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    Sold Prince of Tone

    Condition (1-10)? Any pics? Thanks, Tim
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    Sold Wampler Ego for overdrive

    I have a mint moonshine I'd do an even exchange for the ego comp. Any pics? Thanks
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    Sold TC Alter Ego v2 Vintage Delay NIB

    Hey there, please send me your PayPal email if the alter-ego is available. Thanks, Tim
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    Sold Barber Gain Changer

    Looks like the pics in the link provide are of a TC Electronic Spark...
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    Sold Delay pedal - $100 - $150 price range

    You may consider the MXR carbon copy. Nothing fancy, but rock solid and get the job done at a reasonable price. Here is a link to my shop on Check it out, nearly all of the listings have a youtube video in them. Which really removes some of...
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    Sold Neunaber Wet Mono Reverb V4

    Just sent payment, thanks. My address is Tim Cox 12141 Shallot St Orlando, FL 32837
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    FS/FT: EHX Small Stone V4

    Just curious, do you have the battery compartment cover? Thanks