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    Best medium to high gain pedal for a Vox Ac15

    Hotcake Try both Timmy -> Hotcake and Hotcake -> Timmy.
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    I made a mistake and ordered from music toyz

    Never had problems with MusicToyz. Always got what I ordered, usually within two days. (I live in The Netherlands)
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    Snake Oil Brand Strings?

    A couple of years ago. Never ordered from him again.
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    Snake Oil Brand Strings?

    I ordered 4 sets from him and paid $ 8 to have them shipped to Holland. Then he contacted me that I had to pay an additional fee of $ 8 to cover the expenses involved in shipping to Holland....which I did. The strings arrived in an envelope with $ 3 worth of stamps on it......
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    What are the 4 pedals you want right now?

    1. Rockett Blue Note 2. Suhr Jack Rabbit Tremolo 3. Analogman Juicer 4. Hmmm....I think I need one more Timmy
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    Your Top 7 Dirt Pedals?

    MP Ruby Red Booster Timmy Greer Ghetto Stomp Crowther Hotcake Divided By 13 DynaRanger Oh....and I think I need a Rockett Blue Note or a Providence SOV-2
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    the BJFe (bearfoot?) EGDM (emerald green distortion) thread

    How does one get on the waitlist for an EGDM ? By contacting Bjorn directly or through Custom Sounds ?
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    Which OD with a Pro Junior?

    I really like the /13 Dynaranger with my ProJr.
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    TIM with clean blend?

    I've got this one. Works really well. They also make a simplified, smaller version now:
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    Favorite pedal that can switch between full range booster and treble booster

    Divided By 13 Dynaranger: (copy & paste from their website:) All the way down to the original glass Mullard OC44 transistor, the "Dyna-Ranger" is a 5 range version of our favorite single germanium transistor treble booster from England...
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    Snake oil strings......Issue

    I bought two sets vintage 010 and two sets rock 010 about two years ago. On the rock sets I broke a string within 10 minutes (the last time I broke a d'Addario was 25 years ago) but the vintage sets have been on my guitars for ehhh.....two years and they still sound to good to replace.
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    The Jazz III - a great lead pick but no so much for rhythm. Alternatives?

    +1 I use those as well (actually a 1.4 mm version) but I don't think that 4 for $ 20 is too expensive since they last forever. (I've been using one for about a year now)
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    G&L Z-coil pickups

    I have an Asat Z3; Chadley's description is correct. Great pickups but in a band they sound better than at home (i.m.h.o.). They cut like nothing else without being too bright.
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    Pedal of the Year... and the Winner is!...

    +1 The design is ehhhh...very old school but it's really informative and charming.
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    Lovepedal Roadhouse Eternity "Different Variation"

    Yes, officially it applies to anything new. In 'reality' it's a non-issue. In most shops you still find old-fashioned solder. The law is there, problem is that they don't know how to excecute it.
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    Lovepedal Roadhouse Eternity "Different Variation"

    The entire Rohs-thing is still a grey area here. A consumer can import non-Rohs products without a problem.
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    $6,000.00 for a 20 foot guitar cable???

    My wife put those on our microwave. Food tastes so much better now.
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    Whats your top 5 pedal manufactures?

    Menatone Fulltone Paul C Crowther Audio /13 (can't live without my DynaRanger)
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    Evidence Audio Lyric HG quick review

    I think my post was a bit confusing. I mean that according to the reviewer the George L, Planet Waves and Monster are better than the Lyric BUT MY ears tell me the opposite is true. (I really like the Lyric)
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    Evidence Audio Lyric HG quick review

    Well, I'm not Lavaman but I think the test is just a personal opinion of the writer. I have both the George L, Planet Waves, Monster and the Evidence Lyric (non-HG). According to the test, the Evidence is 'worse' than the other 3. My ears tell me something entirely different.
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    guitar cables

    Evidence Lyric (Not the HG-version) and Cardas patch-cables on my pedalboard.
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    Patch cables, what are you using??

    I switched from GeorgeL to Cardas (from Lavacable) a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised how much of a difference they make (in a positive way that is :-)
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    klon ordering probs

    You can also order a Klon from
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    BB Preamp and Sparkle Drive

    I think he's talking about the Xotic BB pre-amp, not the Marshall Bluesbreaker.
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    I found the Jazz III killer!!! (again)

    My favorite picks. Slightly bigger than a Jazz III (actually they're right between the Jazz III and the ' regular' bigger Dunlops). For some reason I can play much faster with those picks....which might be between the ears of course :-)