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    Are these diodes good for any pedal building?

    I’ve got a few of these rectifier diodes I scavenged and I’m thinking about making a pedal with them. Are they any good from a tone perspective?
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    Built a 212

    Wanted a 212 for an EVH style rig I’m going to be using if and when the band starts playing live again :dunno: It will have the 2 weber 1225Cs. My Traynor is basically a 50w plexi. I copied the filtering and fizz cap values from what’s out there about 12301. The amp goes into my reactive load...
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    Anyone else feel the creamback really isn’t all that Greenback’ish?

    I’ve had the creamback for a few years now and I just can’t find the crackle and grit of a g12m in there. It gets a great smooth punchy tone but I can’t get it to rock. I’ve had it in a few amps and applications but I’m just not hearing it.
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    Pickup suggestions for a chambered les Paul

    2008 standard. I sold the bbpros and put in a paf style pickup but after 7 years I’m finding them less focused than I would like. Maybe too “airy” sounding. I had a set of alnico pro2s in there for a while which were ok but still not “it”. I’ve read the dimarzio air zone sounds great in these...
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    First ge7 in 30 years

    I sold my ge7 in 1988 while liquidating some pedals and never thought much about it again. Back then I was playing with so much gain the eq never really shined. Fast forward to last weekend and I grabbed one locally on a whim. Years of tone chasing with speakers, pickups, amps... 5 minutes...
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    Dim led on GE-7

    I picked up a used BOSS GE-7 eq today. Anyone have an idea why the led would only very dimly light ? Barely visible. This is using my onespot cs7 which is working fine.
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    E strings on Frankenstrat

    I was at the Met and was surprised at how the E strings on Eddie’s Frankenstrat are almost the same distance from the edges as my 2015 jr.
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    Best new Van Halen song I’ve heard in a while... ‘rock and roll you all night long’ off ‘stupid good lookings’ released today by philx and the drills. He does a stunning job of incarnating some vintage EVH. Just great.
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    Clean old man

    I find as I get older I’m using less and less gain. Not sure if it’s something to do with my hearing but the last few gigs I’ve been finding by the end of the night I’m pretty much playing a clean tone with just a bit of compression and clean boost. Across all the genres we play too. Anyone else...
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    modeled my jr’s body for a future cnc project

    Just learning how to model through to GCode. Pretty fun. All the measurements are dead on to my guitar. The neck will be more of a challenge. Going to try to profile gauge the neck on my R8 at 1” intervals and see if I can do it. This isn’t going to be a replica jr if it ever becomes more than a...
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    Ok, forget watts, how many dB do I need with acoustic drums?

    We play with electric drums or acoustic for various gigs. Today I was messing around with my tone (like everyday) and I found a pretty decent tone and volume that I can live with from my 50w amp. So I decided to check how many dB I had at about 7 feet away. Playing rythym and lead I was...
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    PSA regarding the Suhr reactive load and my idiocy

    I am exposing my stupidity in this very public way in the hopes that it will stop someone from repeating this costly mistake. Bottom line is when hooking up the reactive load -TAKE YOUR TIME. In a rush to hook up in a poorly lit area I was quickly plugging in cables and stupidly plugged the DI...
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    Put a metro zero loss loop in my YBA1. Sounds great.

    I needed a more compact rig for some smaller gigs and wanted to have a little delay in the loop for some space so I decided to go this route. Install was very easy. I was worried that the shallower chassis would be an issue but there’s plenty of real estate in the to work with.
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    Approach to building a dual plexi/2203 preamp

    I would like to mod my preamp on my 2204 MK2 master circuit (that I built into my Traynor) to switch between an original plexi(ish) type preamp and current MK2 master in there now. I don't need both triodes on the plexi, just the bright and common cathode. The challenges are the voltage dividers...
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    Latest traynor mods with a clip

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    Mooer Radar custom IR question

    I received my Radar. Works great. Updated the firmware, the software communicates with the device without issue. I loaded the ownhammer GNR basketweave no problem. But the mic appears to still be active on the radar. With a custom IR there shouldn't be any additional color. How do I make sure...
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    Is there a pedal that can load reverb IRs ?

    Impulse responses first showed as reverb plugins didn't they ? I've got a Mooer Radar arriving today to load cab IRs but it got me thinking, does such a thing exist for reverb ?
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    PPIMV idea - has this been done ?

    I had a LARMAR in my amp for a while and it did work ok to trim back the overall volume, once the amp was down to really usable levels I found the lack of NFB made it change far too much. I guess some people are ok with that sound and feel but it just ruined the character of the amp for me. I...
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    Alexander jubilee silver into my silver jubilee

    I thought this might be interesting. This is my Alexander jubilee silver pedal into my original 1987 2555 silver jubilee’s clean channel. The reason I did this was just because I had been using my pedal board with 2 other amps and had my tone kind of where I wanted it so I said screw it instead...
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    Moved my Alexander Jubilee Silver to always on status :)

    I really like this pedal. For my rock/blues gig I'm using it on all the time now into the low input of my 2204 circuit. Sounds really great with my LPs. I haven't been able to get a strat or P90 tone that I really care for with it but for this role I'm only using my les paul's anyway. Using it...
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    Shocked at how I'm loving a drive pedal

    Been playing a while (40 years) and have gigged on and off since my early 20's. Marshalls have always been my tone. Other than a DOD overdrive in the mid 80's, I've always just relied on the amp. Bought an Atomic Amplifire to dip my toes in the modelling thing but it really didn't do it for me...
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    New homemade pedalboard

    So my experience using a modeler with my band not only drove me right back to using my amps it also got me back into pedals:) I went from just a wah to “I wonder what this sounds like?” Next thing I know I’ve got seven pedals on the floor and a tangled mess. So I decided to spend 25 bucks and...
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    Relay recommendation

    I want to install a foot switch on my amp for a slight solo boost. Basically another pot which bridges the main mv that can be switched in and out of the circuit. So I need a relay of some sort but I'm guessing audio quality relays switching very low voltage audio signals must be of a different...
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    Thomas Organ CryBaby squeal when using certain batteries

    I've got a really cool old Thomas Organ stack of dimes CryBaby that squeals like an overdrive with the gain cranked when I use it with an adapter or Eveready energizer 9v batteries. But if I use a cheap dollar store Panasonic battery it sounds great. Is this just a characteristic of these old...
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    Different B+ on V4 & V5 ?

    I put a new pair of el34s in my traynor (modded to 2204) and noticed that the V4 plate is 425v and V5 plate is 385v . The OT is a Merren that I installed and I never noticed that they weren’t the same before (could have been, had brain surgery in 2016 and memories of 2015 are kinda vague :) ) ...