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    Favorite speaker in a 1x12 cab?

    What kind of power are they going to be asked to handle?
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    MESA RECTIFIER BADLANDER: notes from a non-metal player

    But I thought its' raison d'etre is to be the Rectifier that doesn't need a boost for metal? Which is funny to me because I don't really need a boost to play most metal with a Rectifier unless I am playing really low volume or playing with beyond nutz levels of gain. Which granted some music...
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    Lets have some fun. Speaker mixing death match in a 4x12

    Sensitivity wise and eq curve wise the 65's and T75's make the most sense. V30's need something warm and smooth with a more relaxed midrange and some solid lows like G12H(55hz)'s, G12H100's, or G12K100 from Celestion. EVM12L's also work well with them if you are more into modern metal tones, but...
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    Are there some vintage Solid State amps that have mojo?

    Kustom Sunn Randall Ampeg Fender VOX Lab Series Marshall Peavey and more I cannot name off the top of my head All have made solidly built good to great sounding SS amps.
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    Calling Thiele cab users...

    I recommend looking used for an older one with the EVM12L. It's worth the trouble.
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    Want Better Tone?

    Pretty sure the OP's point is not 'hey everybody bias yer Marshalls at 70-75% plate dissipation', but instead 'hey next time you bias yer Marshalls don't just use a voltmeter, use yer ears too'. Makes sense to me. After all we aren't making math, we're making music (which can be expressed...
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    No Mesa/Peavey/etc. Clone kits... Why?

    The simple answer, economics.
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    Best SOLID STATE amp with tube sound...

    Lol. The Crush series is not "the Orange sound", this is... To be fair there is not a SS amp, modeler or otherwise, that can nail that harmonically rich searing and raw but not harsh tone.
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    Best SOLID STATE amp with tube sound...

    '80s-'90s Fender SS amps are awesome, Marshall Mosfets, old Ampegs, Randall, Peavey, all made solid gigable SS amps that could sound good to great depending on what they were asked to do.
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    Best SOLID STATE amp with tube sound...

    Barf. I cannot stand the JC60/120 tone. I may be biased with my general distaste for chorus, but cannot think of a more sterile sounding amp. I much preferred the Fender London Reverb for a similarly powered amp. I will take Fender cleans and spring reverb, a graphic EQ, and a Paul Rivera...
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    Like a G12H-30 Anniversary but with less highs?

    I know enough people sound fantastic through his speakers that I would be able to find a speaker that sounds great. But ALL of my other speakers are high efficiency, and really the past 27 years I have grown accustomed to and made the vibe of high efficiency, and mostly higher powered speakers a...
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    Like a G12H-30 Anniversary but with less highs?

    Why not go with the 55hz Heritage. Those and the 75hz Heritage are my 2 favorite Celestions. I have an issue with the G12H30 Anniverary and V30 too. They both just sound cold and harsh to my ears. The Mesa OEM is the best of the V30 family, but even with those I hear it. I do love them for some...
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    Alnico Cream / Creamback vs Greenback : how close?

    I know it is a little stouter, but to me Fane AXA12's sound like a higher powered Greenback. They have the same fine grain to the breakup, and smooth sweet highs. The Fanes are a little thicker sounding, like a double scoop midrange milkshake, to the Greenback's single scoop.
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    orange vs peavey help me choose (results in post #53)

    What about a Rectoverb 25? 2 channels that cover your criteria well. I'm also one of those guys who prefers a well implemented master volume to most built in power reduction options. They all seem to change an amp's inherent character. Whether they make it squishier/more elastic, or thinner, I...
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    1986, JTM50, Early Spec 1959 or JTM45/100..........

    I consider the H30's to be low power speakers with a high power vibe. Despite the similar output rating they are far louder, and much bigger and more aggressive (75hz) or thicker (55hz) sounding then Greenbacks. They may be only rated for 30 watts, but it is a much louder 30 watts thanks to...
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    Mesa Rectifier Badlander?

    Just don't run it with 2 tubes pulled and on the silicon diode setting. With 4 tubes you are good, though there a chance of tube failure and damage to the amp. I replaced my SGR's with 5 watt resistors so I can run it safely with EL34's and the ss rectifier now, but I did blow the stock 2 watt...
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    Mesa Rectifier Badlander?

    With the 5U4G rectifier the bias is still a bit on the cooler side, though not as cold as with the 6L6's. I have no problem with harsh upper frequencies. There is definitely more upper mid emphasis, a slight reduction in bass extension, and the treble is slightly more compressed and smoother...
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    Owners of more than 4 4X12's. Whats your reasoning?

    Exactly what I was gonna post. That's all the reasoning needed.
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    Mesa Rectifier Badlander?

    Yeap, been running my Tremoverb with EL34's since '98, and have mostly sworn off V30's since around 2001-2002. That is where the icepick in the ear sizzling presence mostly comes from, but coupled with the harsh crossover distortion that arises from the cold bias when running 6L6's at most...
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    Mesa Rectifier Badlander?

    My onus is just fine, thank you. I wipe well, and wash at least once or twice a day. The great thing about knowing the truth is not having to prove anything to anyone. I know what I know, if you are too lazy or disinterested to investigate, then that's your call. I don't have time to engage in...
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    Mesa Rectifier Badlander?

    Lol. You can believe whatever fallacy you would like. I think their patent applications and promo material stating the history as I described are more than enough proof. If you wish to correct your ignorance on the subject by reading up, then that is your call.
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    Mesa Boogie Rev E/F Dual Rectifier vs. Tremoverb vs. Multi-Watt Dual Rectifier

    You can get fantastic clean tones out of the Rev F and G amps. The Tremoverbs I and many others rave about are simply revision G's with the same Clean mode, added Blues mode, and the Tremolo and Reverb added. I always think it's funny people mention the improved clean channel on those amps when...
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    Mesa Rectifier Badlander?

    Tbt I didn't intend to. It was inserted accidentally as a by product of me posting on my phone from work.