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  1. Brion

    EVH hacking it up out of key "Sound of Silence"

    I listened to a YouTube soundboard recording of VH from 1975 today and Ed was so out of tune I had to stop listening.
  2. Brion

    Ian Moore

    I’ve enjoyed Ian's songs, singing and guitar playing since the first record and have all of his recordings. Yes, he changed or followed his muse, but I have always seen merit in his art. I like Modernday Folklore more than the first album and enjoy many tracks from each of his subsequent albums...
  3. Brion

    Treble boosters

    Recently got a Fulltone Ranger. Finally had a chance to try it out. I put it in front of my Swart STR Tweed Set with volume at noon, so just breaking up, and it was awesome with my Tele. I liked it from the mid setting And all the way up to the full range boost setting. My R8 Les Paul was more...
  4. Brion

    Rainy Sunday Morning Musing...Budget PRS McCarty?

    Nice! Haven’t played that model, but have the SE 277 Baritone and Soapbar II models. Very playable guitars. The SBII has upgraded locking tuners which were on it when I bought it used. I thought I got a good price, but you got a screaming good deal. Congrats!
  5. Brion

    Confusion about "wine red" LP customs

    sure, whatever. Traditionally the custom was all mahogany. That and the block inlays were the main features that made it a custom. Gibson has blurred the lines for a long time now so who knows?
  6. Brion

    Confusion about "wine red" LP customs

    The first one looks like a mahogany top. The second is definitely maple. The woods take the stain differently.
  7. Brion

    Rainy Sunday Morning Musing...Budget PRS McCarty?

    just looked I didn’t see it, must have sold. Did you grab it?
  8. Brion

    FSOT PRS SAS. Swamp Ash Special 2003

    Up for sale is my 2003 PRS SAS. This guitar has been played and loved. It has been refretted with Jescar EVO frets. The finish on the back of the neck is worn, but the finish on the body has held up very well. Sure there is some swirling, scratches and some buckle wear on the back but it is not...
  9. Brion

    FSOT Joseph Redman Classical

    $1100 shipped to Conus. For sale is a hand-built instrument with features you would expect to find on concert guitars costing much more, like a 12 hole tie-block, all solid woods throughout, and french polish finish. Plenty of volume/sustain/projection. A quick note on the sound: it's very...
  10. Brion

    How Awesome is Kyuss?

    “No shoes, just thongs “...
  11. Brion

    Do you like 7 string guitars?

    I’ve had a couple, but I enjoy a Baritone six string more than a seven string. I would love to try a seven string Eastman archtop as I think I could really enjoy the extended bass for my chord melody playing.
  12. Brion

    Steve Carr of Carr Amps - amazing customer service, and amazing guy!

    I too had great customer service from Carr. Had a burned resistor in a Slant 6V I bought used and could not read the value as the color bands had burned off. Steve sent me his repair guy's email and after sussing out that I was capable of the repair he told me the value of the resistor and I...
  13. Brion

    Sean Costello which fender amp for that tone?

    I think he also Eventually used Goodsell amps.
  14. Brion

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Dave, You’ll have to let us all know what you think of it once you’ve had time to evaluate it. Enjoy your playing time!
  15. Brion

    Gibson trying to block Collings headstock trademark

    Only a Gibson is good enough...and if good enough isn’t good enough, they’ll sue your a$$.
  16. Brion

    Old Gibson Guitar Value?

    that is probably your safest bet if traveling there is feasible. If you sell on line, you may run into issues with a buyer saying it was mis-represented, shipping damage and a host of other negative possibilities. If you sell it to a shop, you have the money and you are done.
  17. Brion

    What's everyone using for nylon strings these days?

    Pro Arte. I like the high tension sets with the alternate wound g string, which I use. It seems to balance out the tone across the strings on my Redman classical with a 640mm scale.
  18. Brion

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    It has been radio silence for a couple of one is really sure or at least they are not talking about what is going on.
  19. Brion

    90's Poll: Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins

    I hate the Smashing Pumpkins vocals and music so I voted Nirvana, but I don’t like them much either...
  20. Brion

    Shell Pink

    I have an ash bodied Tele finished in Shell Pink, but you can see the grain of the ash like a Mary Kaye Strat so it is like Mary Kaye Pink. I like it and I don’t care.
  21. Brion

    Sold Eastman AR371CE

    I’m up near Cincinnati...
  22. Brion

    Anyone else disappointed with NYXL strings?

    I’ll continue using my Curt Mangans. D'Addario are my second choice, but I’ll just use the regular XL I used forever. NYXL isn’t even on my radar.
  23. Brion

    FS Carr Hammerhead

    Thought this was sold, but had the magic disappearing buyer. Up for grabs is my early Carr Hammerhead (#25) in great condition. It will come with the original Kingpin speaker installed. It is in perfect operating condition and is pretty clean condition. Tolex seams are separating a bit as all...
  24. Brion

    Sold G&L Legacy HSS USA NYC local preferred

    Oh well. Thanks anyway.
  25. Brion

    Sold Eastman AR371CE

    Nice sounding and playing Eastman Jazz guitar from 2012 with hard shell case. It has a Kent Armstrong pickup which is original to the guitar. Neck is 1 3/4 wide and measures .87” at the first fret. Frets are in great shape. Condition is good with some superficial scratches from playing it...

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