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  1. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Almost made a rookie OD/dirt pedal mistake... so glad I used my ears!

    I bought a D&M Drive to use with my Bassman and have been on the fence. It sounded a little harsh to my ears on the Dan channel. We all have our starting points on knobs... usually it’s noon, right? I kept trying to mess with the volume and gain thinking they were the ones making it sound...
  2. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold MXR DC Brick PS - $60

    I have an extra power supply lying around. Just came off my 3rd board and it’s clogging up my gear drawer. Box and all cables included. M237 model... Eight 9v Two 18v $60 PPd and shipped. Price is good and pretty firm, no trades.
  3. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Free board patches cables - just pay shipping

    I continue my gear drawer clean out. I am paying it forward! Seven assorted perfectly fine working patch cables for a board. I don’t need them. Free to the first claimer... just send me $18 via PP for shipping and for the purchase of a padded envelope. Six inch ones... 2 MXR right angle...
  4. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Free Fender MIA Strat tuners (you just pay shipping)

    I continue my gear drawer clean out. I am paying it forward! Six perfectly fine working tuners from a late 90s strat. I don’t need them. Free to the first claimer... just send me $15 via PP for shipping and for the purchase of a padded envelope.
  5. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Mini delay search... DD2 in a 1590a?

    Title covers it... looking for the classic Boss DD2 in the mini format. I know I can get a CC Mini and set it to the bright setting and it would get me 75/80% there, but I really like that warm clean delay sound from my DD2.
  6. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Prosonic tube swap... another 5751

    So I have posted in the past about taming the OD channel of my Prosonic by putting a 5751 in v2 and it worked wonders. Very nice sounds and found it more useable. Well last week I ordered another and put it in v1... the amp is simply amazing now. I remember a comment from another thread...
  7. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Free... just pay freight/packing. Flat style pedalboard from Murphy Cases with Velcro

    Cleaning out more unused stuff and staying in the holiday spirit. Pay it forward! 16 x 9 with metal edges, two side handles and full Velcro. Deep enough for a full size wah, wide enough for three or four pedals or maybe 5 with minis. Room for power supply too in the back row. Send me...
  8. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Free Livewire ABY pedal (ABY1) - shipping only!

    I am feeling in the holiday spirit. :) Cleaning up my drawer and don’t use it. Maybe one of you guys can? Pay it forward! Send me $12 for shipping and I’ll send it out. ConUS only. Thx!
  9. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Guitars in their case... storage?

    Is there a preferred or better way to keep your guitars in the case? Meaning... Flat under the bed or standing on one end in a closet? I currently keep them in a hall closet in their case with the body end of the floor. Does it really matter??
  10. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Barber Gain Changer (black finish) - now $160

    I love this pedal, great sounding and very flexible low to mid-gain OD/distortion. I am simply not using it right now. No box, no manual... has Velcro. $160 PP’d and shipped. No trades please.
  11. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Keeley dirt pedals... how did this come to be??

    It just hit me, I have a Keeley dirt pedal on each of my pedalboards! RK makes some darned useful tone tools. Big board - 1962x Jam/backup board - Super Phat Mod Bassman board - D&M Drive The 1962x is what I have always heard in my head for my specific MiaB need. The SPM is a great low...
  12. PatrickE_FenderADV

    The music/band “super fan” phenomenon. I don’t get it?!?

    I follow two bands on FB fan pages. I love music and I am pretty passionate about the two bands (or so I thought). I have also played music/guitar for a long time and have been on some decent stages in front of some good crowds. I don’t get the “super fan” mentality? I don’t get posting...
  13. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Thinking of scaling WAY back...

    I have four electrics, two amps and three full pedalboards and four pedals on the shelf. Some thoughts this weekend... 1) I am sitting on roughy $9-10K worth of gear. Why? LOL 2) I am not gigging and not sure when I will again 3) I really could survive with just two guitars and one amp if I...
  14. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Keeley Super Phat Mod - $100

    In good condition, has Velcro. No box/manual. Standard gold version. $100 PPd and shipped Trade... Wampler Tumnus only
  15. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Dano Billionaire Money Laundry

    Barely used... like new with box, bag and manual. No Velcro. $65 PPd and shipped Nothing needed in trade.
  16. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Boss DD7

    In very good condition... only one mini ding/scratch. No box, no Velcro. $110 PPd and shipped Will swap even for a Wampler Tumnus.
  17. PatrickE_FenderADV

    GAS in the pandemic... meaning the lack of???

    For the last six to eight months I haven’t played with anyone... neither band. I know some people are starting to get back to it, but my band circles are still kinda closed. I have purchased/traded for three pedals this year and sold off a bunch in the last 11-12 months. I haven’t had the...
  18. PatrickE_FenderADV

    The Dan side compared to the OCD (v1.7)

    I picked up an OCD in a trade and decide to AB it next to my D&M Drive... here are my observations: - they sound very similar - the OCD is more grainy - the D side has more gain on tap - the OCD is a bit brighter - the D side is more responsive to pick attack and use of volume knob - both...
  19. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold Fulltone OCD v1.7 for another OD/boost

    PPd and shipped - $105 Trades... Boss Angry Driver Wampler Tumnus (Even swap) Prince of Tone Keeley modded BD2 KTR Lovepedal Amp 50 or other CoT (even) I will add PP funds if/where appropriate.
  20. PatrickE_FenderADV

    A sad day for the music scene in the greater Tampa Bay Area... the loss of an iconic venue. Fare thee well Skippers!

    Skippers Smokehouse... my college hangout, one of my favorite stages to play on ever... is closing after 40 years. My brother’s band has been a staple there for 15 years on Thursday nights, he is incredibly upset. This place was special to my entire musical family...
  21. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Fender Uptown strat...

    Dang it! I thought I was set on my guitars... then Fender feeds this to me via FB??
  22. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Sold EHX Holy Grail reverb... big box version * Now $85 *

    Comes with the boss style power plug adapter. Sale price $85 Pp’d and shipped. Trades? Lovepedal CoT variety Dunlop/CAE wah (clean) Wampler Tumnus
  23. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Working on a strat... so how long can the neck stay off w/o string tension?

    I am about to disassemble one of my strats and work on the body. I am a relative newb to working on my own guitars, I have always taken them to my usual trusted shop... It’s just a fun project that I am going to take my time on. My question is this... how long can a strat neck be off the body...
  24. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Music streaming apps/services... what are you guys using?

    My kids keep telling me to pay for Apple Music. I have been using the free version of iHeart Music and of course there’s always Spotify. I would like to start listening to more stuff and get live versions of certain bands like the Allmans, Tedeschci Trucks, Dead & Co etc etc. What is the best...
  25. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Beato. WMTSG... Pearl Jam’s Black

    I did a search and did NOT find a thread on this episode. I like the guy and I love PJ. Black is a top 10 fave song... I appreciate his take here. Discuss!