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    Alessandro English amp demo

    Hi guys - here' a demo of my Alessandro English amp - Im using NOS RCA 5691 pre amp tubes and JJ EL84's - no pedals - direct into the amp - PRS 245 guitar , Vox 2x12 - Celestion blue speakers
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    Alessandro English Youtube Demo

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    Soundproof amp room !!

    here's a photo of my new " soundproof " amp / recording room. I've added double glass over my existing windows and thick doors with rubber sealing. the wooden floor will be done on monday - it's gonna look real nice!. the room is an extension of my home studio where I record my own stuff on...
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    Carol Ann OD2 - Tucana - can it do this?

    Im looking for an amp with great cleans and an OD sound " Exactly or very close " to the clip below check out my marshall clip " Getting Stronger "
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    Reverb + Delay Padal !

    is there such a thing as a dedicated Reverb&Delay Pedal only?
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    Boiled Linseed Oil - for Fretboard

    I've been told to use boiled Linseed Oil on my fretboard ? - if the oil is too thick what can I use to thin it out? is there anything better than boiled linseed oil for rosewood necks ? thanx
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    Alessandro English+PRS245 New video clip

    Here's a new video clip of my Alessandro English and my new PRS 245 - I think this clip is better than my previous clips cause this time I hooked up my Shure SM57 and recorded into logic 8. there's no effects whatsoever - the clip is completely dry with no processing at all. I've had to convert...
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    Alessandro English Video clip

    here's a clip I made using my handheld vidoecam. The sound is not great but it'll give you an idea of what it sounds like .
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    Bluetick EL34 vs 6V6

    I finally got to try the Tung sol 6V6 re-issue tubes in my bluetick and I'm kinda disappointed. nothing wrong with the tubes - Doug's tubes provided great service and the tubes arrived safely etc... - i just really prefer the EL34's. the 6V6 aren't bad they just tend to make the amp too smooth...
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    where to buy Celestion Blue speakers

    Where is a good place to buy Celestion blue's? I'm looking for a reputable place that is trustworthy. thanx
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    6SL7 - 6SJ7 - are they interchangable

    are the 6SL7 and 6SJ7 tubes interchangable ? what are the differences between these tubes? I'm thinking of trying these in my English and bluetick - just to see what they sound like
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    2 separate 1x12 cabs - 8 Ohm each - 16ohm

    I'v got 2 speaker cabs each loaded with one 8 ohm speaker I need to buy a small box to link the 2 speakers in order to get a series load of 16 Ohms - is there a place that sells such a box ready made? I can make it myself but would prefer to get a quality well made one advice?
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    Alessandro Bluetick Impedance setting - EL34's

    Can anyone tell me for certain what the impedance switch on the back of my amp should be set to when using 4 EL34's into a 16 ohm load and when using 4 6V6 into a 16 ohm load ? my amp shipped with 4 EL34's and the impedance switch was set to 8 ohms - this could be cause george alessandro was...
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    Alessandro Bluetick Arrives - Pictures

    Awsome sounding tone machine - Perfect Blues amp for small / medium sized clubs. I already have a high end English so here are some quick observations . The English has a slightly deeper more extended bottom end on the cleans - almost like a pull deep switch and also is more chimey.the...
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    FTR37 cleans + RSA23 Click - New amp

    How many here wish Fred would build the following amp 20/40 Watts 1/2 power switch Master volume - with switch to take it completely out the circuit FTR cleans RSA23 - click 6V6 - 6L6 - EL34 - 5881 - KT66 - KT77 - KT88 - interchangeable with a rotary click knob to select impedance for...
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    speaker cable question - OT - Standby

    is it safe to unplug a speaker cable from an amp head from one speaker cab to another while the amp is on standby - I'm told that it's OK as long as standby is engaged but I need some expert opinions
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    analysis Plus - instrument and speaker cable

    A friend brought some analysis plus yellow oval to my house and basically blew me away - very nice cable - anyone else used it? what type of analysis plus speaker cable works well with guitar amps?
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    Bluetick on the way

    I just got email from George Alessandro that my Bluetick will be ready next week - this will be joining my English. the next amp will surely be a BnT - how does the BnT compare gain wise to the English and Bluetick?
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    Alessandro English+ PRS SC245

    I got myself a PRS SC245 a few days ago and I'm really impressed with the combination of this guitar and my Alessandro English. My regular Santana 2 is a bit brighter and punchier than the SC245 but through the English I actually prefer the creamier SC245 - i'll post some clips soon. great...
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    PRS SC 245 - Amazing Guitar

    I just bought myself a PRS SC 245. I'll wait a month before writing about this AMAZING guitar.
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    Tung Sol 6SL7

    how are the Tung Sol 6SL7 tubes ? anyone compared them to the Phillips 6SL7WGT ?
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    Marshall Slash Signature - New Clip

    Here's something I did a few years ago that I just found on my computer which I think captures some interesting sounds from My Slash 2555 through my late 80's 4x12 with 25 watt Celestion greenbacks. click on the song - " you Should Know " Also check out " I'll be there " The rest...
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    Alessandro English - New Clip " in love "

    I did a new clip with my English a few weeks ago. check out the clip - " in love "
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    Which bias Meter ?? bias Probe, biasrite, biasking

    Which of these 4 will give me the most reliable and accurate useage? Bias Probe - Alessandro bias rite - weber Bias King Compu-Bias I want to be able to swop tubes and bias my Marshall Slash 2555 without taking it to a tech the 2555 uses 4x EL34 tubes . I've heard rumours that the bias rite...
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    Clip of bludo-drive

    are there any clips of this amp floating around? I've heard rumours that this amp kills!!!