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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Hi All, I seem to be having trouble with the Dwell knob on this Kendrick reverb tank - it seems that the level / length of the reverb effect is unchanged from zero to 12. Regardless of what setting the dwell knob is at, the amount of the reverb decay is the same. FYI, I had not used the reverb...
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    Glue for inlay

    Hi everybody, the mother of pearl inlay on my Trini Lopez fell off, and I need to glue this back in. What kind of glue would work best for this? It's a pretty old guitar (1967 or thereabouts). Thanks for the help ! Howard
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    Maxon / Ibanez AD-80 Effect Blend Knob

    Is it possible to modify the effect blend knob to get more range on it? On mine it seems to be all or nothing, and it's difficult to dial-in a more subtle effect (although possible with some difficulty). I think the delay sounds great, but just wishing for more range and control on the blend...
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    Bearfoot PGC compared to AM compressors

    Interested in the PGC but already have the AM Comprosser and Orange Juicer. Just wondering how much squash (for lack of a better word) the PGC can get compared to these two AM compressors. I really like the subtle things I hear on demos of the PGC, but was wondering how much "effect" is...
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    Contacting Freakshow

    Just wondering if anybody has had any recent email communication with this company. Calling is difficult as I am overseas. I sent a pedal for repair some time ago (nearly two years ago), and nothing has happened. Appeals to have the pedal returned to me without repair have gone unanswered...
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    Contacting Freakshow Effects

    Just wondering if anyone has recently had any luck contacting Justin at Freakshow. I've emailed him several times recently about the status of a repair, but haven't heard back. Just curious if any one has had any recent contact. Thanks.
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    Gretsch Resonators

    Looking to get a second acoustic, and thought for tonal variery, to try a resonator, but don't know too much about them. I see that Gretsch has recently released a few and am interested in either the Alligator or Boxcar (biscuit vs spider). Does anybody have any experience with either of...
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    Yamaha MSP3

    Looking for small powered monitors for around $300 or so and was considering these. Anybody have any experience with them? Recommendable? Alternatives? Thanks.
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    Amps For Bass and Guitar

    Trying to find a amp that will do both well and drive a 2x12 or 2x10 or 1x15 cab - nothing monstrous. Looking for a compact / relatively portable set up. Maybe 50 watts or less. Fender Bassman Traynor YBA-1 Marshall 2061x What others are there ?? Thanks.
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    Dynasonics vs P-90's vs Tele PU's

    Should probably ask over at the Gretsch Pages, but thought I'd try here first. Thinking about a Duo-Jet with Dynasonics, but already have a Telecaster (63 CS) and a Tele-styled P-90 guitar (Duncan Antiquities), but was wondering if you all think the Dynasonics would be redundant. I'm...
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    Gretsch Falcon - Custom Colors at Music Zoo

    I thought that these looked killer - especially the sage green metallic. Pretty pricey though ...
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    Small Expression Pedals - Peep Still Available?

    What really small expression pedals are available - I like the concept of the Peep, but not sure if this is still being made or if its even currently available. Was also considering this one: but wasn't sure if I could really use my foot...
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    Analogman Mini-Chorus at 18v ??

    I think that this should be OK based on what I've read - I was planning to fire up the Mini-Chorus at 18v using my DC Brick - but wanted to check with folks here to see if you all have actually done this, and that the it was fine, and there were no explosions. Thanks !!
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    Best Small Footprint Analog Delay

    I think that this may have been asked before and responded to in a number of different contexts, but just wanted to try to collect current opinion on this. I'm looking for a small footprint analog delay (Boss size) that runs on standard 9v (so I can use my Dunlop Brick to power it up). I...
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    Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise - Details?

    There was a thread on this before about the clips being up now, but I was wondering if anybody had any knowledge on what the switches do, and what the Onset knob does. I just picked up a Four Eyes Crossover Fuzz, and the thing is awesome - really versatile. Interested in pre-ordering the...
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    Berhinger PB600

    I know that this is not the flashiest thing around, but does anybody have any experience with this board? I'm basically looking for a non-velcro board, and although I had preferred getting a Bedroom Board, it was just getting too expensive for me especially with the shipping costs to Tokyo...
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    SDC's? What are you guys using?

    Hoping for thoughts on small diaphragm condensor microphones for acoustic guitar applications for home studio - the guitar is a Gruhn 0000-18. Wondering about a pair in the $700 to $1000 price range. There is a pair of AKG 451b's in the emporium that seem nice (I can actually get a new pair...
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    Rebel Relic ?

    Anybody have any experience with this builder? I think he is based in Europe. There is an Esquire with a Bigsby that looks and sounds killer : The person demoing this plays some really nice stuff too btw.
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    Double Nickels on the Dime

    Just put this on, haven't listened to this in a long time, and man these guys are just ripping ...
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    Who makes a p-bass body / k-line?

    Posted this on Talkbass too, but thought I'd try here as well since I'm more accustomed to posting on this site. But, anyway, looking to put together a p-bass, but was wondering if there were any builders out there, like k-line, that could build me a body only and do a finish. Can you guys...
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    Good Rack Mount Mixer

    Looking for a good quality rack mount mixer as an upgrade to a Kawai MX-8R mixer possibly with 1/4" or xlr inputs, aux sends, headphone output and maybe 2u to 4u. I really like the features on the Kawai, but just wondering if any better options were available. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Les Paul 1958 RI Stds - Hard Rock Maple / "Hand Select"

    There seems to be several versions of the R8 available here in Japan, and was wondering if the price difference from a regular one, and one with hard rock maple top was worth it or not (the difference is around 70,000 yen or around US $850). Also there are R8's that have a "Hand Selected"...
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    Current Production ES335's?

    Haven't thought about 335's in a long time, but was listening to Larry Carlton on Joni Mitchell's Help Me, and started to get interested. So I started looking at the current production 335's and there are so many I don't know where to begin. Assuming I want to stay around $3K, what are my...
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    Best Amp with Headphone and Line Out

    Just wondering if anything else is out there that has both a headphone out and a line out besides a Champ 12. Maybe I should try a Weber Mass or something like that that has both as an alternative. Thanks!
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    Fender CS Tele Pickups vs the Boutiques

    Just wondering if any of you have swapped out your set of CS tele pickups for pickups made by Lollar, Fralin, etc. and if that switch made a big difference. I have a 67 CS tele (the firemist silver one) with Vintage '63 Tele Single-Coil Pickups and thinking about swapping them out for an...