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  1. les_paul

    Most important features for a recording computer?

    I'm moving towards home recording and I'm looking to buy a computer to do so. What are the most important features/minimum requirements to track guitars, bass, vocals, and digital drums from a program like EZ Drummer? I'm not currently looking to track other people; just myself at home.
  2. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    Reaching on TGP no doubt. I have an MT-2, HM-2, and SD-1. In what order should I place them for the SoTS tone?
  3. les_paul

    MIAB tone chasing bender

    I posted in another thread "people say they want a MIAB but really want a Marshall". Full disclosure: I posted that in the midst of a MIAB bender and still whole heartedly believe it. That said, the challenge of taking a solid state amp and a pedal to make Marshall sounds has been really fun...
  4. les_paul

    Marshall 1x10 combos: good sound or did they miss the mark?

    I love my Bassman 4x10 reissue but I've learned overall I tend to not like single 10" speakers. Do these new Marshall combos sound OK or are their head counterparts the better bet?
  5. les_paul

    Signature guitars you like but aren't a fan of the artist.

    I'm not a Dream Theater fan but the Music Man JP6 is a great guitar. Great tone for just about all styles plus the piezo option is awesome. Who else has a signature guitar and isn't a fan of the artist? Cue the Les Paul guys...
  6. les_paul

    Single coil sized P90s for Tele or...

    Do any of the single coil sized P90s sound accurate for Telecasters or should I just buy a G&L Deluxe ASAT and get it over with?
  7. les_paul

    Does the S2 line help PRS or devalue them?

    Personally I'm a fan. I'm not one to take out a $4000 guitar. I had a sweet Santana 10 top but couldn't bring myself to gig it. I bought an S2 Mira semi and found the playability and quality similar overall so I sold the Santana. Does the S2 series just allow players to dip their toes in...
  8. les_paul

    Vox SDC 55

    I just picked up one of these gems at a great price. Whoa, what a guitar! It looks great, plays very well, and these CoAxe pickups are just incredible. They are silent in single coil, P90, and humbucker mode. I actually went to check whether my amp was on when I accidentally hit the strings...
  9. les_paul

    PRS S2 Mira solid vs semi hollow

    I have Mira S2 semi and have been wondering how it compares to the solid body version. Anybody know from hands on experience?
  10. les_paul

    Reverb pedal needed

    I have a HOF mini and it blows. It goes from off to overwhelming by about 9 o'clock on the dial. I also don't want to spend $500 on a reverb. I primarily like spring reverb. What are some good moderately priced reverb pedals?
  11. les_paul

    Cleaning tweed

    I found a tweed Fender Bronco curbside style and it's a little on the dirty side. What's the best way to clean rweed coverings?
  12. les_paul

    Those who shun Velcro use: what do you do instead?

    I've seen/had people (buyers) who have thumbed their nose at pedals that have Velcro on them. Do those types just have a haphazard pedalboard, set up on the floor, or get creative? Sincere question.
  13. les_paul

    Solid state rectifier replacements

    Anyone try those solid state rectifiers that plug into a tube rectifier socket? I'm thinking of doing one for my JTM45 build to help out the lows but I'm a little hesitant. Also sounds like it would need a rebias. I want something a little closer to a 1987 with a little tighter bass if that helps.
  14. les_paul

    Tone King Gremlin tube swap?

    Anyone replace the stock KT66 with anything else? If so, what effect did it have on the tone?
  15. les_paul

    Unconventional setup

    In an effort to use the gear I have at hand to create a grab and go setup I have crafted an odd rig. I haven't been fully happy with my Quilter Overdrive 200/Block Dock 12 so I used it as my platform. I am running my PedalPalFX Gold Overdrive into a NUX Solid Studio. I set it to the EL34...
  16. les_paul

    Shawbucker super microphonic?

    Over the years I've had two different Shawbucker equipped Strats show up in an unusable state due to being too microphonic. The last time I sent the guitar back and the replacement was fine. This time around I'm looking at lower output potted pickups instead. I'm landing on the Stormy Monday...
  17. les_paul

    Quality check: Marshall DSL40CR

    How's the quality on these Vietnamese Marshalls? Solid option to buy or should I look for an older head and a smaller cab?
  18. les_paul

    Cab sim on Quilter Overdrive 200

    Pardon my ignorance but this whole concept is new to me. The DI on the Overdrive 200 isn't getting it done for me. It's super shrill, harsh, and pretty much unusable for me. I want to use a cab sim but I'm not sure the best way to go about it. I thought about picking up something like one of...
  19. les_paul

    Cab sim on Quilter Overdrive 200

    Pardon my ignorance but this whole concept is new to me. The DI on the Overdrive 200 isn't getting it done for me. It's super shrill, harsh, and pretty much unusable for me. I want to use a cab sim but I'm not sure the best way to go about it. I thought about picking up something like one...
  20. les_paul

    Double check: speaker jack wiring

    I bought a beast of a cab from a friend who made a funky wiring decision. He bought four 16 ohm speakers and instead of wiring it series/parallel to keep it at 16 he added a jack and essentially made a stereo cabinet but plugged one head into both sides (I don't think he understands wiring very...
  21. les_paul

    Stereo Mesa 4x12?

    Pretty straightforward question that I can't find in the manual: Can I hook two heads up to a Rectifier 4x12 if I use the two 4 ohm outs?
  22. les_paul

    Dual Rectifier cabinet

    I need a cab for my Dual Rec. Sold my Orange PPC212 to a friend and wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere. For a modern metal guy should I just wait and buy another Orange or is something else more up my alley? Size isn't a problem (that's what she said).
  23. les_paul

    Dumb question of the day: solid state direct out

    My co-guitarist picked up a Helix setup. We have gone with in ear monitors as well this year, which means he can plug his Helix directly into the board with no cabinet and know exactly what's going on. A drummer with electronic drums, bassist with direct out, and me...with a mic in front of my...
  24. les_paul

    Case for Chapman Ghost Fret?

    I bought a Ghost Fret on a closeout sale this weekend and need a case for it. Anything to worry about with the reverse headstock as far as cases go? I'm eyeing the current SKB option.
  25. les_paul

    Seagull string spacing?

    I have a slightly older Seagull M6 Gloss electric. I've never been much of an acoustic player but it seems like the string spacing is pretty wide on it. Am I smoking something or do Seagull guitars have a wider string spacing?