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    Getting strat trem bar to stay put

    Yes. You'll have to reapply every so often. No need for the spring.
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    Good online dealers for PRS, Tom Anderson, Suhr, Jackson USA

    Midwood guitar studio in Charlotte.
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    POLL: If you could only pick one fretboard radius for a neck build, what would it be?

    Prs is 10. My favorite neck is 12, srv carve.
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    Getting Rid of the Tone Zone from my Ash Bodied RG

    At-1 or Norton. Not a fan of the Tone Zone myself.
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    New Strat Pickups - What are you looking for?

    I like bell-like cleans and distorted tones that aren't ratty. If you want fat tones check out the fralin sp42 and sp43.
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    Mid output pickup suggestions

    I like the Dimarzio 36th neck/ at-1bridge combo. The at-1 is like a nicer jb.
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    Prs DGT or McCarty???

    DGT is my favorite prs.
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    Guitars with ss frets

    Suhr, luxxtone, esp, music man, evh...
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    Which is preferable, ash or alder for a Strat? Is there any tonal difference?

    Changed because it's easier to work. Price and availability was bot much different.
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    Strat Bridge Pickup Decision

    Fralin sp43 or sp42.
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    Any problem using Windex on my gloss finish guitar?

    Should be fine. So is soap and a damp cloth, or naptha.
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    So, I've got this old Jackson Randy Rhoads...

    Do whatever makes you happy. Nice axe.
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    Does reverse wound middle effect tone?

    You lose a little top end when in positions 2 and 4.
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    Luxxtone, Charvel Custom shop, or Chubtone

    I spent 30 years in manufacturing and have to disagree with your opinion. A good piece of wood is a good piece of wood, no matter if it's routed on a cnc in your shop, my shop, or chiseled out by himalayan monks. The setup and custom finish is what sets a builder like luxxtone apart.
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    Luxxtone, Charvel Custom shop, or Chubtone

    Doesn't really matter. Manufacturers outsource most parts.
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    Dimarzio pickups? What the?.....

    "You need to play a real burst"? Nah, you need to get rid of that overweight hunk of mahogany and get a real axe, like a Tele.
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    PRS Custom with 9's or 8's

    2004 c22 here. Dropped to 9s about 2 years ago. No tuning issues, never broke a striing. I do use nyxls.
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    Gibson Nitro Peeling at Nut

    You can use a razor blade to trim and steel wool to smooth it out.
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    Frets rusting on 5yo Custom 24, what to do!

    I have the same issue with my custom 22. Gorgomyte works, but the frets oxidize again within a short amount of time. I don't have this issue with any other guitar. Will be replacing with stainless at some point. I see a lot of people recommending jescar (i think that's what prs uses) but in my...
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    Poly spray gloss poly in a can?

    I recommend mohawk stuff, much better than what you'll find in the hardware store.
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    Rosewood aging

    Each tree is different. Some woods darken a bit over time, some not so much. Rosewood doesn't.
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    Kiesel Guitars = horrible customer relations !

    Most ceos don't talk to their own employees, let alone random people who call on the phone.
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    Good humbucker recommendations for classic rock

    Dimarzio at-1 Duncan jb
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    Would PRS and Mesa “exist” as they do today without Santana?

    I'm sure Ted Nugent and Howard Leese helped prs sales during the eighties too. Metallica probably sold more Mesa amps than Santana did.