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  1. ocripes

    iPad Pro 2020 usb c hub charge through issues

    I'm brand new this stuff. Using an iPad Pro 11 that is usb c. Have a Smartech hub w/ 3 usb a and 1 usb c connections to a Focusrite 3rd gen 2i2. The hub and 2i2 are getting powered. But the iPad is not getting a charge via the usb c from outlet to hub. Have tried iPad to wall outlet w.same...
  2. ocripes

    The Style of Jef Lee Johnson: What is his language?

    Jef Lee Johnson was such a magnificent musician. He's one guy whose style/language I could never put my finger on in terms of "getting" what was going on. I can listen to other players and verbalize some sense of what they're doing. As in "I hear some altered sounds. I hear some chord...
  3. ocripes

    Can't Get Through Arrangement w/o Falling Apart

    Never have I ever :( I learn arrangements for solo guitar (e.g. Tim Lerch stuff). I'm able to execute-put my fingers in the right place and have gone over hard parts. But, I can't play one all the way through without the wheels coming off. Maybe I haven't really learned them. I go over and over...
  4. ocripes

    In Ear Monitors-What's Your Take?

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but hear goes... A few band members are going this way and have suggested I do the same. I wear Westone plugs when I play; my ears are shot (full time hearing aids for 5 years). I'd have to get fitted IEM's, most likely Westones. Have been told that I...
  5. ocripes

    Pedaltrain PT 2 Soft Case: Are they like unicorns?

    I have an old PT 2, not a "Classic." The soft case finally bit the dust and I figured, "No prob; I'll just go order a new one." Welp, that isn't how it's going. The company has one that shows as "sold out," on the website. I read that Mono has a case that might work, but there's some...
  6. ocripes

    Tele Custom Players-How do you use them?

    I have a LeClair Tele Custom with one his wide-range humbuckers and a single coil bridge pick-up. Its a sweet guitar. I'm not used to the 2 volume/2 tone and 3 position package. Been a Strat/regular Tele guy forever. So how do you use your p'up/tone/volume on your Custom? Run everything wide...
  7. ocripes

    Roland Blues Cube Artist: To buy or not to buy?

    That is the question. I'm gigging steady with a blues/soul/funk band doing originals and cover . Some big stages, some small. I played through a BCA at a jam last week and it felt and sounded real good. Would like to hear from people who are gigging one. Does it get it done for you? Here's...
  8. ocripes

    Sugar and Spice Revue "Mama Sang The Blues"

    Sugar and Spice fronted the 2017 IBC 2nd Place winner. Sisters Myra (Sugar) and Velma (Spice) learned to sing from their mother, Loretta Glover. Loretta sang all over Florida from the time she was in her teens. She died walking off a bandstand in 1989. The recording is dedicated to her. Blues...
  9. ocripes

    Quilter 45 Micro Issue

    Not sure if this is the right forum... Last night my amp died on the gig (a Fryette Memphis 30/18 combo, but that's another story). So, I bust out never before used 45. I plug it in, and connect the combo's speaker to the jack that says "Speaker Out," and my guitar to the one that says, "Guitar...
  10. ocripes

    NGD-'91 Strat Plus

    Just picked this up. I have an '87 that I bought new and have played the stuff out of. At some point, I decked the trem and had a regular nut put on it. I want to try the whammy bar experiment again. I'm okay w/Lace Sensors; what I lose in sound, I gain in no hum. This one does not appear to...
  11. ocripes

    Got an amp w/a sweet effects loop. Now, what do I put in it?

    Just got a used Fryette Memphis 30. It's got a loop that can be either series or parallel. I've never really used one before. I've got a Carbon Copy and EHX Canyon. Also have EWS Chorus and a VFE Old School Trem. Should I run all through the loop? Just the delays? Series or parallel? I've heard...
  12. ocripes

    Who Builds Specialty Footswitches? Fryette Memphis 30 content

    The Memphis 30 has foot-switchable reverb and effects loop in addition to channel switching and boost. I have a Marshall-style 2 button for the OD channel and boost, but I'd like to have a 4 button switch. I checked w/Fryette, but they didn't make one.
  13. ocripes

    On the edge of leaving Tubesville-Where to go?

