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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Jeff / All, thanks very much for taking the time to help, and to explain in detail the technical aspects of the seemingly simple pot. For me, as a non-technical person, I really appreciate the detailed explanations you have provided, and this will really help me (and hopefully others) to...
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Strangest thing - understanding that the ground on the dwell knob may be the problem, I did the most scientific and technical thing - I tapped on the dwell knob several times from below to possibly re-engage any bad connections, and after tapping the knob several times, the knob is working as...
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Thanks again everybody. I took a close-up picture of the connections on the dwell knob - not sure if you can tell if the ground connection is ok or not, but perhaps you can see from this? Thanks again for your help!
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Here is a link to a picture - not sure if this will work: Please let me know if you can see this or not. Thanks for your help.
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Just a quick update, Changing to the ECC81 did not have any effect - still no control of the dwell setting. I also checked the sweep of the dwell knob and it goes from 0 to about 230k. Will check the cap now, but will need to figure out how to do this. Thanks again all!
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Guys, thanks very much for your comments and suggestions, I really appreciate the help! Should have noted this in the original post, but I am still getting reverb, but just can't seem to control the dwell. Sorry about that. Let me check these things out, and hopefully I will be able to get a...
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Hi All, I seem to be having trouble with the Dwell knob on this Kendrick reverb tank - it seems that the level / length of the reverb effect is unchanged from zero to 12. Regardless of what setting the dwell knob is at, the amount of the reverb decay is the same. FYI, I had not used the reverb...
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    Make Noise 0-CTRL

    Got mine about a month ago to pair with the 0-Coast, and I’m liking it very much. There’s a lot in it, and I’m still figuring things out - that Mylarmelodies demo really does a good job showing off the features. Loopop also has a very good demo. By no means an expert when it comes to these...
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    Tiny west-coast systems

    Just only recently got the 0-Coast and 0-CTRL but the pair are a lot of fun. Had for years been trying to get the sounds in my head through traditional subtractive / east coast synths, but had such a hard time getting results that I could be really happy with. Got the 0-Coast first, and found...
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    RIP David Roback
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    Which turntable under $500?

    Also took the plunge on a new Rega Planar 1 when I saw it on sale here in Tokyo for around 330 USD. I had been thinking about going back to vinyl for a while, and after seeing some reviews, and since I already had an all Rega system, couldn't resist the deal on the Planar 1. At first, I...
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    Let's get to the point. Your ONE favorite amp.

    Somewhat surprisingly, my Marshall Class 5 ...
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    acid doodle acoustic

    A bit late to your thread, but I recently discovered this particular record and was impressed. I am not too familiar with this genre, and have always been curious about Fahey. Assuming that I like this record a lot, can you (or anybody) point me to some Fahey or like-minded players and records?
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    Sonic Crayon FX Antinautilus alternative?

    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but only just now discovered the Anti-Nautilus !! The Clouds module from Mutable Instruments looks pretty interesting, but not sure about investing in a Euro-rack modular. As another alternative, has anyone considered or tried a phrase sampler like the Roland...
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    recommend me some creepy instrumental americana

    How about Ry Cooder's Paris Texas soundtrack ?
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    Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here

    Rega Planet 2000 Rega Mira 3 Rega Jura Not super hi-fi, but sounds pretty lively, and been pretty happy with this the last 10 years or so ...
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    best song you ever heard played live ?

    Schizophrenia - Sonic Youth at UCSB Campbell Hall 1990
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    List all your guitars without any comment

    Ibanez Blazer 550 Gibson Trini Lopez '67 Gibson CS SG Gretsch RI Corvette Gretsch Country Classic II Fender CS 67 Telecaster Martin Gruhn 0000-18GE Gibson Lennon LP Jr Moon Reggae Master Tokai TJ78 Gibson Marauder Gretsch Resonator Danelectro 12 string Fender Japan '70 P Bass Fender / Parts...
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    Double Cut Junior?

    How about a Tokai TJ78? I have one and put a Lollar in it, and it sounds and plays great. Not sure if you can get one in the States, though...
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    NAD!! Supro Comet

    Thanks guys - these are really helpful comments. Might just have to take the plunge without trying first ... Thanks again !!
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    NAD!! Supro Comet

    Congrats on the new amp! Like you, my nearest Supro dealer is too far away for me to try out. Just curious, how are the semi-clean tones, and touch sensitivity? I think the answer is no, but redundancy with a Princeton Reverb? I have a '68, and while I think it sounds pretty awesome...
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    Glue for inlay

    Thanks Brian, I'll give this a try. Thanks !
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    Glue for inlay

    Hi everybody, the mother of pearl inlay on my Trini Lopez fell off, and I need to glue this back in. What kind of glue would work best for this? It's a pretty old guitar (1967 or thereabouts). Thanks for the help ! Howard
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    Show Us Your Pedaltrain Mini Pt.3

    Curious about this too - would the JP-02 fit under an older mini?