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  1. jbp

    The 4x12 Cab IR that I can't seem to find: EVM-12L

    Does anyone know of a great IR for a 4x12 closed back cab loaded with EVM 12Ls? (Fully sealed, no ports) The only one I know of is available through Ownhammer and I wasn't that impressed with it.
  2. jbp

    3 pickups, 3 volume pots & 5 way switch - is this possible?

    I'm no expert with a soldering iron, but if I have a wiring diagram to follow then I can get the job done. Is this possible? 3 pickups 1 volume pot for each pickup (Note: 3 different pot values for 3 diff types of pickups) NO tone control 5 way switch: standard Strat setup
  3. jbp

    FS KEMPER Profiler PowerHead

    Kemper Profiler PowerHead - Near Mint - 600 watt head - Packed with hundreds of $$$ worth of professional profiles. The following will be included on a USB stick: Most of MBritt’s profile library BHP Henning Profiles (Henning Bottle Rocket) Michael Wegener profiles Multiple Amp Factory...
  4. jbp

    FS FORSHAGE Redwood Orion w/RONIN Foilbuckers - $3200 OBO

    Forshage Redwood Orion Dead mint, as new, original owner, non-smoking, etc. Comes with Forshage Orion gig bag. Many custom features and $$$ upgrades: Neck: Quarter-sawn Flamed Maple w/graphite reinforcements Fingerboard: Cocobolo Body: Redwood w/Cocobolo back. Semi-Hollow. Custom F-hole design...
  5. jbp

    Sold SUHR Classic S Antique Roasted (Limited Edition): H-S-S

    SUHR Classic S Antique Roasted (Limited Edition) Yes indeed, this is a limited edition - one that's actually special. Suhr only made 200 guitars in this entire series and that was spread across 4 diff. colors. Burgundy Mist was the hardest finish for me to find, but was well worth the effort...
  6. jbp

    FS KEMPER Profiler Powerhead - Tons of Professional Profiles - $1750 Shipped/PayPal'd

    Kemper Profiler PowerHead - Near Mint - 600 watt head - Packed with hundreds of $$$ worth of professional profiles. The following will be included on a USB stick: Most of MBritt’s profile library BHP Henning Profiles (Henning Bottle Rocket) Michael Wegener profiles Multiple Amp Factory...
  7. jbp

    WTB A Longshot - SOLOWAY w/Tremolo

    Ideally, I'd like to track down #H222 (Swan). But my main goal is to find a Soloway with a Skyway trem. Potential trades + cash on your end. Click below to find out more about each item. Kemper Powerhead (listed here on TGP Emporium) Suhr Classic S Antique Roasted in Burgundy Mist (NGD...
  8. jbp

    Runt Guitars (Japan) - giving Teuffel and Tao a run for their money?

    I've been following them on IG for awhile now. Their originality, execution and attention to detail looks absolutely next level. (As in Teuffel or Tao next level.) Boy howdy, talk about PRECISION. Does anyone know anything about their guitars? Any first hand experience? I did a search here...
  9. jbp

    Sold COLLINGS 360 LT M - LOLLAR Goldfoils

    Ash Body Olympic White (Nitro finish) Lollar Gold Foils (Note: this is an upgrade to the standard P90s than come on this model. This is spec’d more like Nel Cline’s guitar.) Mastery Tremolo 7.6 lbs Near Mint Condition, Non-smoking, No gigs, etc. Date of Manufacture: 6/6/2018 If I could...
  10. jbp

    Sold COLLINGS 360 LT M

    On, but will sell on TGP for $3400 shipped/PayPal'd in CONUS. No trades. Ash Body Olympic White (Nitro finish) Lollar Gold Foils - not the more common P90 or JM model. This is spec'd more like what Nels Cline...
  11. jbp

    Sold MCINTURFF Carolina

    McInturff Carolina KT - Rarer than hen’s teeth… One piece Korina (Limba) body MannMade 2 point tremolo Honduran Mahogany Neck - Terry’s ’59 profile Indian rosewood Fingerboard Peter Florance Voodoo ’59 Pickups MiniQ EQ System - Read about it below Body and Neck binding Locking Grover Tuners -...
  12. jbp

    NGD: Suhr Classic S Antique Roasted - Burgundy Mist

    I recently sold my Suhr Ian Thornley (hardtail), which I adored and not without some trepidation, for a guitar with a tremolo. Based on my experience with that guitar, I rolled the dice on this one, but not without some reservations. I wasn't sure if I'd dig the 9"-12" FB radius, the 60s neck...
  13. jbp

