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    Do you like relics?

    Bingo! I ended up with a relic;)
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    Show your Telecaster!

    Fender CS 58 Heavy Relic LTD
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    NGD: Hondo II Les Paul Custom

    Does it have a bolt-on neck? If so, the pickups are single coils with a humbucker cover.
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    Anyone here use a Hipshot B-Bender?

    Depends on the guitar. I had a Hipshot on my Asat Special and there was no need to use the extra screw. On my Tele however I had to use the extra screw.
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    NAMM 2013 Rumors?

    Guild has some 'new' stuff:
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    80's Fender Bullet

    Yep, it's an MIA. I have one too. Rumours are that necks on these guitars are NOS 69 Tele necks.
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    Non Gretsch Hollowbody for Rockabilly

    That one looks great. What brand is it ?
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    Please help me to choose a Tele Bridge pickup... Wolfetone or Lollar, either or..

    Never played a Wolfetone but I did play a Tele with a Lollar Special bridge pu. If you're looking for a Tele-pu with some extra body and hair, the Special is the way to go.
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    Noiseless Alternative for Jaguar?

    Curtis Novak seems to be working on twin-blade pickups for Jaguars:
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    Your top 10 favorite guitarest

    In no particular order: 1. Jim Campilongo 2. Danny Gatton 3. Bill Frisell 4. Marc Ribot 5. Jimi Hendrix 6. Lenny Breau 7. Roy Buchanan 8. Cliff Gallup 9. Django Reinhardt 10. Jimmy Bryant
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    New TV Jones Dynasonics Are Real!

    Here it is:
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    Who makes a killer, not-too-expensive es175 style guitar?

    +1 Compared them and bought the 575. The only thing I don't like about it is the headstock.
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    Tell me about Jazzmasters

    My AV JM still has the stock 1meg pots. I've been thinking about replacing them with 500k but in some situations I find it convenient to have the extra bite. If I don't need that extra bite, I just roll off the tone-control.
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    Lollar Charlie Christian for Tele bridge

    Wow, what a sound ! .....but I think that you can make any guitar sound good........
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    Tell me about Jazzmasters

    +1 ! I prefer my Jazzmaster 'stock'.
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    Heritage Demographic on TGP

    Compared an H575 to an ES175 years ago in a store and walked away with the H575. Still love it.
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    Name your Favorite Tele player !

    Roy Buchanan Jim Campilongo Jimmy Bryant Joe Strummer Danny Gatton Roy Nichols
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    Best guitars you ever played / owned?

    My 58 Heavy Relic Tele & my Fender Jazzmaster AVRI.
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    Best Fender Telecaster for under $2,500

    I would look for a used CS Tele.
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    Danelectro guitars They ship to any country in Europe for € 8,00.
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    The Jazzmaster & Jaguar Love Thread

    I'm working on a trade so I might be a Jazzmaster-owner this weekend. Can't wait !
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    TGP's Official Tele Love Thread Part II

    Hard to find a better turntable than that I think.