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  1. guitrr

    Revv G20???

    Lots of ground to cover there, Nate. I’m a former Helix owner, and currently own both an HX Stomp and a REVV G20. First, the G20 has nowhere near the sonic versatility of the Line6 modelers. Having said that, the tones of the G20 are outstanding. There aren’t as many high gain options as...
  2. guitrr

    Low Power Combo for Cleans

    Swart STR Trem
  3. guitrr

    What's your favorite all tube 1x12 combo amp?

    I’m with you, Valpreaux is a killer amp!
  4. guitrr

    What's your favorite all tube 1x12 combo amp?

    My all time favorite is my Swart AST. Lately I’ve used my Fuchs Full House quite a bit. I also have a Goodsell Super 17 that’s great, and it has the lushest trem I’ve ever heard.
  5. guitrr

    List your gigging amps over the years

    Been gigging since the late 1970’s. Music Man 65 watt 2x10 combo 1977-1983 Peavey Special 130 1983-1991 Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 1991-1998 Germino Massonette & Dr Z Maz 18 Jr 1998- 2003 Swart AST 2003-present Nolatone Rotten Johnny 2010-2016 Quilter Mach 1 2014-2017 Quilter Mach 2...
  6. guitrr

    Bogus power ratings. Beware.

    The Fender Tone Master Deluxe has a 100w class D power amp, to approximate the output of a 20 watt Deluxe tube amp. In my experience that’s a pretty good comparison.
  7. guitrr

    Dream Rig 2020?!?!.....1 pedal...1 amp....1 guitar....Go!

    Hahn Tele Swart AST Strymon El Capistan
  8. guitrr

    Why is so much money required to have some decent tone.

    That was the first thought which crossed my mind upon reading the title of the original post. Jack is one of the premier guitarists in both Nashville and on the jamband scene, and he plays Squires he finds in pawnshops for less than a hundred dollars. Even when he was playing in the Allman...
  9. guitrr

    $500 Gigging Amp Challenge:

    Boss Katana
  10. guitrr

    For older TGP'ers doing weekly gigs around town - amp question

    Keith Williams is definitely on to something here:
  11. guitrr

    PRRI & Supro Comet Comparison?

    Pete, I'm actually considering those two amps right now, along with the Swart Atomic Jr. I have a Swart AST, so I know Swart's general vibe. The Supro has the switchable power, and an additional speaker out, which is a nice added feature. I would very much like to play them side by side...
  12. guitrr

    For older TGP'ers doing weekly gigs around town - amp question

    57 years old, seven bad spinal discs, playing a variety of gig situations covering Blues, Country, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Surf, and Rock genres. My rig varies depending on the gig, including my pedal board, though I’ve been on an ongoing downsizing quest over the last few years. My heaviest guitar...
  13. guitrr

    Henriksen Bud?

    I own a Bud and a Quilter Mach 2. Here’s my take on the vs.: Size/Convenience - As small and light as the Quilter is, the Bud is smaller, lighter, and more convenient. Features - Quilter, hands down. Trem, Overdrive, Limiter (compressor), Tone & Depth controls for the Reverb, multiple tonal...
  14. guitrr

    Jackson Ampworks Thread!!!

    My main OD is (now) a Thorpy “Dane”, which has both a clean boost and an overdrive. I also frequently use (normally on the same pedalboard) a Rockett Blue Note, and a Klon, both of which sound terrific through my Britain 30.
  15. guitrr

    What's comparable to the Lazy J amps?

    Swart Atomic Space Tone
  16. guitrr

    Let's get to the point. Your ONE favorite amp.

    Swart Atomic Space Tone
  17. guitrr

    Best selling amps of 2017 on Reverb

    Those aren't all used, so I wouldn't read too much into those numbers. If you look at Quilters on Reverb, there are a lot more new ones for sale from dealers than there are used ones being sold by individuals.
  18. guitrr

    Do you have Several Amps, for Different Applications; or just 1 or 2 Great Amps?

    I currently have five tube amps, two solid state amps, a digital, and a BluGuitar Amp 1, whatever sort of weird hybrid that is. The last decade has seen me buy more amps than guitars. I firmly believe guitar tone is 75% amp, 25% guitar. When I was a poor 20-something, I gigged the entire...
  19. guitrr

    I now think I like SS amps better? Any one else feel the same way?

    Just my own feelings; I have several hand built boutique tube amps, a Helix, an Amp 1, a Roland Cube 80XL, Boss Katana 100 head, a Henricksen Bud, and a Quilter MP II. I have a bad back, and so had to quit buying heavy guitars and amps about ten years ago. For convenience, there's no contest -...
  20. guitrr

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    I have the 100 watt head. You will have no problem with the 5" speaker, it sounds great at bedroom level. If the kiddo is asleep, you also have the option of using headphones, instead.
  21. guitrr

    As I Get Older, Lugging Around Bigger Amps....

    Sammy, it's interesting to read your quest has lead down a similar path to my own. As for Quilter vs. Bud, that's a tough question. I play a variety of gigs and venues. I like both the bells and whistles of the Quilter and the simplicity of the Henriksen. My go-to at home is the Henriksen...
  22. guitrr

    As I Get Older, Lugging Around Bigger Amps....

    After 25 years as a professional firefighter, I retired three years ago with seven bad vertebrae. I own half a dozen amps, but only one over 30lbs. My other tube amps are 1x12 combos, a Goodsell, a Swart, and a few months ago I bought a Milkman Creamer. Now at age 55, my usual gigging rig is...
  23. guitrr

    Add me to the Katana fan club. WOW. Review.

    I bought a K100 head a few months ago, and love it. I also own a Quilter Mach 2, and several boutique tube amps. The K100 hasn't replaced anything as far as gigging, because frankly, I can't seem to figure out the Boss foot pedal. For me, that definitely seems to be the Achilles heel of...