    Sold FIBENARE Erotic Regime - rock bottom price, multiple upgrades

    Fibenare Erotic Regime - $700+ in upgrades The ultimate Super Strat! Sexy and very comfortable to play…the compact, svelte body shape melts into your rib cage. Plus, the tone is all there, it plays effortlessly and tuning stability is spot on. The upgrades really took this guitar to the next...
  14. jbp

    Sold ATOMIC Ampli Firebox

    Ampli Firebox ($250) - mint. Non-smoking, no gigs. SOLD to @RobJ
  15. jbp

    Sold MYKA Redwood Dragonfly

    Myka Redwood Dragonfly Near Mint except for one ding (see pics). A truly special guitar - ask David Myka, @Baemer or @Jaya about it. But for the life of me I can't seem to adapt to 2HB/TOM/String through/Gibson scale guitars. I wish that weren't the case because I love the looks...
  16. jbp

    Sold Probett Rocket III (Gold Foils)

    2017 Probett Rocket III Original Owner, Dead Mint, Non-smoking, No Gigs, etc. #331715 Highlights and upgrades include: • Neck is a very soft V - .885” - .965”. Chunky-ish, but very comfortable. Brilliant! • Woods: Neck is Mahogany. FB is Amazon Rosewood. Body is Korina. •...
  17. jbp

    Sold PRS Mccarty 594 (10 Top)

    PRS McCarty 594 - 10 Top • Condition: Near Mint. Non-smoking, no gigs, etc. • Weight: 7.75 pounds (right in the sweet spot - this guitar has tremendous resonance and sustain) • Ships in PRS OHSC with all the case candy SOLD - Thanks, @kingsleyd!
  18. jbp

    Sold Universal Audio Apollo Twin Mk II DUO - $700 Shipped/pp'd

    Apollo Twin MK II DUO Brand new, bought from Sam Ash less than 2 months ago. Dead Mint (plastic still on everything), non-smoking Lower than anything else on Will ship in original box. Includes the "Realtime Analog Classics" UAD plug-in bundle: UA 610-B Tube Preamp & EQ UA 1176LN...
  19. jbp

    Kemper - NAMM 2018

    I've heard NADA about what the Kemper crew might be cooking up. Anyone else curious or have some scoop? What I'm hoping for (long shot, by CK's own admission): a non-profiling KPA. Toaster, rack or, better yet....floorboard.
  20. jbp

    Sold Harmonic Design Z-90 pickups - calibrated set

    Newest Incarnation - bought in 2017 Near Mint Condition Original Owner Chrome Covers Full Lengths Leads SOLD - thanks, @jessekates!
  21. jbp

    FORSHAGE Orion - Redwood/Cocobolo/Ronin FoilBuckers - COMPLETE!

    Edit (10/22/19): It's Done! I was so thrilled with how my Forshage 7 string headless came out - even though I can't seem to make the jump to 7 strings - that I began a 6 string semi-hollow Orion build with Chris. Check out the humble beginnings - redwood top and core and the cocobolo back...
  22. jbp

    Sold BOSS KATANA head

    Original owner, non-smoking, dead mint and no issues. Ships in original box. Sold, thanks @LPV!
  23. jbp

    Quick Wiring Q - 2 pickups, 2 vols, 1 tone, 3 way switch

    I recently wired a guitar using this wiring diagram. (Minus the pull pots for split coils). 2 pickups, 2 volume pots, 1 tone pot and a 3 way switch (Strat). 2_x_humbuckers__2_volume_switched___1_tone__3_way_blade__igwatermark by jbp posted May 4, 2017 at 1:55 PM The guitar works exactly as...
  24. jbp

    Sold 12" Neo Speakers - 8 ohms - $110 Shipped

    DV MARK Neo Classic 12" speakers - 1 left SOLD - Thanks, @Darl! Brand New: Taken out of a new DV Mark cab Neo magnets - super lightweight Power Handling: 150 Watts RMS Sensitivity: 99dB 8 ohms My Take: These are a neutral guitar speaker that lets you hear the amp. They lean ever so slightly...
  25. jbp

    Sold SCOTT WALKER Electro - Brazilian RW, Custom Inlays, Etc. FINAL PRICE DROP $1800 Shipped

    Scott Walker Electro - SOLD! Thanks @AthensStrat Near Mint - ships with Walker OHSC Body Wood: Alder Color: Aged White Bridge: Scott's amazing countersunk Aluminum bridge with Brass Saddles Electronics: Vol - Tone - 3 way switch. Pickups: Fender Custom Shop Tele set Italian tortoise...