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    Always on Marshall-In a Box for base clean/breakup tone while sounds good stacking?

    Friedman Dirty Shirley or a Revival Drive Compact are the best I've ever heard for this. The DLS is great too if you are playing a strat or a tele.
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    Wilco "Leave You Like You Found Me" Modulation?

    With Wilco and their vault of gear it’s probably close to impossible to pinpoint it exactly, but it sounds like a 2 or 4 stage phaser to me.
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    Skrecho + Tap Tempo?

    Stonedeaf Syncope maybe?
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    All in one like the Iridium but with a aux in?

    Not sure if this is the exact question you are asking, but I can say that the Headrush has this, and it sounds great via headphones. I own both the Headrush and the Iridium.
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    Like a Rangemaster/Treble Booster type but....

    Bump for more the meantime searching for a used Unit 67!
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    Like a Rangemaster/Treble Booster type but....

    Bump for more the meantime searching for a used Unit 67!
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    Like a Rangemaster/Treble Booster type but....

    Thanks! I have a Naga Viper now, but it just came and havent done a lot of experimenting with it. The pedalboard i gig with has an octave pedal that I imagine must have a buffer in it so I assume there will be issues. Before that is a true bypass tuner and a Digitech Drop (which i think is...
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    Like a Rangemaster/Treble Booster type but....

    Is there a pedal that will do the Rangemaster-Into-Semi-Dirty-Amp thing (specifically a Vox style) but doesn’t need to be first in the chain to sound its best?
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    Mobius users: Is anyone happy using it for auto wah/envelope filter?

    So it was my least favorite engine on the Mobius for a long long time...but I think the key is matching the sensitivity knob to the guitar you are using (middle knob maybe?). If I recall correctly, I think you need to get that knob almost dimed to get any kind of satisfying quack out of it...
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    Best Simple Delay for Instant Rockabilly Tone

    Literally exactly what I was going to say.
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    How to play over backing tracks w/headphones

    I use a Scarlett and a 6yr old Macbook/Garageband to do this. I plug in a guitar via pedalboard into the I/O and use the amps on garagband. You just need to change the audio output of your laptop to go the I/O device. Works great!
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    El Capistan.....Who still loves it?!?!?!?

    Love mine still. Wish it had 4 presets, but nevertheless still love it and use it on stage every gig.
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    How few pedals for a country gig?

    I play in two country bands but its mostly modern stuff. Other than a tuner, an absolute must for me would a Micro Pog, a multi-mod (I use the mobius), a compressor 2 dirts and a delay with tap/subdivision. If it were more classic stuff, I would think an overdrive, a tuner and a delay would be...
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    Does the Boss RE-20 still hold up today?

    Love the RE-20. Unfortunately, I love a subdivision switch for my tap tempo even more. Great pedal though.
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    BOSS acoustic simulator AC-2/3 good for "magic chords"?

    I have an AC-3 I’m not using any longer, pm me if you’d like it. As for its use on stage, it actually sounds halfway decent if you take the output and put it to an acoustic amp or the PA...into the same guitar amp as your electric, not as good.
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    What pedal do you wish existed?

    An El Capistan, but with a 3rd button in the middle that lets one scroll through 4-6 presets.
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    Replacement footswitch for Zendrive.

    Mine just got jammed because I stepped on it with a boot a harsh angle of attack!
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    Replacement footswitch for Zendrive.

    Haha, all good man. I love this pedal. It killed my overdrive search and is such a mainstay of my rig that I would hate to have to replace it.
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    Replacement footswitch for Zendrive.

    Lovepedal Red version. Replaceable for $80 on Reverb all day, but still love it.
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    Is there a dead simple looper with the least tap dancing?

    +1 720 or the Ditto X2 for simplicity.
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    Replacement footswitch for Zendrive.

    Hi! I need to replace a wonky footswitch for my Zendrive. Will any 3PDT switch do?
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    What is your minimalist (5-6) pedalboard?

    Depends on the amp in question, but I could live happily with... Tuner, Compressor (I like either the Farifield because it's small, or the Diamond) , Zendrive, Mobius, El Cap.
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    Reverb collecting tax now?

    Oh I completely get it. I would like to hear their rationalization for it, if they have one.