 seminar amp building class head and had that one modded by...
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    Am I Crazy? JJ100 Downsize to Splawn QR 50W?

    So I'm not gigging now and am thinking to downsize from my modded JJ100 with the MV for JBE down to a 50w Quickrod. Loved my old Pro Stock, minus some minor issues, and LOVE my JJ100, but I'm looking to raise a bit of cash at the moment. I would only buy a used Splawn and I'd want the fully...
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    2019 Les Paul Classic: In or Out?

    Played one today. Lighter than my GC 2012 Trad Pro II, which was heavy (no weight relief). Sold that one. The 2019 LP Classic played pretty well, overall! The setup was a little too high and strings too light for me. I thought pickups were ok. Wasn’t sure about all the push/pull options...
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    Changing 1 - 3 High Strings Only: Setup & Reintonate?

    My guitar is setup for a whole step D and I'm playing a hybrid set of 10-52, but with a 56 on top, so .10 .13 .17 .32 .42 .56 I've been playing this setup for a year on a Schecter PT USA. The E, B, G strings are a little loose for my taste, so I want to try at least increasing the G string...
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    BRBS Nighttrain: Slash-in-a-box!

    HUGE fan of Slash's tone on AFD and UYI's. I know, it's not heralded as all that great, but I dig it. My Splawn Pro Stock, Gear 1 was super awesome for 'that tone'. I was looking for Slash tone in a pedal and this sounds really good! Has anyone heard of this company or pedal before?
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    Best Attenuator for Live & Home

    I play live and at home. Stages vary and even on the large ones I’m told to keep it down a bit. My my JJ100, while great at all volumes, is amazing at halfway. I’m just thinking of trying an attenuator to get those crazy goods for smaller stages and my apartment. Suggestions?
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    Synergy SYN-50

    I played one and liked it but didn’t spend enough time. It had the Diezel and SLO modules. Preferred the SLO. I have a JJ100 I love, but am open to trying new things and love the concept of the SYN-50. Who has one or has played one extensively? Thoughts?
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    ESP LTD EC-1000/T - Fishman Pups Anyone?

    Looking to add a LP style guitar back in the stable. Was thinking Vintage V100s as I get one local from their 'custom shop' in Ft Worth. ...I saw these from ESP LTD and I like the features a lot. I can play 2 locally. I love that it has the full thickness of a true LP and I think the...
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    Delay or Verb for Rhythm + Delay for Lead?

    I wanna try using a delay for rhythm just to thicken up the sound a bit. I read something like 1.5 repeats, low mix, not sure what time. I’ve tried Reverb, but didn’t quite get there. I could use some help on the settings for delay for Rhythm. I like to kick on a delay for leads here and there...
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    4x12: Bogner Helios vs Friedman

    Who's compared these two 4x12s? Same speaker mix in each. Thanks!
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    Friedman BE100 DLX

    Who’s got one, played one, can compare it to the JJ or Slax and also the Plexi channel of the Smallbox? Thx!
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    Splawn 4x12 vs. Others for Hard Rock

    I'm looking at used 4x12s. Gonna sell my Friedman; just not jiving with it. The Bogner ST has always haunted me as it was tight and punchier than the Friedman, with good cut and bloom. Enter Splawn. There's one for sale locally with Creamback 65's. What's the go with Splawn cabs? I also...
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    Power: Voodoo MONDO vs. Walrus Phoenix

    I've got the Friedman Power Grid, but I need more outputs. Like 12+...and it needs to be quiet. So I'm looking at the VL MONDO and Walrus Audio Phoenix. I had a VL PP2 a while back and it was a little noisey with my wah. I don't run pedals that need crazy draw. All take 9V and are basics...
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    EarCandyCabs - 4x12 Wiring Harness & Service

    I wanted to post a positive experience I had with EarCarndyCabs recently. First, I'm not a fan of soldered cabs; I like to mix and try different speakers and I don't solder--can't be bothered to learn. But I did learn that .205" female connectors are super snug/tight and you wouldn't have to...
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    Economical Toneful Way, Guitar to PA: Mooer? Atomic?

    y singer is gonna start playing rhythm guitar on a few of our songs, but he doesn’t have an amp and just wants something simple...and it’s one less amp in stage. So I was thinking one of the Mooer preamp pedals would do the trick since each has a cab sim you can engage. Or Perhaps the Mooer...
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    MIM Charvel Floyd Rose Upgrades - Block, Etc.

    Just took stock of a new MIM Charvel Style 2. Seems pretty good, but I want to add a sustain block. The block in mine is small and looks cheap; it shows 32mm. The FR in these MIM's are the 1000 series. Who has done mods to their FR's and had good results? Did you order from F-U Tone or...
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    Tremolo Spring Noise - What's Your Fix?

    I played a Charvel Satch recently. Great guitar, but noticed the 'spring ring'/noise comes through with higher gain and E, A, D (second fret chords) palm mutes. Not a huge issue, live, but noticeable. I read a lot about the Floyd and F-U tone springs not really being 'noiseless' and having...
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    Move Over EVH D-Tuna (?) - Tone Vise Pitch Shifter

    This looks awesome! It's fairly new, but surprised I haven't heard much about it. Check it out. Looks like a less invasive EVH D-tuna for FR's, that can work with recessed and non-recessed much easier. Would be awesome if the drop tuning is accurate and it moves easy with minimal 'setup'.
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    New Neck: Warmoth vs. Musikraft

    What say you and why? Also, one-piece vs. two-piece maple? What's the difference? Also also... Plain vs. quartersawn? Tonal differences or myth? Cheers!
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    Dimmer Amp Buzz: Noise Gate?

    Playing a venue this weekend; played before. Had bad dimmer/light buzz going through my humbuckers (duncans). I just changed to the clean channel between songs if we had silence, or turned off my guitar volume. BUT, I'd like to manage it better... Will a noise gate help me with this? If...
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    Low Noise 12AX7...

    looking for a 12AX7 for my high gain amps. TAD HG? MESA SPAX7? What say you guys?
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    Fave Bridge/TP on a LP & Why...

    Looking ideas/suggestions on a new bridge (maybe tailpiece also) for an Epiphone Matt Heafy LP I'm taking stock of tomorrow. ...Just in case I don't do my own setups, but was interested in the Babicz FC TOM; seems to have some great options, though it looks a little clunky. Cheers.
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    Epiphone Matt Heafy LP Custom

    I just pulled the trigger on this. Got a KILLER deal at GC, new one. These have the scalloped/contoured heel and the heavier weight of a LP; apparently, they are heavier than most all other Epiphone LP models. I'll see how it plays first, but mods I would do to it... -new nut -...
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    Vintage Brand LPs/V100...

    I used to have a LP and liked it, but I sold it to fund my Schecter USA PT's, which I like more. Been thinking about getting an 'affordable' LP copy lately and played the Vintage's recently and they sound and feel really good...especially for the money. I LOVE the contoured heel. Just...