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    Which amp would you get? Dr. Z 30 watt wreck combo or the Friedman runt 50 combo ?

    I play rock, blues jazz fusion

    The Z-Wreck Jr. is Coming!

    I’m looking at this amp and a Friedman amp

    The Z-Wreck Jr. is Coming!

    same boat

    Time For A New Amp

    this is my next amp. its goregeous

    Mesa Boogie may just be the best amp company around

    dedicated mk 3 user here.

    best 40-50 combo for bar gigs

    tell me the ones to search for?

    best 40-50 combo for bar gigs

    looking for advice, and i realize this is not the first time this question has been asked. im turning to the experienced folks. im looking for a solid, reliable and light combo amp that sounds great, holds up to handling, won't break my back, reasonably priced new which i can just walk in and...

    Mesa Mark I, Ii, Iii

    i own a 3 and its a monster! it is gigantic sounding, but its a hassle to carry! it stays home. with a kanji pedal stacked to the crunch channel? that's my favorite. very touch sensitive when you back off the guitar volume. just a flat out crusher of an amp! any of the dots really. I've tried...

    amp suggestions ?

    I am looking for a good light weight combo amp that takes pedals well, and will project well while remaining clean, in a medium to large church setting. all while not killing my wallet, what would you recommend ?
  10. MRCHILL4

    Are the Mesa Nomad's really that iffy?

    i have a mk 111, then i decided to get a nomad. bad idea. i did not like it at all. gave it back. the mk 111 spoiled me, it still does, but the minirecto is an awesome little guy. not the brute force of the mk 111, but very cool. the nomad was just odd.
  11. MRCHILL4

    No More Boutique For Me...

    i have only dealt with boutique pedal makers, as i play stock fender/gibson guitars dressed up with aftermarket things. and stock boogies. ALL of the pedal makers are fantastic. the ones that stand out in particular are : analogmike marc skreddy pedals retroman pedals chad from cmatmods all the...
  12. MRCHILL4

    What amp with my Les Paul?

    Love mine with my mini recto pushed and stepped down.
  13. MRCHILL4

    What DO Vintage 30's sound like?

    Play my mini recto through a 2 x 12 soldano cab loaded with 30's . It rocks !
  14. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Mini Rectifier what a killer little amp!!

    Still love mine since October 2011. Going strong. It takes pedals extremely well.
  15. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Mini Rectifier Club

    I am loving the pushed on channel one cranked with my tele. I have been juicing it with a retroman beano boost with the bridge pu, and it's just so commanding. I got mine when they first came out through sweetwater. I have been using a soldano cab with it. Some gear you get and are totally...
  16. MRCHILL4

    MESA BOOGIE MARK lll, blacksheep of the family

    who is still ruling with their's ?
  17. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Mark Poll

    i remember going to practice with this monster every tuesday and thursday. i was also in the best shape of my lugging it was not a big deal as it is now. i am talking mid 80's. the other guitar player used to buy or borrow every amp under the sun to try and compete with my small...
  18. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Mark Poll

    Crunch channel opened up with a boiling point or kot in front oh my!
  19. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Mark Poll

    Rent a studio with some friends and open up that Marklll. It is amazing. Better yet if you get a gig playing outside?! It loves to be outside. I have a minirecto that I use most of the time now, and people are just shocked by its output. I would prefer to have the Marklll with me sometimes...
  20. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Mark Poll

    Lol!!!! Yeah same story here. I had a simulclass blue stripe chorus pedal , wah/volume and my steinberger gl4t. My buddy had a Marshall jcm 800 out of. 4x12. He was like holy sh$t! What the hell is that little monster!?!?
  21. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Mini Rectifier Club

    Curious how to change the tubes?
  22. MRCHILL4

    Mesa Mini Rectifier Club

    The last few days I have been opening her up with the corona dimension m and trichorus sounds and switching those and the EHX small clone I just got. I have loved this amp since I got it. I recieved mine October 2011. It never let me down. All I have to say is wow!
  23. MRCHILL4

    The Deal That Got Away...

    Every time I get a lead on a rocket ride asteroid chorus it falls through. Either it was just sold, the owner changed their minds or I can't get in touch with them. And now Sebastian is having trouble with the build so as of now there are none for sale at these goto 11.
  24. MRCHILL4

    Those with a Mesa Mini Rectifier.....

    if i wanted louder i'd bring my mklll. the mklll will eat all of them as an appetizer. bolder, fatter .....? matter of opinion. i do not share that opinion though.