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    Shipping Speakers

    Are there any places where you can buy boxes for shipping speakers?
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    Ever had a dream that you should buy a pedal?

    Last night I dreamed that I bought the ultimate Marshall in a box. It was purple and had four knobs on it or so. And there was a switch to toggle between different Marshall models. The only two purple Marshall pedals that come to mind are the Wampler Plextortion and the Catalinbread Dirty...
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    GAS... building... might.. explode..

    So a couple of years ago I got the chance to play a Gibson 339, and since then it's always been on my mind. I'm really GASing for one, but there's some circumstantial things. 1) I'm in college. 2) Already in debt. 3) No job (yet)... Everything tells me not to try to buy one... but...
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    ASW Crossroads?

    I've been looking into these speakers, but haven't come across much. Anyone got experience with some?
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    Speaker Price Check

    I've got a quad of mystery speakers that I'm thinking about selling, but I'm not sure what to ask for them. Here's the info: There are three numbers written on the speakers, the same numbers on each speaker, but on different places on each speaker. - 2857548 - 26243 - 1205 From what I can...
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    Anyone try a WGS Liberator yet?

    Saw that these are new and haven't read much about them. Anyone got some first hand experience with one?
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    Speaker Advice?

    Hey everyone, After changing a half dozen pickups, a couple of blocks, saddles, necks, tuners, and various electronics, I think I've narrowed down what my tone is looking for: new speakers; they've been the only constant, besides my amp, since the beginning. I'm playing my Mesa SoB into a...
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    Calculating Speaker Cab Wattage.. I still don't get it

    I've googled it and I'm still not quite sure I understand it. I'm good with series and parallel in terms of calculating the Ohms, but I still need a little bit of clarification on how to figure out the watts. For example, - What would the total watts of four 100w speakers be in: series...
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    GFS vs KGC Brass

    I'm debating on whether I should spend the extra money on the block from KGC or just save some money and keep the GFS block in my strat. Has anyone had the chance to compare blocks from Guitarfetish and Killer Guitar Components?
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    Strat jack plate screws - Where to buy?

    I've noticed that these screws have a little bit bigger of a head on them than regular pick guard screws. I'd like to buy a bunch of these to have around just because I like the way they fit versus the regular pick guard screws. Is there anywhere I can go to buy these? If no one sells them...
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    Did you get bit by the guitar bug or the pickups and stuff bug?

    I find that I'm more intrigued and more apt to spend money on guitar stuff like pickups,.hardware, strings, picks, pots, and stuff rather than wanting to buy a new guitar. Not that a new guitar wouldn't be fantastic, but I feel like I can do it all with one guitar rather than have several...
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    Pedalboard Butchers

    While trying to search "pedalboard buffers" my spell check kicked in and "corrected" my search to "pedalboard butchers." So I guess what I'm looking for are the most "haphazard pedalboards." LET'S SEE 'EM!!! ("yes," "I" "like" "quotation" "marks")
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    New Production Tubes - What's the lifespan?

    About a year and a half ago, when I first got my amp, I got it tubed up with new production stuff and have been hitting it hard ever since. Lately, though, it sounds like there's a blanket over my amp and it just doesn't sound right. My first thought was to plug straight in to see if I needed...
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    Where to buy grill cloth?

    I just got a new cab that needs some TLC. Looking to get some yellow grill cloth for it. I've googled it and haven't found a yellow cloth, just covering. Any leads of where I can find some yellow grill cloth?
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    VH Frankie HB - How's it for other music?

    I've been debating one of these for a long time and finally thinking about doing it. Anyone got some first hand experience with one?
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    I really like the Jazz III picks but...

    ... I can't get a good sounding pick slide out of them for the life of me! Dunlop and Fender thins pull off a pretty good pick slide. I tried the Dunlop Stubby picks but I didn't like them as good as the Jazz III. Does anyone make a pick like the Jazz III only with a sharper edge?
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    Need pedal builder help - Fuzz Face clone content

    So I thought I'd save a few bucks and build my own fuzz pedal instead of buying one. I got the board and parts from pigeonfx, some BC108 transistors, and the resr from BYOC. I finished the pedal today but.. it's not sounding right. There's only fuzz for a split second after I hit a note, and...
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    Need a Dummy Load - What to use?

    I'm thinking maybe getting an attenuator and using a line out, but but I'm curious what else I can use. Any suggestions?
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    Gearmandude makes sense now!

    For the past couple of years of watching his videos when I watched one on the Analogman Peppermint Fuzz (this one actually) when I heard him say his name: Gear-man-dude. For the longest time I thought it was "German-dude." Feel a little silly now because...
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    What'd your friends say when..

    You brought home that vintage Marshall, or otherwise, that looked like it had been to hell and back? I remember when I brought home my amp and cab covered in dead grass, spider webs, nicks, dings, tears, and rips. My mom thought I had just blown all of my cash, and their cash too since it...
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    www.ceriatone.NET ?

    It looks like an expansion of the main ceriatone site, but more like a storefront site. Anyone know anything?
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    How loud is...

    How loud is a 100W Marshall cranked to the max (in decibels)? I got the chance to crank up my 60W Mesa (6L6's) and am curious of how much louder a Plexi would be.
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    MXR Slash signature Octave Fuzz

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    What amp for reamping?

    Looking to do some EVH style reamping and am looking for some suggestions on what amps would do the job. H&H are scarce and aging now, so I'm looking for something of a modern day H&H. Anyone got some ideas?
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    Fuzz Bias?

    Hey everyone, I just started a build on a fuzz face and read about how the transistors can be biased differently. Looking at guy shots of originals I haven't seen any trim pots of any sort. Is this something I should consider adding?