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    Amp help question

    The obvious starter questions: What's in there now?
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    first tube amp :D

    yeah. its a slippery slope from here, man.
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    The Amp Guts Appreciation Thread ! !

    Here's a fun summer build. A 2203 pre-amp feeding a cathode biased EL34. A lil FIREBREATHER! :dude:rockin:dude
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    Best Epiphone valve Junior Mods

    I'm in the same minority as jazzandmetal? I think the stock VJ sounds fine, no real need to change much. So.... I'll be rebuilding my VJ head in the next few days. Stock circuit, nicer parts on two turret boards. I'll post pictures and build report once its done.
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    Portland Oregon TGP Brothers ToneFest????

    i'm into it. i've got some fun effects to bring!
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    RCA Blackplate 6l6GC....

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    Need some tips to spruce up my 79' Twin Reverb

    cheap and easy: replace filter caps. more expensive and time consuming (better results): replace all filter caps, coupling caps, cathode bypass caps, clean/replace pots as nec, clean/retention tube sockets as nec, reflow any suspect solder joint, bias power amp and replace/redress all wires...
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    What so big about fender reverb amps?

    this thread is still active.
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    What so big about fender reverb amps?

    i think its pretty simple. alot of people like the sound that fender amps make. price is indicative of what the market will bear. :BluesBros
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    Which grillcloth goes best with this tolex?

    i like skulls. personally.
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    Question for amp builders and modders

    I can speak for me, but I'm sure other folks will chime in. The short answer: yes. I've got a good idea of what will change with a component value change. I can analyze circuit operation like many folks, but generally, I think the engineers who designed the product are better versed in its...
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    Fender Blues Junior

    i have jj tubes throughout, and while there was a difference in tone from the stock GTs, i can't say its 'better.' i don't think you need to mod the thing, but i think you should turn it up LOUD. at least the master. run it wide open. my blues jr sounds best this way. for cleans, i set bass...
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    A cute couple...(Deluxe & Princeton content)

    its funny how marshall amplifiers come to mind. oddly enough, that's what i was thinking when i put up the previous post... really though, i think you got it right now. play em loud and enjoy em. ya lucky #)($*@!!
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    Bypass master volume on a 2204?

    turn the master up to 10!!
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    A cute couple...(Deluxe & Princeton content)

    unless you are going for all out volume, i really don't see a need for another amp. you got all the bases covered.
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    Hot Rod Deluxe rattle noise?

    check the tube sockets. i've seen the plastic loosen up from the metal terminals and make EXACTLY the rattle you are describing. pull out each tube and use your fingers to see if the plastic wiggles around. they should be tight in their place. if you get ANY movement from them, consider...
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    What's Your Favorite KT66 Amp?

    i built a weber 6M45 kit (JTM45 clone), went with JJ KT66s. Holy )*&#!! like that.
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    Check out my DIY Cigar Box Attenuator!

    for yes. can has schematic?
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    what amp/amps do you think is worth every penny spent?

    i definitely feel the lot i've got right now were good deals and worth every stinkin penny. from loudest to not loudest. Marshall JCM2000 DSL50: $650 w/ a 212 loaded with vintage 30s. totally great clean/light od channel and damned loud enough for me. Weber 6M45 JTM-45 kit: $483 at my...
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    Marshall tubes.

    Talk to Bob at Eurotubes ( There's how-to videos for replacing tubes and biasing your amp (specifically the DSL50) on the website. His prices rule, he's got TONS of knowledge and options and is a cool dude to boot! :dude
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    Anyone own a blankenship variplex?

    my old guitar player played a 100w variplex. absolutely AMAZING amplifier. have you gotten a chance to play one?
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    Weber Amp Kits?

    thanks man!!
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    Weber Amp Kits?

    I built a 6M45. Sounds f-ing great. Definitely a 'legit kit.' Not high grade, but the sticker price wasn't high. You ask me, HELL YES!! :dude:dude:dude here's some pictures of my build:
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    Home Builders - Show your babies

    +1! If you are willing to share, i'd like a copy also! thanks much!