    In the past 5 years, I've spent close to $5k on amps. 3 tube amps plus repairs, mods etc. Nice amps. Add in pedals and I'm closer to $6k plus. I've been gigging pretty regularly with a blues/soul/funk band doing clubs, some festivals, private parties. (We won second place in the IBC in Memphis...
  14. ocripes

    Does Keeley Still Do TS Mods?

    Anyone know if they still mod a TS you send in? Tried to contact them via email, but hadn’t heard back. I wave to do something with my broken TS9 dx.
  15. ocripes

    Anyone Gigging w/a Fryette Memphis 30/12 Combo?

    Who is using one? What type of gigs? What's it like?
  16. ocripes

    Anyone Gigging w/Ceriatone OTS 20 watt combo?

    I'm interested in one, but have questions about steady gigging w/it. I play blues, R&B, soul, country. Usually mic'd up. Currently using a 73 Vibrolux modded to BF w/various drive pedals. Mialnly play a Strat plus w/gold Lace Sensors. Some questions: Loud enough? Is the Kleinulator a must for...
  17. ocripes

    Always "Too loud!" What am I supposed to do?

    I play in a 6 piece band: drums, bass, guitar, sax, and 2 singers up front. R&B, soul, blues, some rock and roll. I'm it when it comes to chords and comping. I play through a '73 Vibrolux and lately I'm using the number 2 input on the vibrato channel side. When we play clubs, they're medium to...
  18. ocripes

    Redplate Blackverb Settings

    I bought a used Blackverb several months ago and have been gigging it a lot. I'm using 3 guitars: Strat Plus w/Gold Lace Sensors, CV Custom Tele (3 low output alnico p'ups that came with) and LeClair Telecaster Custom w/Jim's hand wound wide-range HB for the neck, and one of his single-coils in...
  19. ocripes

    2018 IBC- Anyone going?

    Wondering if any GP'ers will be in Memphis in January. Our band won 2nd place last year and we're going again. The band is Souliz featuring Sugar and Spice.
  20. ocripes

    Flying w/Pedals: TSA

    I've flown w/ boards pre-9/11. Now have an opportunity to play some travel gigs and it got me wondering. If you were a TSA guy, and you saw a some metal boxes with wires and batteries, would it freak you out? Maybe I'm paranoid?
  21. ocripes

    New To Using Effects Loop-Questions About Set Up

    Just got a used Redplate Blackverb and I'm running a Carbon Copy into the loop. I've got a mess wires from pedal to loop, and the wire from other pedals to amp input. Any tips on how to wire it up cleanly? Are some cables better than others for this? It's some trouble, but I love the sound...
  22. ocripes

    Nervous About A Custom Build

    Considering having a T-style built by an established and reputable luthier. No reflection at all on said builder, and having played some of his guitars, I'm just a little nervous. If I buy a production model, I would play a bunch and pick the one I like. But, if I get one built, obviously I'd...
  23. ocripes

    Used Redplates-What is your experience? Sellers and Buyers.

    I'm looking at a few. I'm wondering what you might've encountered in terms of the following: Normal wear and tear: How have these held up? Support from builder: If you've had questions/issues can you got input/assistance/repair from Redplate? After market changes: Have you swapped out...
  24. ocripes

    DD500- I'm a math idiot and a tech moron, but i need like 10 delay sounds

    Read the DD500 tips and tricks thread and got scared. Had a DD20 and it died. I didn't do anything fancy-doubling, slapbacks, some "ambient" pads, some light delay to put air under some rock ballad type leads, and variations on those. Managed to work the pedal and get what I needed. I gig...
  25. ocripes

    Who Here Has Played the IBC in Memphis? Tips?

    The band I'm with, Souliz, won the Suncoast Blues Society's regional in Bradenton, Fl. last Sunday. (There was an incredible amount of talent in the other 9 bands that performed and frankly I was shocked). So, I'd appreciate advice, tips, do's/dont's from fellow TGP'ers. Thanks!