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  1. PosterBoy

    YES "Love Will Find A Way"

    They were some of the worst lyrics I've heard in a long time
  2. PosterBoy

    Rock Guitar - Truefire

    I would say Neil Zaza course, Andy Timmons and Andy Wood, Angus Clark, and throw in Jennifer Batton Ultra Intervallic course
  3. PosterBoy

    What's going on with Doug Seven?

    I wondered why I wasn't getting spammed with emails from him 3 times a day
  4. PosterBoy

    This is the thread where we post great pedal steel guitar

    I'm amazed how many tracks I like that I found out were Greg on Steel.
  5. PosterBoy

    This is the thread where we post great pedal steel guitar

    I've just started my pedal steel journey so this is my 10-15 yr goal though it's extremely likely I'll never get this good
  6. PosterBoy

    slope shoulder dreads

    Bourgeois make an outstanding Slope D. I've one in walnut and sitka that has been with me for nearly 20 years.
  7. PosterBoy

    Pedal Steel 101 with John Bohlinger

    5 knee levers. The 4th pedal is set up as a Franklin Pedal (named after Paul Franklin, lowers strings 5,6 and 10 a whole step) I'm guessing i'll get round to using that in about 8 years!
  8. PosterBoy

    Pedal Steel 101 with John Bohlinger

    I'm guessing my 1st lesson in being humbled will be coming soon.
  9. PosterBoy

    Pedal Steel 101 with John Bohlinger

    I bit the bullet, I have a Fessenden SD10 arriving on Wednesday
  10. PosterBoy

    have you ever put pickups in a guitar, that were more expensive than the guitar?

    Kind of I put a 50s wiring harness and a Thornbucker set in my Epiphone Dot. Well worth it to my ears
  11. PosterBoy

    Pedal Steel 101 with John Bohlinger

    I'm really close to pulling the trigger on a pedal steel that's only 1.5hrs from me. It's a fairly big investment on a hard to play instrument though
  12. PosterBoy

    Eastman Factory tour.

    Dana Bourgeois is working with them for an import line.
  13. PosterBoy

    Kawai ES920 replaces the ES8

    I've been on looking around for a digital piano for when my attic conversion is complete and had my eye on the ES8 It seems it is being replace by the ES920 with the unfortunate but expected jump in price
  14. PosterBoy

    Best Telecaster if you like high gain?

    Slot a Bare Knuckle Cobra T or Piledriver in the bridge
  15. PosterBoy

    My first T Style with a Floyd Rose ( Luxxtone Content )

    Luxxtone look great and this one is no exception
  16. PosterBoy

    epiphone 335

    I have a Dot, I put the same about of money into it with a new wiring harness and a set of Thornbuckers and it's sounding so good. Neck profile isn't my favourite but I don't hate it.
  17. PosterBoy

    For those who don't play out, what inspires you to keep playing?

    I went through a depressive period where I thought what's the point and considered selling everything. But coming out of it, playing whether guitar, piano or mandolin brought peace and was a time I could focus on the present and calm the negative thought patterns for a while. That's where I...
  18. PosterBoy

    Jazz Theory From Basic to Advanced Study By Dariusz Terefenko

    Has anyone used this book and the accompanying workbook? Any reviews or opinions?
  19. PosterBoy

    Old 97's Austin City Limits 1998

    The inventors would have been Uncle Tupelo.
  20. PosterBoy

    Skype lessons from pros

    If I played at a level that meant I would benefit from it I'd go to Andy Wood.
  21. PosterBoy

    Kathleen Edwards.....Total Freedom

    I grabbed her 1st two albums back in the day when I was deep into Alt Country
  22. PosterBoy

    have you ever considered giving up guitar completely?

    I did consider it during a rather bad bout of depression I'm glad I never went through with it.
  23. PosterBoy

    The Replacements-Hollywood Palladium 4-15-15

    I missed The Mats when they were a going concern and found them from getting 14 Songs and then going back.
  24. PosterBoy

    Your top 3 songs by Pixies?

    River Euphrates Dead Hey
  25. PosterBoy

    Suhr guitar issues

    This was also posted word for word on a Suhr Guitar facebook group this morning, so whether someone there recommended him post here I don't know, but the post is now deleted on facebook.