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    Why can't guitar pickups be plug and play?

    I hear your point, and I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I personally think it’s wasted on guitar pickups, that’s all. Having done many, many pickup swaps myself over the years, on guitars of all kinds, I can say my experience is that: It is really hard to drastically change the...
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    Why can't guitar pickups be plug and play?

    There’s no economic incentive for guitar manufacturers to do this. That’s way. The “old style” works plenty fine, and the vast, vast majority of guitar buyers out there seem to want guitar tech frozen into a time capsule that ranges from about 1954-1969 anyway. The people this...
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    How Has Online Sales Tax Impacted Your Buying/Selling of Gear?

    Thank you, that's helpful advice.
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    How Has Online Sales Tax Impacted Your Buying/Selling of Gear?

    Yes, for higher dollar items, it has absolutely eroded whatever value there was in shopping for used stuff on Reverb. Will still put pedals and similarly priced things out there tho. The rest I've been going back to CL, pricing it competively and I have been breaking even or doing slightly...
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    Recommend me a twangy, relic'd tele (styled) guitar for <=$1500

    I also would look up “Relic Tele Partscaster” on Reverb. Lots of cool funky stuff on offer all the time, for half your budget.
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    Recommend me a twangy, relic'd tele (styled) guitar for <=$1500

    K-Line all the way. i’ve owned MIMs, MIJs, CIJs, MJTs, AVRIs. A Custom Shop, a Danocaster, a couple of “guy you never heard of”-casters, and some home parts brews.. Not to draw conclusions over a small sample from these builders,but my K-line is the one I grab the most at this point.
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    Thoughts on the different Gretsch pickups

    TV Jones Classics or Classic plus are just about the best pickups ever made.....except for the Yandell DuoTrons...which are somehow better.
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    What's the big deal about Gretsch guitars?

    They make the most consistent quality guitars of any big name brand going. Japan is not a 3rd world country anymore.
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    Tele Neck Pickup Similar to Twisted Tele

    I just swapped out my Twisted Tele neck pickup for a McNelly Duckling. Same concept. I think it's an improvement over the stock pickup.
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    What aesthetics about a brand just make you instantly say no?

    It’s actually not how I roll, but seems to be the way the majority of opinons on all things music/gear related are on TGP. Not that my preferred aesthetic is super modern and left-field either, but I’m ok with things that are a little different too.
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    What aesthetics about a brand just make you instantly say no?

    If Jimi/Jimmy/Keef/Eric/Duane didn't play it, I don't want it.
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    Pete Townshend on Quadrophenia

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    How I saved hundreds of dollars on new guitars!

    Huh. No kidding. I always thought the Stratosphere arbitrage was non-existent, but I never actually attempted it myself.
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    Guitar emporium obsevation

    Fees and shipping are a much bigger percentage of your bottom line on a $500 guitar. Not worth the risk.
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    Unhelpful sellers....

    You forgot: Buyer covers shipping costs (incl. gas mileage from my house to the post office) , 2x Paypal/Reverb/other fees/taxes
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    How do you guys/gals cycle guitars?

    Playing out: depends on the gig. Playing in: whatever is closest by! I have three young kids and a full-time day job, so getting too precious over what I use at home is really a waste of time.
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    Would you allow a band to dictate the guitar you use.

    Depends on the gig* but I would just be thoughtful about it and show up with the right gear to begin with. *If we're talking big-production show and a coordinated look is needed, would have no problem with it. *If we're talking an original band, and the band leader/visionary had a specific...
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    Nacho Tele - Is it THAT much better than a Fender CS?

    I’ve got a Danocaster and a CS Tele and I can comment on the “better” relic piece..Now my fender isnt a “heavy relic” nor is it a Closet Classic either. So take what I’m about to say with the caveat that I might be making an apples to pears comp.,, In any case, Fender is great, but somewhat...
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    All you need is a telecaster

    Anything can do anything gang. The associations we make with certain instruments being "more right" for one genre vs another is more about hero worship and fitting an idiom than anything else. All that said, I love Telecasters too!
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    All you need is a telecaster

    I think part of the draw of a JB show is exactly that tho. His fans want that. Oh and btw..I love Vince Gill...he has a few more guitars than that one '53 Tele. When it's his name on the ticket you can bet on a bunch of different guitars coming out too. Brad Paisley is the same way, he must...
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    How do you know it's time to sell a guitar?

    1) Do you have a regular use for it? 2) Is it redundant with something else in your collection? 3) Can you sell it for a number that doesn't make you cry? 4) Is it replaceable? 5) Is there sentimental value?
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    Telecaster VS Esquire

    Unless you're Jimmy Olander, I would advise you replace the neck pickup!