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  1. Andygee

    FS Friedman Small Box 50

    Fantastic amp in like new condition, never gigged. Tuki cover included. If you are looking for one of these and want to save $500 or so. Local pickup (Wilmington, Delaware) $2500 here are all of the features
  2. Andygee

    Joe Walsh Explains Guitar Amps only Joe Walsh can
  3. Andygee

    Sold Fender Pure Vintage ‘56 Strat Pickups

    In great condition with white covers. I don’t have original packaging.
  4. Andygee

    Looper for practicing

    What would you all recommend?
  5. Andygee

    Fender Custom Shop Pickups

    Does anyone know how to identify custom shop pickups? These are supposed to be but this is the only markings on them
  6. Andygee

    Sold USACG Partscaster

    I’ve had this one for 18 years and sad to see it go. Plays amazingly well. The neck could be described as “modern thin” profile with a 10” radius. it has some minor nicks and bruises, been played a lot but frets in great shape. You could part this one out and make your money back. Got the best...
  7. Andygee

    Sold AB165 Bassman Head '67

    Upgraded '67 sounds great keeping vintage vibe. All original transformers. *New power supply filter caps *Ground switch removed and 3 prong power cord added *rectifier diodes replaced *New tubes *Great condition for an amp made 53 years ago. *Bassman head mounting hardware included No surprises...
  8. Andygee

    Sold Chandler Custom Amps C40 Head

    Mint condition with cover. Inspired by Tweed bassman with "Bright" and "Normal" channels bridged internally. Lots of tone options, all hand wired. Custom pine head cabinet from JD NEWELL MUSICAL CABINETRY. See details:
  9. Andygee

    Sold JBE (Joe Barden) Modern Tele Bridge Pickup

    Excellent condition, operates as it should. I have instructions but misplaced original box.
  10. Andygee

    Sold EVM 12L 8Ω 80s Vintage

    This EV has been parked in an 80s Sundown Artist amp for years virtually unused. The amp has been brought back to life recently and the speaker sounds perfect. It's coming out of the Sundown because it contributes too much to the ungodly weight of the combo. It's in great condition and needs a...
  11. Andygee

    Sold Partscaster Tele Style 2019 Transparent Red

    Amazing build that puts any Fen**r American made Tele to shame. No expense spared putting this together. I'm calling the condition "Very Good" but there are some very slight scratches and one small mark on the bottom edge. Lets say it's "Very Good+" *Caraparelli custom made maple neck, ebony...
  12. Andygee

    Sold Maxon AD999 Analog Delay

    No issues for this very transparent delay. Very small marks on it but overall excellent condition. Comes with original packaging, power supply, etc. $160 shipped to lower 48 D3E05383-77B1-4228-92EF-7318C4449BE8 by Andygee posted Apr 20, 2020 at 7:23 PM D4FA090E-D8DF-47E0-8854-97299E7B534B by...
  13. Andygee

    Sold Weber Silver Bell 12” Alnico 8ohm

    8204EA94-DBF3-4665-8DA3-F7854140D96F by Andygee posted Apr 5, 2020 at 9:19 PMDC3D604D-0021-46B7-9775-F26AD846E9F0 by Andygee posted Apr 5, 2020 at 9:19 PM Absolutely no issues with this speaker. Sounds fine. Came with a Marshall 18W just acquired. Rated at 30W. Trade interests are 8 ohm ceramic...
  14. Andygee

    OT Upgrade for Marshall 18w

    How would you experienced builders dress the extra secondary speaker tap leads if you’re only using the 8ohm? I could cut em close and melt wall heat shrink the ends. Wanted to save some length in case of a future impedance option. Opinions?
  15. Andygee

    Speaker Cab help

    I have a JD Newell narrow panel 2x10 open back, solid pine cabinet 8Ω load. The speakers are; Weber 10VS 40W 16Ω Tone Tubby 10C4044 40W 16Ω. The issue is too bassy for some reason. I play a Tweed Bassman 40W head and need to turn 'bass' all the way off and still. Maybe these two speakers are not...
  16. Andygee

    Tech Resource for Yamaha MODX7 Keyboard

    Trying to troubleshoot an issue with this one. Anyone know a good resource for advice on this?,
  17. Andygee

    Sold J D Newell 1x12 Cabinet With Weber Michigan 8 Ohm

    Mint condition, solid pine construction. The Weber Michigan speaker is rated at 100W. Cover included 04D75B03-24FC-41F5-BAF6-84070871CD6A by Andygee posted Oct 22, 2019 at 7:50 AM 4855F970-1F8C-42C7-AD43-60E244F71D85 by Andygee posted Oct 22, 2019 at 7:56 AM
  18. Andygee

    Sold Dr Z Therapy Head

    Mint condition 2015 blonde with salt/pep front. Comes with black vinyl cover. 99128CAB-F7E1-447A-979C-689B239DA505 by Andygee posted Jul 3, 2019 at 12:29 PM 283C901A-C408-40B4-8316-63A9F50F086F by Andygee posted Oct 22, 2019 at 7:48 AM 181917FE-BC57-4575-8098-04A0A0A9A7D9 by Andygee posted Oct...
  19. Andygee

    Strange Sound when turned on

    After warm up, I switch standby and get a “blooming “ woosh for 2 seconds then it’s over. Quiet operation after that. It’s an Allen Brown Sugar cathode bias 6L6 w/reverb. I’ve had other tube amps that done the same thing Is this a fender design thing? Normal operation? Thanks
  20. Andygee

    Preamp Tube Question

    Have an NOS 12AX7 in V1, Blues Jr. Loud hum when it's in there, volume turned up, goes away when a garden variety JJ or EH put in it's place. However signal still passes through. Tube doesn't even light up. My question: if this is an internal tube heater problem, would these be the symptoms? Thanks
  21. Andygee

    Sold Allen Brown Sugar Head $1050

    Just built by me. I have been an electronic tech for 28 years and this is the 5th Allen I’ve built. Wonderful amp, best reverb tone I’ve heard in an amp. Letting it go to downsize my 35+watt amp collection. It’s currently set up with 6V6s but I can put in 6L6s if you want. Check out the Allen...
  22. Andygee

    Sold 10” 16 ohm Speaker

    Rated 40watt or more. Weber, Tubby, WGS, Patriot are favorites.
  23. Andygee

    Sold Trace Elliot Velocette 12R

    Not sure of manufacturing date so I included the hand written serial number info for those who might know. This is a great and loud, if you want it, grab and go amp. IMHO much better sound than others in that class. The output transformer has been upgraded to a Heyboer appropriate replacement...
  24. Andygee

    Sold Arcane Tele Pickup Set

    these pickups are my favorite tone so far in a Tele, but I have to go noiseless due to some nasty 60hz in some places I’ve been playing. Anyway, no issues whatsoever on these. The pickups are: Bridge, 1950 Experience, alnico 3 thin wire wound Neck, 42 Tele alnico 5 I have original bags and...
  25. Andygee

    Sold Weber Blue Dog 12" 75W 8ohm Speaker

    Excellent condition, sounds great, no issues whatsoever. If I had another cab I'd keep it. About 12 hours on it, definitely broken in. Light dope. $90 + 15 shipping to lower 48 states BD3 by Andygee posted Jul 5, 2019 at 8:56 AM BD1 by Andygee posted Jul 5, 2019 at 8:56 AM BD2 by Andygee...