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  1. smithguitars

    Hearing Loss

    Thanks, folks. I am an optimist, and I hope these help. We'll see next week.
  2. smithguitars

    What Concert(s) Will You Tell Your Grandkids About?

    SRV opening up for Huey Lewis at the OKC Zoo Amphitheater, I was in the zoo and heard the show. G3 Live in Chicago where they recorded the CD. I am right in the middle at the front, Reefer Central was panned Right. Eric Johnson in Three Oaks MI, two years ago. Tiny room, horrible sound guy, but...
  3. smithguitars

    Hearing Loss

    Hey TGPers! I finally dragged my a$$ into the ENT to get my ear pressure issues looked at. For the last couple of years (at least, maybe 5yrs...) I'm 48 & I have felt intermittent pressure on one ear drum along with sensitivity to low/mid frequencies. Metrallica's chug chug riffs started to...
  4. smithguitars

    overdubs on live albums

    Ozzy & Randy Tribute, came from a King Biscuit live broadcast, I heard it in the days before 1's & 0's. The release sounded better than the broadcast. Def some widening and eq, nit sure what else though.
  5. smithguitars

    Favorite Live Album - Any era, any genre

    Ozzy & Randy, Tribute G3 Live in Chicago (I was at the show!) Joe Satriani, Time Machine Live Disc
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    Demos or alternative takes you prefer to the official one.

    Beatles, And Your Bird Can Sing, Anthology 2. It's the one they crack up laughing on. Love it.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Beethoven's Symphony #1
  8. smithguitars

    John Cougar

    I Need a Lover, Jack & Diane, Pink Houses, Hurts So Good, Authority Song, Crumblin' Down, Small Town, Hand to Hold On To, Rumble Seat, Ain't Even Done with the Night. 10 Songs better than any I've ever written.
  9. smithguitars

    So... what should I buy at Guitar Center????

    Eventide H9Max + H9Core! Shredded Harmonies!
  10. smithguitars

    Top 10 TV Theme Songs

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents and the BEST GUITAR TV THEME SONG: Simon & Simon
  11. smithguitars

    Does George Martin really deserve the title of 'fifth Beatle?'

    "Pete Best, Clean up on aisle 5."
  12. smithguitars

    Does George Martin really deserve the title of 'fifth Beatle?'

    I always thought of him as Uncle Beatle. Don't think he fared financially well enough at all, he may also qualified as the most screwed over almost-Beatle.
  13. smithguitars

    Hartley Peavey sends his COO undercover

    I think Cortland is probably a better step-son than COO.
  14. smithguitars

    Hartley Peavey sends his COO undercover

    What I can't get over is how disconnected the family/management seems to be. Looks like the PV family checked out a long time ago. I can't understand why a smallish company of 300 employees did not know the COO. I've worked in manufacturing at that scale (cabinet manufacturer w/ 250 employees)...
  15. smithguitars

    Plugging in Zakk Wylde EMG 81/85 to schecter guitar?

    If they are active EMG'S with the connector in there already, then yes, just pop them out and reattach the new pups into the four pin connector. Great flexibility with the EMG's that way. ==>MODS, MOVE TO LUTHIER SECTION?
  16. smithguitars

    Help me identity this piece of classical music from my only rather vague description

    If it was BBC, you can probably narrow it down to the program, and maybe even the episode. If listening in the US, try contacting the station you listen to. If you were listening in the UK, might it have been Andrew Manze on BBC3? Look on the web for BBC Programs that ran in 2008-2009, and your...
  17. smithguitars

    What's more important, guitar or amp?

    I know this: I played a great guitar--Fender Am St through a BOSS Heavy Metal pedal --> Fender Sidekick 8in speaker for two years in High School and college. When I plugged into a Marshall 900 dr for the first time, my gf (now wife) said, "Ohhh, that's what you sound like. Buy it, the little amp...
  18. smithguitars

    Reading the Joe Perry Rocks book...

    AVOID THE AUDIOBOOK. I am struggling to get through it. He is reading his own book, and I thought it might be good. Wrong! I could read his story better. His read is monotone, has no inflection, humor, or even a chuckle at the funny bits. Hawking's computer voice is more evocative.
  19. smithguitars

    Please help us out with a Classic Rock Cover Band Name Suggestion

    Repeat Offenders Recovery Unit Double Take Rewinders Melodiacs Hot Dish and the Leftovers The Are they lookin' at my Butt Band Second Helping Lost Time Rear View Mirrors Blue Plate Specials Not Forgotten The Goners Lyrics Included Lunatic's Lunch First World Problems Wayback Machine Jarrett's...
  20. smithguitars

    Anybody reading Joe Perry's book?

    He reads his own book in the audiobook version. Audible wishlist.
  21. smithguitars

    Audley Freed - Cool amp trick on stage

    Didn't SRV use plexi or cardboard in front of amps to cut some highs/volumr/?? in his live rig. Read that somewhere.
  22. smithguitars

    To die for tone in Reese's commercial

    In Canada, it's just Reese. No " 's ". It was odd, like a parallel universe (or country) or something.
  23. smithguitars

    Hair metal "technique" question...(Whitesnake content)

    That's a cello or a double bass. My guess is a cello. It would have been cool to have a real string player with a dipped swirl painted cello playing with Vai on that tour.
  24. smithguitars

    A tour of the Fender factory in Corona, CA

    Here is my tour photo album!