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    Ivy league V front?

    A friend of mine has one. Impossible to get a bad sound with this amp.
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    Once set, do you ever mess with your amp's EQ?

    My amp (Matchless Spitfire) has tone, volume and master only so it's usually "set and forget".
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    15 watt club !!

    Fender ProJr & Matchless Spitfire here. All the volume I need.
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    List all of your current amps...

    Fender ProJr Ceriatone 18watt head + THD 2x12 cab Matchless Spitfire 1x12
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    What is The Coolest Boutique Amp Ever!?

    I agree:-)
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    Bright matchless amp

    Yes, my Spitfire is bright as well below 10 o'clock. Just turn up the volume and be happy :-)
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    Blues Jr. vs. Pro Jr.

    The Blues Jr is more versatile but the Pro Jr (to me) is the one that's got 'it'.
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    The 'I have more than 3 amps' thread...

    1. Holland Little Jimi 1x12 2. Dr Z Z28 head 3. Ceriatone 18Watt clone (head) 4. Fender Pro Junior 5. Vox Bass-amp
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    Marshall releases Paul Weller signature amp

    The RAF-logo is also used by clothing brand Benny Sherman, which is a popular brand in the Mod-scene.
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    One Amp. One Axe. One Pedal.

    Currently: Gibson R4 Holland Lil' Jimi Hotcake
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    What was the worst sounding tube amp you ever owned?

    As far as I know this is just a regular Blues Junior in a Custom Shop cab and entirely different price tag :-)
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    Help me compile a list over top european amps!

    I played one of those at Haar Guitars. That amp was so punchy, it was almost scary :messedup. Great amp.
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    Angus from Z28

    Yes, in a certain way; both amps run on 6V6 tubes. Soundwise they arev very different amps. The Z sounds much tighter and has that growl when pushing it.
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    Angus from Z28

    No problem. Angus actually doesn't use that much drive: "It is. The amp is set very clean. A lot of people who have picked up my guitar and tried it through my amp have been shocked at how clean it is. They think it’s a very small sound when they play it and wonder how it sounds so much...
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    I'm trying to work out what time it is in....

    I think you'll have to dial an international code first. In my country this is 00 but it might be different in Australia. Maybe you can check with your phonecompany ?
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    I'm trying to work out what time it is in....

    Yes, IN stands for Indiana. Are you in Europe by the way ?
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    Holland amps. Opinions?

    That cowboy-tolex looks great on that amp.
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    Holland amps. Opinions?

    Great amps ! What controls are on that head ?
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    Holland amps. Opinions?

    Seems that the domainname is still registered. I wonder if the company will be back in business.
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    Holland amps. Opinions?

    I've got a Holland Little Jimi, 50 watt version with 5881 tubes. The sound is BF with some Vox thrown in. Takes pedals really well.
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    Amps without reverbs

    A DM2 is a great delay; it has none of the DD3 brittleness. (I've got both)
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    Ceriatone DC30 clone

    I'm interested in one as well. I've got one of his 18watt-clones; great amp and great workmanship.
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    Ceriatone 50 watt plexi???

    I've got his 18w amp. Build quality is excellent and so is the sound. I consider to buy his Lightning or DC30 as well. Anyone tried those ?