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    Shipping Speakers

    Are there any places where you can buy boxes for shipping speakers?
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    Creaky strat trem springs

    Replacing the springs is always an option. I'm diggin the Raw Vintage springs in mine!
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    Single coil output..I'm I right in thinking?

    I've had the BKP's Trilogy Suite bridge and I didn't notice any more hum than usual.
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    Judge people based on their pedalboard! (II)

    As a Panama native, in your youth you would hunt the wildlife with soft stones you would find in the nearby river. By the age of nine you constructed your own flying device and traveled to the mountainous regions of Europe to apprentice under a blacksmith. After seventy-three months you moved to...
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    Happy NGD to me!

    Nice! I've always wanted to get an old Kramer with a slanted humbucker.
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    The Anti-TGP thread AKA Let's go minimalist.

    Custom Strat - Flanger - Phaser - Echoplex 100W Plexi and matching cab(s)
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    why are fuzz pedals so expensive?

    ^^ For sure! I tried to make a fuzz pedal based on an Arbiter Fuzz Face and man... it was nothing like a Fuzz Face.. The pixie dust is worth it!
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    Went to NAMM

    Man, this is awesome!
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    Just put Mullard EL-84s in Bruno Underground...WOW!!!

    Wow, that's a hellova score on those tubes! I've always wanted to try Mullards in a Marshall. I've also always wanted a Marshall.
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    warmoth clapton profile

    I've had one in the past, but sadly I don't have it with me on hand to measure it.
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    Ever had a dream that you should buy a pedal?

    Last night I dreamed that I bought the ultimate Marshall in a box. It was purple and had four knobs on it or so. And there was a switch to toggle between different Marshall models. The only two purple Marshall pedals that come to mind are the Wampler Plextortion and the Catalinbread Dirty...
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    Tell me about your childhood music store

    There were two music stores that had an influence on me. The first one is Ernie Williamson's Music in Joplin, Missouri. I used to take lesson there every Saturday for years. The store seemed to go through a lot of teachers, but then again all the teachers were pretty stellar and had to leave to...
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    strat wiring help....please

    I think this might do the trick for you. The original version of the kit sounds like it's what you're wanting to do with your guitar.
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    Buying a neck

    I've had Warmoth and Mighty Mite, but honestly, my USA Custom Guitars neck is hands down the finest neck that I've had the pleasure of owning. With Warmoth there are a lot of options, sure, but there's equal at USACG. I spent about a month exchanging emails with Tommy Rosamond about neck specs...
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    GAS... building... might.. explode..

    Yeah, probably not an initially good idea on the student loan money. But hey, that's what GAS is all about, right? Thinking of all the various ways you should or shouldn't finance the next piece of gear? Guess I'm still in the YOLO state of mind on gear. @OM Flyer - Diddo on the '59 neck...
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    GAS... building... might.. explode..

    Aw man.. I think you guys may be right on the part of buying it now while I'm young enough to enjoy it. I've noticed my dad, him having a good collection of guitars, never really plays anymore. As far as my collection of guitars goes, there's really one other guitar besides my main and an old...
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    GAS... building... might.. explode..

    So a couple of years ago I got the chance to play a Gibson 339, and since then it's always been on my mind. I'm really GASing for one, but there's some circumstantial things. 1) I'm in college. 2) Already in debt. 3) No job (yet)... Everything tells me not to try to buy one... but...
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    Do You Buy Same Exact Pedals Your Favorite Pro Players Use?

    In a way, yes. I loved the phasing and flanging sound in Van Halen, so I went out for a search of the best phasers and flangers made. In short I went with MXR's Script 90 and a vintage MXR flanger. I chose them not just because Eddie used them, but because the price/quality/tone balance was good.
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    New Warmoth Neck on its way - 59 roundback

    Hot damn that looks good! I like the color combo. I'm sure that neck is awesome. I had a Warmoth before but with a soft v (found out I'm not a soft v fan) and ss frets before.
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    Relics - Did the novelty wear off for you?

    I've never owned one, but I've played several. Money issues are the only thing that held me back. I love the broken in feel of a relic, it makes it an easy guitar to pick up. Just that broken in neck feel would be great if all guitars came with that! (My No.1 didn't start out a relic, but it...
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    Tips for building a partscaster!!!!!!

    Are you doing the fretwork yourself? Or are you having Musikraft install it for you? I've always wanted to be able to do my own fretwork, but I could never save enough to get the tools (always went towards other gear). If you don't have the tools on hand to do the fretwork, then it might be...
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    Any body use a gun safe for guitars

    You could totally market that.
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    Average Age of "Amp Only / No Pedals" Crowd?

    I did it for a while at 16.
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    Are you a guitar player or a musician?

    I write and I feel proficient in my ability to mesh with most other musicians, but I don't feel like I know a whole lot about theory. I know that the circle of fifths is a thing, but I couldn't tell you anything about it.
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    Total amount of money invested?

    Something like 6k. But that was mainly in high school. I figured once I got into the real world I'd have to start using my money to pay for bills and stuff, so I tried to get it out of my system. It's worked... sometimes. Once in a blue moon my band would get a paying gig, but since we've...