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    Why is "Yes" still touring?

    have some respect for Mr. Howe. He deserves it.

    For those who have played 30+ years

    go to college right after high school, get my masters degree, then play.

    What Is Your Favorite Guitar Intro Ever?

    barney miller tv show intro

    Dokken or Ratt


    Joe Bonamassa or Warren Haynes

    Joe's playing on blues deluxe speaks to me 2007. VOCALS NO. LET'S TALK DERRICK TRUCKS THEN ! DUDE IS WICKED !!!

    Your unpopular music opinions?

    hate rap

    Warren Demartini - Lesson

    He is one of my favorites. Crappy sounding mic, but love his style.

    Your number #1 guitar, #1 pedal and #1 amp

    to be limited to that ! i'd say: boogie mklll gibson "go" les paul polytope

    What riff are you riffing these days?

    Love riffing. I find I do it a lot when I pick up my bass!
  10. MRCHILL4

    Your Fave Grunge Band

    Sound garden Stp
  11. MRCHILL4

    Name some local bands with interesting names.

    Soul finger out of nj
  12. MRCHILL4

    ge smith is awesome

    saw the wall at yankee stadium. GE did an awesome job with the "mother" solo
  13. MRCHILL4

    What do you refuse to play?

    Anything that involves rap.
  14. MRCHILL4

    amusing as hell

    He had an older smaller version of the KOT. Sounded much more compressed, but of course it is how he had his rig setup. Sounded great though.
  15. MRCHILL4

    amusing as hell

    dude is a great player. don't want to take anything away from him at all. i have a friend in the bronx that just uses a line 6, am bichorus and kot......he sounds amazing!
  16. MRCHILL4

    amusing as hell

    so i came back from a impromptu jam today in my towns main park. i did not know until today about the event. it was a band offering people to come up and sit in. great classic rock/oldies band. i show up with my minirecto and used a 2x12, no name cab they had there with my tele. their guitar...
  17. MRCHILL4

    Anyone going to see the wall at Yankee stadium tonight?

    Thanks freedom's door. It was an excellent show. Didn't expect to see GE smith there. Nice suprise !
  18. MRCHILL4

    Shedding is cool but nothing beat a tight grooving band

    I do not agree. Shredding comes in many flavors. Watch govan
  19. MRCHILL4

    Shedding is cool but nothing beat a tight grooving band

    Yeah, watching a technician is very cool, I love love that! A whole band grooving is just as powerful, maybe more:)
  20. MRCHILL4

    Shedding is cool but nothing beat a tight grooving band

    Went to see a friends band last night. They are a bunch of guys and girls that are there for the song and groove. Each plays a very important role. Not one player was shredding. Even the guitar player was just in the groove with his soloing. All class A gear all around. And just rock solid...