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    $60 Amazon giftcard - what to buy? Because it rocks.
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    The Making of Pump

    If I had their money I'd throw mine away. Their comeback was really quite amazing. I'd still like one more real rock album from them without the song writers and the ballads and the slick production. Do one for the old skool fans.
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    The Making of Pump

    Excellent album and seems very well recorded.
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    Check Out Pandoras Plush New Office Space

    Those stairs have disaster written all over them.
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    Say good-bye to the Sunset Strip

    Happened to NYC a long time ago. Welcome to the corporatization of america.
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    The Making of Pump

    I wish they would do another Honkin On Bobo type album.
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    Jazz drummer Idris Muhammad passes on

    Dude was locked in the groove.
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    Let's talk about Aerosmith- "Live Bootleg" album!

    Great album, I remember when it came out, was a big deal. Fantastic version of Back In The Saddle. Was the pinnacle of the band before all the horrendous power ballad bs.
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    Digital Piracy Is Over

    And what if its coming out of China? What will they do ? Write them a nasty letter ?
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    Anybody using anything new to treat elbow tendinitis?

    Naproxin knocked mine right out.
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    Zeppelin remastered thread...lets talk III

    Its been my favorite Zep album since day 1, first album I've ever bought. I think the remaster is excellent, the 192/24 Hi Res is incredible.
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    Johnny Winter RIP (merged)

    RIP sweet prince. -SeLISb0xyg
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    Its 85F and I'm wearing shorts to a gig

    Make sure you play some yacht rock.
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    Lady Gaga pre-fame.

    Is that JM on guitar ?
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    'Yacht Rock' Should Not Qualify a Great Pop Song as a Negative!

    I think I might start a cover band and call it the "Yachtsmen" just for the beach during the summer.
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    'Yacht Rock' Should Not Qualify a Great Pop Song as a Negative!

    I like this term, what is the definition of yacht rock or some examples ? Edit: Wow didnt realize there was a wikipedia page for it or that it was such an established term.
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    At what stage in Clapton's career did he...

    Probably when he first heard John Mayer.
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP.

    I was up all night wondering what John Mayer's favorite color is.
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    What kind of dolly do you guys use?

    The ones that John Mayer uses.
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP.

    I think JM has earned "He Who Shall Not Be Named" status with all these threads.
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    name one record that you honestly think is better than Dark Side Of The Moon

    Just throwing this out there, The Yes Album.
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    Scotty McCreery Owes $239,329 to Former Manager

    Ian Faith didn't even get paid that kind of money.
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    GE Smith with a pissed Roger Waters as a guest

    I guess you don't hate Hitler all that much then.
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    GE Smith with a pissed Roger Waters as a guest

    Yes and Hitler spoke his mind also and look where that got us.