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    Eddie Van Halen and Jason Becker 1996 video.

    Fair enough but I think it’s something more. There’s a volume of stories that seem to be coming out that just weren’t mentioned before. Eddie was a local near where I live. I’ve never had the honor but people I’ve known or worked with musically have encountered h and the stories were always a...
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    Eddie Van Halen and Jason Becker 1996 video.

    How did Eddie get even greater in every way after losing him? The stories keep pouring out and it’s unreal.
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    Ritchie Blackmore’s 335s and Strats

    Curious about some Blackmore history. What drove Blackmore’s decisions to move between Strats and 335s? Was it just mood or a certain sound he was after? It seems he really favored new (at the time) CBS Strats with the weaker, brighter winds. What did he look for in 335s? Did he go back...
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    Dimarzio Area T 615

    Been thinking about the hot but you have me considering the 615. Neck description sounds great
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    Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 SSS 2PT CM

    It’s a good guitar but wasn’t as magical as the specs would’ve lead me to believe. The HSS models blew me away but I didn’t want 24 great and I wanted a more traditional look so the DK22 seemed perfect. When I received it in black the finish felt a little thick, the shell pink (hate the...
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    ES 335 for Jazz Guitar color

    It’s probably sunburst. Regardless of the history jazzers like elegant and clean meets fancy coffee table looks over rocking’ garishness.
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    Do you ever ask to play someone else's guitar?

    Unless it's a close, long time friend I do not ask. Asking opens people to then reciprocate and I'd rather not lol
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    Do you ever ask to play someone else's guitar?

    Unless it's a close, long time friend I do not ask. Asking opens people to then reciprocate and I'd rather not lol
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    Supro guitars: dead?

    Their guitars are an interesting story. They were super creative and made some incredible guitars that offered a lot of originality. That may have been the biggest problem in that the guitar market isn't really looking for originality - we fawn over S-style, T-style and single cuts with the...
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    NGD: Fender H.E.R. Stratocaster

    Is that a roasted neck? What are the pickups? I’m curious how this sounds and feels versus other Strat models?
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    Fretting About 24 Frets

    It probably has to do with a few things like what 24 infers about the overall design - shredder - as well as the fact 24 does shift the neck pickup over which leads to a brighter neck tone. Heck, I get caught up in 22 feet strats because I associate 21 frets with the vintage designs I prefer.
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    Wow that looks amazing How are the Fishman pickups compared to Duncan JB/Jazz sets?
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    I really hate the color of a gold top

    This thread for me thinking. It is an oddball color. Gold is an interesting color in that it can very much be part of the Les Paul look but doesn’t necessarily for as well on say a Strat or Gretsch. I’m curious what the OP and other folks don’t like? Is it too yellow or dated? What’s...
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    Modern strat alternatives. Suhr, Tom Anderson, Xotic, Cutlass, G&L, etc

    Would love to hear more opinions on the EBMM Cutlass and Tom Anderson as I’ve rarely gotten to play them.
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    Why doesn't Hendrix's Strat sound scratchy to me?

    Aside from being there live, when I hear isolated tracks I don't find him more or less "scratchy" A lot of what's being discussed here might have to do with recording signal chains. The ones Hendrix used in England at Olympic Studios were pretty damn phenomenal and are the gold standard to this...
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    Abby handwound identification guide.

    As an FCS Time Machine 69 player I too have the initialed AY 69s and they are to die for - except that I've always liked the 69s so it's likely the entire chain from the guitar and wood to the neck and so on. It's just not clear that this whole mythologizing about Abby means anything. I've...
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    Anyone a/b’d an EBMM axis with an EVH Wolfgang Special

    They share design DNA but they are surprisingly different in neck feel. The WS pickups have more classic honk in the midrange and spongy tone while the Axis is sweeter and rounder. The EBMM finish is magic. Both feel light and compact, the arched top on the WS feels different from the flat top...
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    I don't understand PRS hype

    Put PRS in CONTEXT and it makes total sense: The big guitarist lie is that it’s all about tone, fingers and music when we are gearheads and fashion totally matters. We are a judgy bunch. Let’s own up to it. PRS came up in the 80s when everyone was looking at high performance guitars and the...
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    I've been playing only Humbuckers for 20 years... I bought a Strat

    Interesting point. You can definitely attack a Strat differently. I go back and forth between Strats and HB guitars and I don't feel I play that differently but maybe you're onto something. Maybe it's the case that players subconsciously either attack differently because Strats are more vocal...
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    New Dimarzio Phantom P90's - Any Knowledge Out There?

    Just now delivered some Mojotone Quiet Coil 56 hum-canceling P90s to my tech to be installed on my Goldtop. After having a fantastic, decade long relationship with a Strat that had the 58-58-61 combo I fell in love with Areas. In fact I have Areas ordered for my Tele. Lately DiMarzio has...
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    Love the tele tone, not the guitar. Alternative?

    The heart of the matter is of how much of a compromise are you willing to make. That’s not necessarily a negative. Danny Gatton was a master of the Tele and his Joe Barden pickups capture the vibe but it’s still a different sound. Keef used a PAF in the neck and had a brass bridge and saddles...
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    New to Music Man guitars- Question about the Axis models

    Recent Super Sport buyer here. I’d been on an EVH chase since last year when I worked on an 80s themed project and started revisiting his sound. This sent me on a chase for performance but with some classic magic to it. That’s very much Eddie’s thing. His vibe wasn’t Ibanez Jem or PRS Cu24 but...
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    Would you swap an AV 52 Tele for a Nash Tele?

    Totally feel the OP on wanting the Nash feel which is worn and comfortable. However, if it’s not about some other magic like neck carve or the resonance of the Nash, you can do what I did and mod your AV. For a couple of hundred bucks I had the neck radiused to 9.5 with 6105 and neck finish...
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    P-90s do you like em?

    P90’s are amazing but they aren’t always the magic bullet people make them out to be. On one hand it’s true they solve that magic of being somewhere between a Fender single coil sound and a humbucker but they end up being uniquely their own tone. This is especially true when gained up...
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    Need opinions on pickups in my Tele

    So I’ve had my Tele for years now. It’s an ‘03 AVRI. It’s always remained stock but I generally found it didn’t get played as much as it deserved and part of that was feel. Last year I took the plunge and had the neck sanded and gun oiled and fretboard re-radiused to 9.5 with 6105 frets by a...