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    Todd Gummerman

    Can anyone identify this guitar, pls?
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    A sillver sparkle w/chrome pickguard strat ?

    Hello, I really dig the strat that Anthony Drennan (has also played with Genesis and Mike and the Mechanics) plays in this video and I'm not a sparkle finish guy at all: (the guitar can be seen especially during the solo - starts at 3:05) I'd like to...
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    NGD: 2012 PRS Signature Limited Eriza verde

    sorry but what color is this?
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    Humbuckers for Hendrix style music?

    Lollar's Low Wind Imperial HBs are very clear and bright, almost like single-coils.
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    Larry Lalonde Strat!

    i think the color is called "candy green"
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    White Gibson ES335?

    here is one being played (probably custom shop):
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    Please post pics of Masterbuilt Fenders, Strats & Teles

    very nice... what color is that?
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    Check out this chrome Rickenbacker!!

    Ain't some of Matt Bellamy's (from Muse) guitars chromed?
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    Who does complete custom strat/tele builds?

    how do his actual headstocks look like? pics on his website have all regular Fender headstocks
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    What makes Nocaster better guitar than Telecaster?

    ok, and is Nocaster swamp ash (like 52 Tele) or hard ash as Polynitro said that Custom Shop sources different ash for the bodies?
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    What makes Nocaster better guitar than Telecaster?

    what are the factors that make you prefer Nocasters? (according to the yesterday' comparison topic) Is it the U-neck or the pickups or anything else? Fender website doesn't talk about any other unique features... thanks in advance Martin
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    Identify a rare Gibson color (sort of surf green)

    yep, it looks like Kerry Green... Gibson's Kerry Green = Fender's Surf Green
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    Identify a rare Gibson color (sort of surf green)

    I don't have any better pics than this: does anyone know what's the name of this color? any more pics of such color? thanks in advance Martin
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    Best hard-shell cases for strats and LPs

    I guess no difference as Fender and Fender Custom Shop are on their client list
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    tele bridge sound on a strat

    If i understand: this guitar has this kind of baseplate (the different screw positions): but if I'd use the Fralin baseplate, I could use a regular strat pickguard, right? Would it be the same result as with the one above? (cause it's smaller than the one in the pic)
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    Identify a Gretsch

    thanks a lot
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    Identify a Gretsch

    Hi guys, I'd like to find out what kind of Gretsch is this: also here: I guess it's a custom model or more likely customized (missing knobs) as Gretsch guitars don't come with P-90s thanks in advance Marty
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    show your white and cream guitars

    I'll add this beauty, although it's not mine... PRS white guitars are rare (as said before) but this is the only cream PRS I've ever seen:
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    identify a very cool Fender finish

    thanks a lot... very cool info
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    Any love for CBS headstocks?

    cool pic... is this silver? it looks kind of green-ish to me
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    Compare PRS stoptail bridge with Gibson tune-o-matic & tailpiece

    thanks guys, looks like a PRS wraparound bridge isn't worse than a Gibson two-piece
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    Compare PRS stoptail bridge with Gibson tune-o-matic & tailpiece

    i'm thinking Singlecut 245-it has a wraparound bridge... i think that only singlecut with separate tailpiece and bridge is Starla Stoptail
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    Compare PRS stoptail bridge with Gibson tune-o-matic & tailpiece

    I used to have Les Paul and now I'd like to get PRS Singlecut and the bridge seems to be the most different thing between them... is there any difference in sound, feel or set-ability? What do you prefer and what do you think is better solution? thanks in advance
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    Jazzmaster Pickups : Specific Question

    what about this? scroll down for info on the pickups
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    Alice in Chains fans?

    He had Fish preamp, not Shiva. This is his present rig: