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  1. omfg51

    tryna find the right ES335

    I've been doing a little online scouring for a 70's era Gibson ES335 for a little while now, only for the simple sake of desperately wanting a model with a trapeze tailpiece, and preferably the block inlays. I know this is a very minor detail set, and all in all, any quality Gibson ES335 ought...
  2. omfg51

    Beware of MJT/Musikraft customer service!!!

    Now edited to include some of the more important issues with the kit.
  3. omfg51

    Beware of MJT/Musikraft customer service!!!

    DISCLAIMER: I recently posted about this issue, but the situation has now reached an all new level of disappointing. This post is regarding a very negative situation I am currently tied up in with both MJT and Musikraft regarding a product I have purchased. It is simply a factual recounting...
  4. omfg51

    MJT/Musikraft build no. 2, huge disappointment

    I recently (two months ago) received my second kit order from MJT, this one was a Jazzmaster build. I had Musikraft make the neck to get the Fender shape for the headstock. My current number 1 guitar is a build these guys did that turned out flawlessly. Here is a list of all of the things that...
  5. omfg51

    Bigsby on a Jazzmaster: Yay or nay??

    Considering this for a build, I've never owned a guitar with aBigsby, and I've owned guitars with every other type of vibrato. I personally didn't really use a vibrato even when I had it, but Bigsby's are just cool! It would mostly be for a unique aesthetic with this instrument. Thoughts...
  6. omfg51

    Coronado/Casino build?

    I'm looking to do something with P90s, preferably dogear aesthetic. Does anyone make these or offer build kits for something like this? I've been looking to pick up an ES330, but haven't had much luck finding something that totally fits my desired specs.
  7. omfg51

    Lets See Your Unique Warmoth/USACG/... Custom Creations!

    Looks a lot like mine!
  8. omfg51

    Dark RW board ...why exactly?

    The board of my Tele build has some real character to it, which I love!!
  9. omfg51


    Gibson ES339 in Honeyburst. Saw it online in Beaverton, Oregon and decided I'd snag it there and pick it up at the store, saved me about $150 in tax and shipping.
  10. omfg51

    Fenders are Dark guitars?

    I would say that there are plenty of Fenders out there that defy the claim of "bright" or "thin" by sounding very "fat" or "full bodied" in tone, but the term "dark" is not a term I'd use for most Fender electric guitars. Dark to me seems more like a lot of Les Pauls these days, and hollow body...
  11. omfg51

    Vintage Fender Tele Experts!!! Need A Little Help Please.

    Any and all photos would be helpful, and also much appreciated ;)
  12. omfg51

    Help me choose a Telecaster!

    I recently got a 100% custom spec MJT Telemaster. I spent just over a grand on it, but that was because I requested some specs that cost a little extra. Absolutely fantastic guitar, love it to death. Email the guys at MJT and spec out your tele, you will not be disappointed whatsoever!
  13. omfg51

    New toy...

    MJT build, I've got some Seymour Duncant Antiquity IIs on the way.
  14. omfg51

    Exchanging a guitar at Guitar Center - What to expect?

    They can very easily do that. If the don't, they're kind of being dicks.
  15. omfg51

    I need more info on this

    Supposedly new for winter NAMM, it isn't included on the list of new for NAMM gear on Fender's website. Why not? What gives?
  16. omfg51

    TELE - Go big or build?

  17. omfg51

    Yet another Telecaster pickup thread

    I know that we could all discuss pickups for days and days on end (and I have many a time), but I find myself compelled to ask once more. I'm having a T-style solid body guitar constructed for me, and I need electronics for it. I've set on the Seymour Duncan Antiquity II's, the 60s style grey...
  18. omfg51

    Incredible deal on a Masterbuilt Strat?

    Definitely Master Built. Fantastic guitar, real deal.
  19. omfg51

    Incredible deal on a Masterbuilt Strat?

    My local GC has recently acquired a Greg Fesler Masterbuilt '63 NOS Strat built in '07, and they are currently listing it at $2599.99 in excellent condition. Everything original, case, COA, and in nearly flawless condition. Does that seem like a steal of a deal for a strat of that caliber...
  20. omfg51

    Why not do your own setups?

    Whenever I encounter a new issue (most recently, filing frets and leveling), I will do thorough research into the necessary skills and tools in order to do the job myself. I usually take some time to wrap my head around it, then go for it. I can proudly say I've successfully performed most...