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    Producing: Do you turn off your powered speakers and unplug your USB devices after each session?

    Hi all, Kind of an odd question but one on my mind. I recently built a home production area (PC, DAW, audio interface, powered monitors, 2 midi devices). It could be my OCD, but I've been turning off each monitor and unplugging the midi devices, otherwise all the flashing lights stay on, even...
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    Can finishing a fretted fretboard case fret pop?

    Picked up a project guitar and the all maple neck needs some work. It's new but a budget guitar. Plans are to do a fret level, crown, buff as well as clean up all the fret ends. The neck itself feels like raw wood with maybe one coat of something on it. If I wanted to finish the neck with...
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    My new couch workstation

    Took the holiday to do some winter clean-up projects. One was to get rid of an old couch in the basement (aka my office and man cave). I didn't want to carry that thing out and take to one of the disposal spots they do every so many months, so I decided to break it up and just set out a few...
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    Katana Head to Powered Speaker Cab?

    Recently got a Katana 100 Head to use at home. It's cool b/c I can use it on my 4x12 slant cab if I want to really feel it, or I can bring it over to my workstation area as a stand alone since it has a small 5" speaker housed in the head itself which sounds pretty good on the .5 settings...
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    Pedals to spend on and pedals to save on?

    With the awesome but overwhelming amount of pedals and pedal companies that exist today. When looking at pedal categories (distortion, overdrive, reverb, delay, modulation), which do you find is best to spend the most to get the most per pedal. For example, Is it better to go all in on great...