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  1. Pantone 333

    Just when I thought I was finished buying amps ...

    Seriously, I thought I was done. This one interests me:
  2. Pantone 333

    NGD - Lefty Gretsch Custom Shop

    I ordered this 15 months ago. To tell you the truth, I thought I would have to wait longer due to COVID-19, but it's here today!!! This is a Gretsch Custom Shop 6120 Chet Atkins ...1960 specs.
  3. Pantone 333

    Amp identification?

    1. This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. 2. Can someone please identify what these Fender amps are?
  4. Pantone 333

    Vintage Jensen P12-N

    Take a look at this chart: Now can someone please tell me if this was the actual wattage of this speaker??? They put two of these in a Fender high power Twin??? I've heard from other reliable sources that vintage Jensens were 20 watts, 25 watts, and 30 watts. Did the speaker originally start...
  5. Pantone 333

    Is the Fender Custom Shop open?

    Just curious. Are they building anything or do the state laws regarding COVID-19 prevent manufacturing?
  6. Pantone 333

    Fender Bonamassa TT vs '57 Fender Custom TT

    Please compare and contrast the differences between the two ... especially for those folks who have played through both. Preferences?
  7. Pantone 333

    Made in the U.S.A. vs Assembled in the U.S.A

    What exactly is the difference? Forgive me if this has been covered before but when I look on Fender's website it says all their custom amps are assembled in the U.S.A.
  8. Pantone 333

    Effects Loop: Series or Parallel?

    Forgive me for my lack of knowledge with this one. If your amp has an effects loop, how do you know if it's series or parallel?
  9. Pantone 333

    Expression Pedal?

    Forgive my ignorance but could someone please explain to me what this is? Is this a fancier way of saying a volume pedal?
  10. Pantone 333

    Troubling shooting ... possible tube rattling

    When I play through my Fender Vibro-King, I only get tube rattle when the reverb is engaged, where dwell, mix, and tone are on 7. Without reverb ... no tube rattle. Maybe a stupid question but given that the reverb is driven by a 6V6, could that particular tube be the culprit?
  11. Pantone 333

    Wow ... Fender Vibro-King Head!!!

    I never knew this existed. Not officially made so must have been a custom order. So cool I can't believe it. Fast forward to 12:30 in the video:
  12. Pantone 333

    Fender Vibro-King Sweet Delicious

    I recently received the Fender Vibro-King 20th Anniversary Edition (pine/brown). I love this amp tremendously. But the coolest thing is after about 10 minutes of playing, when the tubes have had time to really heat up, the amp emits this sweet chocolate/caramel smell. I'm totally not kidding...
  13. Pantone 333

    Fender Vibro-King Ohms Question

    If you were to use a THD Hot Plate with the VK, would you use the 2 ohm or 2.7 ohm version? In the Fender manual, the speaker rating is 2.6, but the output is rated as 2 ohms. Not sure what to do. I would guess that it should be 2.6, not 2 as there are three speakers (each 8 ohms) wired in...
  14. Pantone 333

    Amp trouble shooting

    If anyone could help ... I have no idea if I have a tube problem or speaker problem. My amp sounds great. No loss of power or articulation. But when I play, I get this crackling sound, but it's in the background. It's not a loud crackling sound, but it's noticeable. When I don't play, however...
  15. Pantone 333

    Question about on/off and standby switches on new Fender amps

    In this video, what is up with these switches? They look pretty weird. New cosmetic design or are those plastic coverings?
  16. Pantone 333

    Fender Jazz Bass Buzz question

    Forgive my ignorance. When both volume knobs are on full, my bass buzzes when I take my fingers off the strings. But when only one volume knob is on full and the other is turned all the way down, I do not have this problem. Does this make sense?
  17. Pantone 333

    Overtones and undertones

    What do these terms mean? Are these inherently bad things? I read that Carl Kaye used a bass mute (felt, tape) to get rid of these.
  18. Pantone 333

    65 Amps?

    Are they still in business? I ask because their website looks really wrong.
  19. Pantone 333

    Lefty Bass Score

    One of the biggest mistakes of my life was selling my mapleglo Rickenbacker 4001V63 seven years ago to purchase other gear. I had a J-Bass at the time so I didn't really feel the loss. But I've recently been having SERIOUS GAS pains to get that bass back. I surfed the net and came across a used...
  20. Pantone 333

    Question about Fender Custom shop P-Bass pickup

    What exactly is the following pickup: ASSY PU 59-62 PBASS I've seen this in the descriptor of many CS P-Basses but I can't find any information about this pickup. Does anyone know?
  21. Pantone 333

    Stupid speaker pairing question: Be gentle

    Is pairing a 90 watt speaker (Celestion Alnico Cream) with a 50 watt Eminence EJ1250 Alnico a dumb thing to do for a 2x12?
  22. Pantone 333

    Zvex Box of Metal ... Anyone?

    I just got this pedal a little over a week ago. I'm totally addicted! First off, I'm primarily a guitar and cable straight into the amp type of guy. The only pedals I sometimes bring out are an analog delay and compressor. The Zvex Box of Metal is glorious. Funny thing is, I'm totally not a...
  23. Pantone 333

    Who here has heard of okoume?

    Never heard of this tonewood:
  24. Pantone 333

    59-62 Custom Shop P Bass Pickup??

    Does anyone know the specs of this pickup (output)? How is this pickup different from the '59 or the '62?
  25. Pantone 333

    Question about matching a head to a cab

    I'm very interested in the Dr. Z M12, which is rated at 12 watts. I already have a 2x12 cab (100 watts) and have no interest in purchasing a new cab. Would this head be poorly matched to my 100 watt cab? Will it seem sterile?