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    2005 ‘62 AVRI Stratocaster: Worth It?

    So, after many years away from electric playing, I’m looking at a 2005 (Corona plant) nitro sunburst finish with Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups. Refret w larger fret wire less than 5 years ago. I haven’t played it yet; about an hour away. How does a $950 price tag fair for one of these? I’m...
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    Rosewood or mahogany on a "00" size guitar?

    I'd like to hear from some fingerstylists here especially. What wood do you prefer for tone on these smaller guitars and why? Thanks - in the market!
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    Santa Cruz H13?

    Has anyone played one that they would like to take a moment to coment on? I'm really considering one via trade and am 1,000,000 miles away from an SC dealer. > Any open tunings with it? Thanks in advance for any replies, Troy
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    Santa Cruz 12-Fretter

    I've been a fan of SC guitars since i picked up my VS about two years ago. I'd bought it to replace my Martin D-28S which I loved the 12-fret/slotted headstock set-up. The Martin was too over-droney and drowned out alot of the warmth of strumming....i though it was the rosewood and found that...