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    Question for Suhr lovers

    I got an amp OD100 which was NOS. When I got it, I wasn't happy-------an old cercuit and I couldn't dial it in right. John Suhr sent me a new PT100. NEVER, EVER has ANYONE been so very kind when it comes to gear. I can't wait to purchase a Suhr Classic Fiesta Red rosewood board, six saddle...
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    Ann. Bogner Shiva

    I waited a while before posting a review. Bare in mind I own a JCM800, Soldano Avenger and Surh PT100, so I'm no stranger to tone. I play LP Standards, Custom, tele, strat. Fender and Gibson. The Bogner is an absolute amazement. It can do open rock tone; it can get a dirty as need be. The...
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    BBQ or WCR

    Lots of Jim's stuff in named after the Allman bros.
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    Any love for the Peavey Classic 50?

    Love the heads---fan cooled. They are the best amp Peavey has ever made not that there is a lot of competition for that. If Peavey should put some celestions in the combo. It would kill then.
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    BBQ or WCR

    I'm gonna need to replace some dreadfull 500T and 490 in a lp classic premium pluss. I've narrowed my search to Rio Grande BBQ or WCR Fillmores with whatever jim recomends for the neck darkburst probably. I'm taking recomendations.
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    AVRI 62 Telecaster

    The three color sb looks the best of all of them. I had one and loved it. They are cool as ****.
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    Fender NOS69 Strat

    Does anyone have any feedback on this model. I'd love to have one, but I also love the AV 70s. Who has a preference between rosewood and maple board.
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    Is the Shiva 20th anniversary just a metal amp?

    Respected, I don't respect that opinion. I ordered the new Shiva and I have a PT100, JCM800 & Soldano Avenger. That is how much I liked the new Shiva. Yew, Songman is the minority on this one anyway.
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    Suhr PT100/PT50

    I have one and love it. The best open rock tone on the market. If you were once a Marshall player you will be OK with this amp. If your wanting a two channel amp with blackface type cleans and ample gain tones this is the amp. The amp is fine without pedal and doesn't need any; however, if...
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    Hiwatt Studio Stage??????

    John II Dude is that Ritchie Rhianno????? WOW I love Starz man just love em. I got to see them once on Colliseum Rock. Actually Attention Shoppers, Starz, Colliseum Rock and Violation are probably the order in which I love them. Those clips make me want a Hiwatt badly. Boy will that amp...
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    Anyone going to the NC guitar show in Raleigh this weekend?

    Man, I'm two hours away and knew nothing about it. Good thing though as I have no $$$ to spend. Going to the guitar show with no $$$ is like going to a strip club. You can look but not do much else. The one I went to a few years ago I saw some early BC Rich stuff, mid 80s AV Fender stuff and...
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    New Xotic EP Booster

    as a buffer it does change your signal from high to low impedance doesn't it????
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    Bogner Shiva

    Yes Bob, KT88, White, non reverb model. I'll probably get the matching 212 though I'm not a V30 fan at all. Some amps sound good with certain spks though. I know you did a comparison because I've played the clips on your site. What spks did you like with your Shivas?
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    Bogner Shiva

    HI Bob. Long time. How are you doing. I have an anniversary shiva coming. I got the non reverb one. I'll probably go for the 212 white matching cab. I have some H30s in an Orange cab that I have. Not crazy about the Orange cab though.
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    What 2 channel amp has Fender like cleans and smooth Marshally tones?

    engl amps have a great clean, but I wouldn't call it blackface. 3 monkeys have several great clean tones to them.
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    What 2 channel amp has Fender like cleans and smooth Marshally tones?

    John Suhr did it wonderfully when he came up with the OD100. Basically any model OD100 due to them all prety much having the same clean channel. That is the amp that does it. Most of the others mentioned to not have a blackface clean. The Egnater MOD50 and do it all very well.
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    bogner cabs

    Does Mojo make Bogner cabs.
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    LP Traditional Pickup Height...

    They are classic 57+/57. I put mine about 5/64 give or take 1/64 either way. I believe the treble or high E, b, g stings are a tad closer by raising that end of pickup about 1/64 closer to strings. That is how I do it. Hold string down on last fret and measure from top of pickup to bottom...
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    Vht deliverance vs. Soldano slo

    I have an Avenger which I really like a lot. The SLO has a crunch channel too. I can't sa
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    What's your favorite Flanger?

    electric mistriss and choral flange for sure. Maybe toadworks baracuda howard leese model.
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    Headstrong vs. Swart vs. Carr - what say you?

    saw Katy Perry a while back. Patrick her guitar player was using Swart as was she. They sounded very good indeed.
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    Reinhardt Storm Settings

    I only had mine for a short time but I had to cut both gains up to get anything out of it. The amp is cool though. I'm a bedroom type guy now and I couldn't really cut it up to its sweet spot. I ended up ordering a Shiva with KT88s. The Storm is a cool amp though. Loved the sweet tone it had.
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    Why do we try to talk ourselves out of things that work?

    I had great tone with a Marshall JCM600 and a 1936 cab and sold it. I had a Fender California fiesta red strat. Haven't gotten close since.
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    What Marshall amps did Ace Frehley use in the 1970s?

    If anyone got the orange lovepedal E6 a few years ago, that sounded kiss like to me. I first saw them on Rock and Roll Over tour. Next time was new years eve 77/78 with Billy Squire's band Piper. Piper was way beter than Billy's solo stuff. Didn't it used to say "Kiss uses Gibson guitars and...
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    Peavey buying Gibson

    I just heard it from a dealer friend of mine about an hour ago. He said Gibson was way in the hole.