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    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive vs Kingsley Jester

    Hi all... I've got a Kingsley Jester for about a year and, while I think it sounds very good, I think it needs to be played really loud to give its best (which is a problem for many hi end boutique overdrives, IMHE). I've been listening to samples of the Royal Overdrive and liked them a lot...
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    A/DA Flanger question

    Hi... I love the tones from my A/DA Flanger, but I think it's a bit over the top. Have anyone modded it or tried it with a blender?
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    Bruno CT 35: Kingsley Jester or Juggler?

    Hi... I love the cleans on my Bruno CT 35, but still haven't found the drive tones I'm looking for. Right now, I have a Spaceman Aphelion and a TS808HW... both great, but I think there is something to be improved. I'm looking for an amp-like crunch for rhythm and sustaining leads at reasonable...
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    (Mid) Boosting a Muff: TS808 vs Klone

    Hi all, I have a Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian and I'm currently using a TS808HW in front of it as a mid booster. I was never a fan of any TS by itself, but it sounds nice as part of the combo. I wonder if a Klone is a better option. Has anyone tried it?
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    Delay reccomendation: Providence vs Memory Lane Jr

    Hi all... Right now I have a Maxon AD900 and an Eventide Timefactor and would like to replace them with a single pedal. Most of the time I use 300ms-600ms Pink Floyd style delay. Right now the TF is the one in my board but I just use the 5:1 Twin Delay preset. I'd like a simple to use, open...
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    Wren and Cuff Your Face

    Anyone tried it? The low-cut control seems a really nice feature. Cheers
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    Treble booster, fuzz and Strymon Lex

    Hi! I recently bouth a Strymon Lex (great pedal by the way) and have had problems using it with my Throbak Strange Master treble booster and fuzz (a Ge/Si fuzz face clone). When I place the treble booster after fuzz I get a great dirty tone. But when I turn the Strymon Lex on (it is after...