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    Is this real?
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    Any of you guitarists also drummers?

    I play guitar, drums, keys (not very well), bass, and I sing. I usually just default to Promark Oak 5As because they last and they work really well for most any volume level. I really like the tips of the Vic Firth Dave Weckl organge sticks, but I'm not a huge fan of the paint. Plus, I break...
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    change my opinion of John Mayer

    Watch him live, he's amazing.
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    John Mayer is no longer a Fender artist

    Next thing you know, John will probably be disowning Rolex as well...... :cool: :cool:
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    Are there any nonApple MP3 Players still?

    I have an iphone and use that. No problems with itunes or my phone or IOS8. I used to use the Zune library to listen to music on my computer, and still usually do because I can edit most any information very easily. Although I haven't had a single problem syncing my iphone to get my music onto it.
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    This song has been branded onto my brain

    They are quite incredible.
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    This song has been branded onto my brain

    I've had this song stuck in my head, LITERALLY for days now. This one and Sleeping Limbs, the other single from this upcoming album, they are stuck up there, and they won't come out. I suppose it's a good thing I love this band so much. ?v=_zGCOx51A_I
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    Great Lyricists

    Joey Vannucchi is my favorite for sure, Cacie Dalager is a close second. I thoroughly enjoy Thom Yorke's lyrics as well. Stina Tweeddale does a pretty amazing job too. +1 on the Isaac Brock as well, he's great.
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    A band that is PERFECT!

    the best music is never perfect, the best music is raw and powerful, inconsolable and energetic. Music's very nature is imperfection to a certain level
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    Song that makes you...

    pretty much any/every song every written by From Indian Lakes or Now, Now. Joey Vannucchi and Cacie Dalager both write the most amazing stuff lyrically.
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    Anyone play in a band without a bassist?

    no bass player here QvsEqoo8B8o
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    So So Songs with Great Solos

    for me, most anything classic rock or blues
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    If you could only have one guitar and one amp...

    I would very easily say a Fender Telecaster of some sort, my current number 1 is an American Standard that I was surprised I fell in love with. As far as amps go, I couldn't say for sure yet, I haven't used too many amps in my time, short as it has been, but I hope one day to look back at my...
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    What Makes Him So Phenomenal?

    I came here, saw John Fogerty, lol'd, and am now leaving. Good day gentlemen.
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    Fluent improv one of the last things to come?

    Also, just jamming along with songs is a great way to learn your own tricks too.
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    Fluent improv one of the last things to come?

    I just always screwed around in keys until I discovered sweet spots with different flavors. Experimentation is not only fun, but educational! :)
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    He's Just So Cool!

    That was a fresh take on a classic, great video. Also, Billy's voice is super gruff and aged sounding here, adds a whole new essence to the song that I think breathes life right back into it.
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    Typical "cover band" If it's such a great formula, why doesn't it work?

    I consider myself first and foremost an artist, the instruments I play are the tools I use to create my musical artwork. Not all who play are artists, and not all who play have any vision of creation. Just like anything else, there is a very special spot somewhere between technical skill and...
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    Youtube alternative ???

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    singer/songwriter/guitarist Got a Favorite?

    John Frusciante
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    What Is The Longest You Have Played Continuously?

    4 hours, gig with a cover band at a veteran's ball type thing. They kept telling us to turn down to be at "talking level" for the guests. F*cking stupid, why hire a live band and not a sh*tty DJ???
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    Your favourite way to make money with music?

    Gigging. The first show I ever got paid for, I made 36 bucks. The most satisfying money I've ever made in my life.
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    Just got hired at my local Guitar Center

    ...and I'm super stoked!! I've been trying to get in there for years, applying and applying, but to no avail. I know both managers there very well, and even took lessons from one of them back in the day. They told me for the last few months they've been waiting for a position in the guitar...