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    Mesa Mark series amps... what drive pedals have you found work best?

    for me over the years; -love pedal kanji, it is virtually a 4th channel all its own. in the crunch channel at half drive with the kanji kicked in, it is the guitar tone from " stay with me " ( faces ) -kot. no explanation needed -boiling point. its just very special -skreddy screw driver is the...

    AnalogMan King of Tone: Worth the Hype?

    Yes. I found the two for me years ago. Kot and an older boiling point. I’ve has many, these two ain’t going anywhere.

    Analog Chorus Hunt

    Have you tried the jam pedals waterfall?

    KOT landed yesterday

    Congrats! I love mine. It is very real, and shines at stage volume.

    rocketride asteroid chorus

    do these exist anymore? i know the purple chorus is coming out soon.

    My Treble Booster Journey (cont)

    anyone have experience with the retroman beano?

    Lovepedal Eternity and Kanji

    has anyone kicked in the kanji on an already fire breathing boogie? its ecstasy.

    So I received my Analogman King of Tone yesterday...

    Congrats! I love is a refined pedal.

    Any love for the elements?

    The elements is a great pedal. I love that you can blend your clean signal and your over driven signal.
  10. MRCHILL4

    What one pedal that you wish was still made?

    Nine years have passed, and i went through about three dozen drive pedals. the following remain to this day; the boiling point the elements kot screwdriver many have come and gone, these stood the test of time so far.
  11. MRCHILL4

    Chorus suggestion for guitar

    an old tc if you can find an original, or an AM
  12. MRCHILL4

    Wampler SLOstortion thoughts

    It’s been almost nine years later, I still have and play through a boiling point, kot, the elements and a screwdriver. I have the slo, but it sits in a bin with other pedals I rarely use. It’s an early one, non modded. I pull those pedals out periodically, try them out, and put them right back...
  13. MRCHILL4

    Talk about your current overdrive?

    the elements has my attention lately. great sounds, and the blend knob is very cool. the kot is a great all around pedal, and the boiling point's high gain? i can't get enough.
  14. MRCHILL4

    Favorite "fun" pedal?

    ehx talk machine
  15. MRCHILL4

    Best OD pedal to bring out that liquid sustain type tone in the clean channel of a EL34 Shiva?

    the elements at low-mid gain, and the bp for high gain and boost. i have an ocd v4, but it sounds too muddy to me
  16. MRCHILL4

    Looking for a low-gain pedal with top mounted jacks

    it is definitely a great low-mid gain pedal. and as a clean boost! great pedal!
  17. MRCHILL4

    shimmer reverb advice

    like anything, its what you do with it. i am interested in the neunaber mon shimmer, and the new tri chorus as well.
  18. MRCHILL4

    Anyone here that nails Rush's Alex Lifeson old guitar sound?

    i actually use a tele or paul into an old boogie, AM KOT, AM BICHORUS, and a boss dd3. back off the tone knob, pretty close. les paul not as articuate.
  19. MRCHILL4

    shimmer reverb advice

    i need advice about reverb pedals with shimmer. i will be using it in a worship setting. i really like the strymon alot, but too expensive. the hof2 sounds good, are the other better choices in that price range? i will use ambient reverb as well. thanks!
  20. MRCHILL4

    My shortlisted Chorus pedals so far. Please help me pick one!

    AM BICHORUS WITH DEEP. I have many, and it sounds best overall to me.
  21. MRCHILL4

    TC Electronics Corona+ SCF Chorus

    speaking as someone who owns an original tcf and a corona, i can say this... the corona holds its own in my opinion. i bought a corona when they first came out years ago. its a fantastic chorus in its own rite.
  22. MRCHILL4

    Chorus Advice

    i have a AM bichorus with the deep switch. nothing beats that. but i recently dug up a corona chorus that bought when they first came out. it has the trichorus, and i remember downloading another trichorus sound too. they sound excellent! i just found it today. it handles distortion really well...
  23. MRCHILL4

    Pedal demos that caused you to buy?

    andy's demo of the boiling point
  24. MRCHILL4

    Best Phaser out there?

    vfe enterprise is fantastic, peter helped me tweak the pots to what i wanted.
  25. MRCHILL4

    Need Help Finding a Pedal Switcher!

    loop master has worked for me for years now.