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    The Dark Truth of working for major Production Shows - Backing Tracks

    They were using canned backing vocals when i saw them.
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    What’s the Deal With Austin City Limits These Days?

    Selling tickets? When most of those bands come to town they play the smallest clubs around.
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    Experience Hendrix -Letdown

    Went to the show last night, had a blast. Everyone played well, even Zakk's bit was fun. Satriani and crew just destroyed. The naysaying, tan pants, blues junior playing old farts really need to get a clue.
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    Jimi's secret Strat wiring?

    Hendrix was a Fender endorsee. Both Lemmy and one of his other roadies are on record saying that he received dozens of Strats at a time from Fender. He also owned around 100 Marshall tops during his lifetime. The secret to his tone is his hands and 110 decibels.
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    A guy I sub for (apparently) won't sub for me.....

    I got a call early last week to sub in a previous band,as they were firing their guitarist. Told me they'd call me Monday with a date for practice. They never called, not responding to my texts. I get it if they decide to keep the guy, but not calling is totally unprofessional.
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    Has Roth & EVH Parted Ways?

    Dave's been back in the band a long time now, and their albums and tours have done very well. Don't believe the hype.
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    My 19 yr old son doesn't like Steely Dan....

    Smart kid. Steely Dans almost as overrated as the Grateful Dead.
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    Saw VH w/Kenny Wayne last night.

    Saw them in charlotte. They were great, and dave was much better than when I saw them in 2012. I agree about the mix. It was awful.
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    The Aristocrats last night...

    No pickguard. Plain maple top and reddish top. He played with a lot of clean tones this time around. I stayed after and got my cd signed, but I was over my beer limit. Bryan Beller looked at me like I was crazypants.
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    The Aristocrats last night...

    Amazing. Second time watching them and they were great. For those curious, Guthrie was using 2 Charvels and a Victory amp with 2x12. The only thing I could see on the floor was a Fractal unit, no pedalboard. :D
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    Chilling in Myrtle Beach, SC - any music?

    Rockburgers, purple gator, attic... Oh wait, that was twenty years ago.
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    DJ Ashba Quits G N R- Does Anyone Care?

    Yup. Too much money on the table to pass up...
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    New Steven Tyler video.

    Did he change his name to Caitlyn?
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    Dream Theater: Last few studio albums?

    First one with mangini was pretty good, don't care as much for the last one.
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    Listening to Helmet's "Aftertaste" album..

    I saw those guys a couple months ago. Great show. They should be much bigger than they are.
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    Gig in an auditorium with no amp miking/PA/monitors... Best config?

    Rent a pa and pay a soundguy. I'd rather lose money on a gig than put on an unprofessional performance.
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    Jimi Hendrix's 1964 Strat Disappoints on the Auction Block

    Lemmy was a roadie for jimi and has stated the same thing.
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    Merged Van Halen Super here. STOP WITH THE OTHER THREADS ALREADY

    Yup. I think the album with wolf was better than the last 4 with mike. His youth gives the band a kick in the pants.
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    Scott Henderson and VERTEX

    You have the right to support and thank whoever you want to, and I have the right not to spend my money on Vertex's products or your albums (which now I certainly will not).
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    Any decent music stores around the Charlotte, NC area?

    Coleman music in china grove sometims has great stuff. Music usa and griffin guitars, both in salisbury, are pretty cool, too.
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    The Grammys.....who do you want to see?

    all of the above, cept ac/dc, mccartney, yoakam, and tony bennett. The rest are a bunch of lip-syncing poopstains.
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    Why doesn't Buckethead get any love here?

    Me too. I cant take bands like kiss or slipnot seriously, either.
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    MEGADETH gear + more auction

    Endgame and 13 were actually pretty good.
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    EXODUS - Collateral Damage

    There was never a big 4. There was a big 3: Metallica, Megadeth, and Exodus.